Our AC Repair Team Can Handle Your Indoor Air Quality Features As Well | Flower Mound, TX

Our AC Repair Team Can Handle Your Indoor Air Quality Features As Well | Flower Mound, TX

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The right temperature makes your home more comfortable, but there’s a lot more that goes into great indoor air quality. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, we can make the air in your home more breathable, kind to your skin, and lower in airborne particles including pet dander and other allergens. We can even provide germicidal UV light treatment for your circulating air, similar to equipment used in medical facilities and food handling locations. Our AC repair team can install them on your existing system, and service any existing indoor air quality features your home already has in place in Flower Mound, TX. If you’ve wondered what the difference was between your home’s cool air and your experience in commercial buildings, when you add air quality features, you’ll know that temperature is not the only thing that makes you more comfortable with air conditioned air.

Adding Indoor Air Quality Features Is Straightforward

Indoor air quality features attach to your duct system, providing benefits to your circulating air. Some may require electric power to operate, such as air purifiers and humidity management units, and managing humidity calls for a water supply and drain for moisture added to and removed from the air. Our AC repair team can add them individually or as a combined upgrade to your home’s system, which can serve you in the future even when our AC repair team replaces your air conditioner, or your furnace is replaced. Control wiring is also necessary for some units such as humidity management, connecting to the thermostats with humidity sensors located throughout your home for zoned systems, or in a single location for whole-house air circulation. For homes with smart thermostats or smart home systems, control connections may be managed by more sophisticated devices, and our AC repair team can provide the appropriate wiring, a source of frustration for many homeowners when they try to install smart thermostats out of the box. Let us help!

Humidity Management Systems

Proper humidity in your home has many benefits, from preventing your skin from drying out and providing moist air for your lungs to breathe, to helping plants to stay healthy and keeping wood from cracking and splitting as humidity levels change, which can be costly when it occurs to expensive furniture. Controlled humidity is important for books and other collectibles, and to reduce the growth of mold when humidity is too high, and keep static electricity from developing when the air is too dry. In fact, well-controlled humidity can help reduce the accumulation of material in your duct systems, which tends to cling due to static as it is blown through in dry conditions, and gather due to moisture when humidity is too high, releasing in both cases later on and reducing your air quality as particles, dust, chemicals, and allergens recirculate.

HEPA Air Filtration

For industrial environments where airborne particles can spoil delicate manufacturing processes, medical environments and food service operations where contamination from airborne particles is a concern, and of course for people who are sensitive to particles, allergens, and chemicals in the air and need purer air to breathe, HEPA air filtration is the key. It filters the air down to approximately 0.3 microns, tiny enough to control even mold spores and bacteria hitchhiking through your home’s air. Our AC repair team can install and maintain a whole-house HEPA air filter system, replacing your individual room HEPA filters. This eliminates the need to buy specific types of filters for each individual unit.

Air Purifiers and Filters

Other methods of purifying your indoor air are available in addition to HEPA filters, including electrostatic filters, spun glass filters, pleated filters, and media filters that provide additional filtration beyond your standard furnace and air conditioning filter. Since your standard filter typically needs replacement once a month in order to keep airflow at acceptable levels and avoid AC repair problems such as coil icing, and air circulation motor failure, imagine how much material is present in your air that is smaller than the typical dust, hair, fabric fuzz, and other materials caught in standard filters!

Germicidal UV Light Treatment

Some material that circulates in your air is active biological material like bacteria, viruses, and mold spores, and germicidal UV treatment can neutralize these materials to avoid reproduction as they settle in your ducts or on surfaces in your home. A simple UV light of the right wavelength, constructed to be durable as part of your home’s HVAC system, can make a big difference in the healthful quality of your air. Similar UV devices are common in medical offices, laboratories, and food handling facilities to keep airborne pathogens from lingering in the air and spreading infection.

Don’t Forget Periodic Duct Cleaning Services

When material accumulates in your ducts due to humidity, airborne grease particles or chemicals, and other factors, it can build up to the point where your airflow is constricted and also release material back into the air over time. As material from your ducts recirculates, your air quality will degrade and the effects of dust, pet dander, allergens, and other items to which people are often sensitive will spread. A periodic duct cleaning service, typically every few years, strips your ducts and vents clean of accumulated debris and also provides a thorough inspection of your ducts to determine if they are in need of any repairs to the ducts themselves or damper doors within the ducts to ensure proper, balanced HVAC air circulation in your home. Our AC repair team can also change your ducts to a zoned system, providing greater air handling efficiency and targeted control, plus reduced equipment wear.

Your Full-Service AC Repair Team in Flower Mound, TX

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas provides the AC repair services and indoor air quality equipment that can help your family be more comfortable and breathe easier in Flower Mound, TX. Call us today for service!