One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas: The Most Trusted AC Repair Company | The Colony, TX

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas: The Most Trusted AC Repair Company | The Colony, TX

During the summer the air conditioner in your home becomes a crucial component to the comfort of your home. Texas is not messing around when it comes to the hotter part of the year and the mercury quickly rises above three digits.

Staying cool and safe inside your home in The Colony is vital to protecting your family, yourself, and even your pets. It is not frequent that TX humidity levels will become unbearable, but dry heat has its own problems.

Having your air conditioner go bust during the hottest part of the year is a nightmare and many heating, vent systems, and air conditioning companies use the higher demand for ac repair to raise their profit margins significantly.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas in The Colony, TX is different from most companies because we truly care about the safety and comfort of our community. We frequently offer deals and coupons that make repairs and other services much more affordable than our competitors.

Prevention Versus AC Repair

We at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas know that preventing an AC repair is to perform routine maintenance which is a little bit like changing the oil in your car every 5000 miles

If you want to save money and time the best thing that you can do is to schedule the appointment for early in the spring or even during the winter when AC repair is at its cheapest.

In The Colony, TX an air conditioner has to be running to ensure the safety of those who have a pulmonary disease or other conditions like diabetes. A regulated temperature is an important part of a person’s health and knowing before summer starts that your air conditioner is running properly is a wise choice

In Texas, the majority of buildings will be constantly using the air conditioner. Air conditioners are hearty appliances but they also have a delicate side which means that an air conditioner repair service ensures it is running at its highest capacity.

An air conditioner that is well taken care of and receives regular maintenance (at least every year) will reduce the amount of your energy bills.

Keep an eye out for unexpected spikes in your electricity and energy bills because it might be because your air conditioner is struggling to meet the demands you are placing on it.

A routine and subscription AC repair service will protect the life of your air conditioner. Keep in mind that every appliance is going to degrade over time. The aging unit will slowly impact the efficiency of each component of the air conditioner.

Older and faulty units must work harder to keep you comfortable and eventually the stress will break a component of the air conditioner and this will result in higher energy bills and an unexpected AC repair.


Most air conditioners have approximately three cycles during an hour, each cycle is on for a ten-minute period with the compressor on. For the next ten minutes, the compressor is off. If the compressor in the air conditioner shuts down before the cooling cycle is not completed, it means that the air conditioner is short-cycling.

Short cycling causes many problems when the air conditioner is not routinely taken care of by changing the air filters. Ignored air filters sometimes cause the evaporator coils to freeze which can drain the coolant levels in the unit. Our subscription, routine maintenance will notice this before it permanently damages the unit and you and leads to a breakdown and an AC repair.

Cooling Effect from Your Unit Is Reduced

If the air conditioner is low on coolant it will begin to impact the efficiency of the air conditioner. Older units still using the environmentally damaging and dangerous chemical Freon will have a hard time finding more coolant to top up the unit.

If your air conditioner is still using Freon, consider investing in a new unit so you will not have to spend a lot of money on continual AC repair visits.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Ice on the evaporator coils will shut down your air conditioner. If the coils freeze you will have to wait for 24-hours or more while they thaw. A whole day during August in our community is a day of sweat and discomfort. If you let the coils freeze over the air conditioner could very likely break down then you will need an expensive AC repair.

A Problem with the Fans

The reduction of warm air across the evaporator coils is the primary cause of frozen coils, in addition to the lack of changing air filters and letting the unit reach very low coolant levels. Keep an ear out for odd noises. This is a sure sign of developing problems.

For example, worn-out fan belts or bearings will cause noises like grinding or squealing sounds. Loud banging noises are heard when bent blades hit the inside of your air conditioner.

Condenser and Cooling Fins Are Dirty

Dirt settles on the condenser and cooling fins smothering the air conditioner creating a layer that causes heat loss. The lack of warmth means that the coolant will be warm when it runs over the coils and make it hotter in your home or office.

A Trusted Air Conditioning Repair Company

We have been serving the people of The Colony, TX for many years. You want a speedy and punctual repair service. We hire the best HVAC technicians in the greater Dallas area and treat them well with a focus on a work-life balance, incentives to retrain periodically and pay a living and generous wage. Our experts at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas will fix your AC in no time, give us a call and we will rush out to help keep you cool!