Must Read: Important Things To Consider Before An AC Repair Company Installs Air Purifiers In Your Home | Plano, TX

Must Read: Important Things To Consider Before An AC Repair Company Installs Air Purifiers In Your Home | Plano, TX

On average, Americans spend at least 90 percent of their time indoors, necessitating high-quality air for health and wellness. Remember, air pollutants inside the house tend to be two to five times higher than outdoor air contaminants.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the continuous need to ensure indoor air is free from contaminants makes more sense now than ever before. In fact, among the five measures to promote healthy, coronavirus-free buildings, the Center for Active Design lists filtering indoor air as one of them.

If you’re a homeowner, getting an AC repair company near you to install an air purifier in your home’s HVAC system is worth it. Your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing their health and hygiene aren’t at stake. An air purifier can help fight allergies, keeping respiratory issues at bay.

It’s paramount to ensure all the relevant factors are considered before contacting your AC repair company in Plano, TX for air purifier installation. Here are a few to consider.

Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

Don’t just have an air purifier integrated into your HVAC system without knowing why you need it in the first place. You have to outline your requirements before hiring an AC repair company. Will you use it to absorb toxins and dust in the living room, or do you want to combat smoke in the kitchen?

At the same time, consider how often you can clean the equipment. Depending on the type of filter you buy, some air purifiers need to be cleaned frequently, while for others, once a year is enough.

Other things to consider may include the size of the room you intend to use the apparatus and if you want a portable or innovative air hygiene solution.

The Type of Air Purifier to Buy

It would help if you choose the right air purifier for your home for maximum benefits. Your air purification device cleans the indoor air through its filters. The more efficient the filters absorb different pollutants, the purer the air will be.

Filter options such as high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters are more effective in removing almost all harmful airborne substances. When working at full capacity, they can remove about 99.7 percent of particles measuring 0.3 microns or more. Conversely, activated carbon filters are excellent in fighting kitchen smokes.

In addition, some air purifiers come with one or more pre-filters. That means they can absorb any significant contaminant from the air before going into the primary filters’ chamber. Since they are affordable, you can replace them more often, which can lengthen the life expectancy of your primary filters. So, purchasing an air cleaner with pre-filters might be a wise idea.

Here is the partying shot; you should carefully examine the kind of filter and air purifier filtration technologies before contacting an AC repair company for installation. But as you do this, don’t forget about your needs.

Maintenance Costs

You’ll be fooling yourself if you think installing several air purifiers in your home is the ultimate solution to improved air quality. Serviced solutions are the best since you won’t need to worry much about replacing the air filters or even safely disposing of the air purifier at some point. Based on how often you have to change the filters or clean the purifier, you need to factor in the overhead costs of cleaning and maintaining the equipment.

Poor filter maintenance can have severe repercussions on your health and that of your family. So, consider choosing an air purifier that will offer service on an ongoing basis for increased safety. Again, when hiring, it would be best if you contract with a licensed AC repair company in Plano, TX that will install and maintain your air purifier.

Noise Level

The ideal air purifier runs quietly. Choosing one that produces too much noise may be a nuisance for your concentration or sleep at night.

Therefore, before an AC repair company comes in for installation, ensure the noise level of the air purification unit you’ve selected doesn’t exceed 50 decibels. In short, the sound of an air purifier registers should be more or less than that of a household refrigerator.

ACH and CADR Ratings

Air changes per hour (ACH) and clean air delivery rate (CADR), sometimes used interchangeably, measure how fast your air purifier cleans the air at a given location in the home. If your unit has a high ACH rating, it will make fresh air available as quickly as possible.

Your air purifier’s efficiency is primarily affected by the room size. A bigger room will have a lower ACH rating, and vice versa. While the manufacturer specifications for many air purifiers will define air changes per hour for different rooms, this isn’t absolute as it’s only based on ideal testing conditions. Thus, you should ask the AC repair company you’ve chosen to do the calculations for you.


An AC repair company that gives a warranty of at least a year or more on its air purification devices is something to go for. This can save you a great deal of money in future repairs or maintenance costs.

Installation Costs

Although adding an air purifier to your home might be the most cost-efficient option for purifying your air, the initial layout costs may be higher. Your hired AC repair company in Plano, TX should provide quality service at reasonable pricing. Don’t just go for the cheapest contractor! “Cheap” may mean shoddy work.

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