Is It Time To Replace Your HVAC System? Who Are The Best Air Conditioner Installation Professionals To Rely On? | Dallas, TX

Is It Time To Replace Your HVAC System? Who Are The Best Air Conditioner Installation Professionals To Rely On? | Dallas, TX

Despite your meticulous maintenance, there will come a time when the HVAC system won’t be able to heat or cool your Dallas, TX, home efficiently. It will reach a point when it cannot efficiently cool your home during summer or even warm it in winter. It will strain to heat or cool your indoor space properly. That is just the unfortunate truth of the matter.

At such a point, any homeowner has no choice but to call an air conditioner installation professional for a replacement service. This is because the HVAC unit will be using more energy. Consult your technician about installing a more energy-efficient unit during the replacement. Several signs of your air conditioning unit indicate it is finally time to replace it. However, its inability to efficiently cool your home is probably the largest sign.

Below are some of the signs to watch out for. If you notice any, consult your heating & air conditioner installation service provider about replacing the HVAC unit with a more efficient one. Besides advising you on the right unit for your home, they also will offer an installation service to ensure that your home is efficiently cooled or heated.

Signs That It’s Time For a HVAC Unit Replacement

The HVAC System Is Running Past or Approaching Its Expiry Date

Is your heating and air conditioning system approaching the end of its service life? Or are you using the HVAC unit even past its manufacturer-rated duration? Your HVAC system might have been cooling and heating your home for several years or even decades, but it seems not to be as energy-efficient as it was. Or does the HVAC system run longer cooling or heating cycles than once because of the worn-out parts? If the heating and air conditioning system has to put extra effort into cooling or heating your home, that means using more energy. As a result, you will have to pay more energy utility bills at the end of the month.

Whenever you experience all of the above, it means that the unit is about to tap out. Hence, enlist the help of an air conditioner installation technician to replace it with another one that is energy efficient. Generally, a furnace should be replaced every fifteen years, while an HVAC system should be replaced every ten years. However, this also depends on the rated service life of your heating and cooling unit.

Fortunately, you can even extend the service life of your heating and air conditioning unit by enlisting for routine inspections and maintenance. By doing this, the technician can catch the small problems before they develop into expensive ones that might need replacing a component. Hence, consult your reliable HVAC technician about creating a regular maintenance plan to retain the energy efficiency of your heating and AC unit.

Drastically Increasing Energy Utility Bills

Your heating and cooling energy utility bills should remain fairly constant over the years. However, whenever you notice that they have drastically increased over the last several months, compare them with the utility bills for the same period last year. If there is a discrepancy, your HVAC unit might have an issue requiring an air conditioner installation. Rather than try to inspect and fix the issue yourself, enlist the services of a professional air conditioner installation technician in Dallas, TX, for a different look. Trying to repair the HVAC issue yourself might result in serious injuries, electrocution, or even worsening the underlying problem.

On the other hand, the professionals are trained, licensed, and experienced, meaning they can fix the issue seamlessly and within no time. Hence, you can claim your home insurance service provider, which will be honored, or use the warranty to pay for the repair. Should you have repaired it yourself, you would have voided the warranty.

Frequent Repairs

Have you been calling an air conditioner installation technician way more frequently than you’d have wanted? Then that is a sign that the unit might be approaching the end of its service life or might have developed a serious underlying issue. Your HVAC professional doesn’t have to make repeated trips to the extent that they know ways around your home.

At this point, it might prove more economical to have a replacement of the HVAC unit rather than the frequent repairs to the old unit. Hence, call a technician to replace the heating and air conditioning system with one that is more energy-efficient and durable. While at it, inquire about the possibility of installing a SMART HVAC system for comfort and convenience.

Extremely Dirty Air Filters

Have you cleaned the air filters or even replaced them lately or ever? If not, there lies the issue. The air filters in your HVAC system should be cleaned and changed regularly (after 2-3 months). If the air filters are dirty or clogged, the air won’t flow into your indoor spaces. Further, mold might also start growing on the air filter, contaminating any air entering your home.

The HVAC unit is also forced to work a bit harder and won’t function at optimal efficiency. Further, its lifespan will also take a toll, something that could hurt your budget. Routine air conditioning maintenance can help if you do not want to deal with the stress of replacing dirty filters. Whenever the air conditioner installation technician in Dallas, TX, comes over for a routine maintenance visit, they inspect the HVAC system and clean the air ducts and filters. If the filters are replaceable, the professional will replace them to ensure that the airflow into your home is uninhabited.

Temperature Variation in Areas of Your Home

One of the biggest red flags that your air conditioner is about to give up is temperature variation. This means that the unit is too old or it isn’t properly designed. Either way, an air conditioner installation technician in Dallas, TX, can inspect the unit and provide a solution that can benefit you. If you have a conventional HVAC system with air ducts, it also might have spring leaks. Leakages can greatly affect the heating and cooling efficiency of an HVAC system. The other reason you might be experiencing temperature variations is the size of your HVAC unit. Depending on your home’s size, you might need to install a larger or smaller unit.

Enlist the assistance of an HVAC repair technician when choosing the HVAC unit. The professionals will consider the various aspects of your home and recommend a unit that will cool or heat it uniformly. The technician might also recommend installing a unit that has a zoning system. These HVAC units give you control over the rooms that you might want to heat or cool. Hence, everyone in your family will be happy.

Traits of a Great AC Installation Technician

But How can you know that a professional is right for the job? If you are a resident of Dallas, TX, you might have noticed an increase in the number of companies claiming to offer reputable HVAC services. Although they might promise you large discounts and want to service your HVAC system, that doesn’t mean that they are licensed, trained, or even experienced enough to complete the job. The worst thing you could do as a homeowner is hiring a quack or a DIY enthusiast for an air conditioner installation job. To help you avert this, below are some traits you should look for whenever looking for an air conditioner installation technician.

Installation and Repair

In case you haven’t realized it, you will at one point need an HVAC service company that offers more than just installation. With professionals recommending a routine inspection and maintenance of the HVAC unit, you need an air conditioner installation company that offers repair, maintenance, inspection, and consultation on top of the installation. This is an “all round” or one window solution HVAC service company.

Selecting a different company for other tasks might prove expensive. HVAC repair companies that offer comprehensive services often have discounts and offers on their services. Hence, whenever looking for an HVAC repair company, ensure that it offers one window solution. You don’t know which other service you might need later in the future.

NATE Certification

NATE certification is like the Gold Standard that shows the technical expertise of any air conditioner installation in the HVAC industry. Not all HVAC installation and repair companies hire technicians that are NATE-certified. Though work on various projects might not be required, NATE certification is documented proof of a technician’s field experience. It shows that a technician has worked hard and passed rigorous tests to earn the certification. Hence, ensure that you are on the lookout for the services a heating and AC repair company has enough certified and trained technicians.

Total Professionalism

A reputable and well-known HVAC repair company dealing with air conditioner installation demonstrates professionalism in all aspects of their job. The technicians maintain a tidy look which speaks volumes about how the company represents itself. Their vehicles and attires also help the technicians differentiate themselves from the other service providers in the market.

Spectacular Maintenance Program

Reputable companies dealing with air conditioner installation also have a great maintenance program. This means that whenever you hire them, they also have a clause in the contract that provides maintenance at certain periods of the year. They also provide the following benefits; a longer-lasting HVAC system, fewer repairs, and better efficiency. Some of these maintenance programs also have other benefits for loyal customers, such as knockoffs and extra discounts.

Always Prepared and Punctual

Whenever the air conditioner installation technicians or any other service provider show up on time, that is a sign of total professionalism. Besides that, the technicians will come equipped with the right equipment and protective gear. Hence, they won’t have to guess second where the fault is; they will use the tools to thoroughly inspect the HVAC unit, pinpoint the issue, and promptly fix it. If an AC repair service does this, that is a company to hire and have a long-term relationship with.

Prompt Service Availability

Hypothetically, what if your heating and air conditioning system breaks at night? Do you have the contacts of a reliable and professional AC installation technician? Even if you have their contacts, will they be available when you need them the most? Homeowners are advised to check the availability of an HVAC repair company before hiring them. Otherwise, if they promise 24/7-hour service but aren’t available whenever you need their services, you might be stranded with an HVAC repair emergency on your hands. An HVAC repair company or technician’s availability also indicates how much it values its customers.

Superb Customer Service

Customers will always appreciate supportive and friendly support. A professional and licensed HVAC repair company has superb customer service that will guide its new customers to feel at ease and enjoy the services. Besides that, the friendly and supportive customer service will also take time to explain the details and ensure that the new customer can understand the process completely. The professional and established air conditioner installation companies in Dallas, TX, maintain cordial communication with their customers during installation, maintenance, repair, inspection, or replacement.


Reputation is everything when it comes to any service industry. A reliable and professional air conditioner installation company never rests on its laurels.   Instead, it prefers to maintain its hard-earned reputation in the HVAC repair industry for many years. A company’s reputation informs the level of the services you are likely to get by hiring it. You can check a company’s reputation in several ways, including online reviews, customer referrals, feedback, and testimonials.

Your Reputable AC Installation Company

 Just like any other electrical system, the HVAC system also runs into issues that require the attention of an AC repair professional to fix. If these issues aren’t addressed promptly, they might worsen, meaning that you now might have to replace the affected component or the entire HVAC unit. However, you can stay ahead of these issues by hiring a reputable air conditioner installation technician for routine inspection and maintenance.

But How do you know that an AC repair technician is legit? As described above, there are several factors to consider, such as their experience, certification, and licensing, among many others. If you need an air conditioner installation service in Dallas, TX, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas is your go-to company. Call our technicians at any time 24/7 for an HVAC repair service.

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