Is It Time To Call An Air Conditioning Repair Service? | Frisco, TX

Is It Time To Call An Air Conditioning Repair Service? | Frisco, TX

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In the hot summers, most homes in Frisco, TX, rely heavily on air conditioning systems to keep their homes cool. If the air conditioning unit is malfunctioning, there will not be desirable temperatures in these homes. The high temperatures of the summer months reduce the comfort of your home.

During the cold winter months, the case is reversed. Your home requires warmth, a role that an air conditioning system plays very well. However, like any other electrical appliance, the air conditioning unit is prone to malfunctions, wear and tear.

Being able to spot the signs that you need an air conditioning repair service is vital. It helps you stay ahead of any issue and plan for any occurrence in the future. By recognizing the signs that your air conditioner needs a repair, you prevent its total breakdown when you rely on the air conditioner most. Identifying the problem early can help you avoid an issue that may become more serious and costlier down the line.

Hiring the services of a reputable air conditioning repair service company is the best way to stay ahead of the air conditioner problems. You do not want to wake up in one winter to find a previously fully functional unit malfunctioning. DIY air conditioning repair work is a bad idea. Thus, the only legitimate and best choice is to hire a licensed repair company. But how can you know it is time to call one?

1. When There Is No Cold Air

The first sign you may feel is a lack of cold air from your HVAC system. If the air coming from the vents is at the same temperatures as your home, you need to call the air conditioning repair service for your unit’s inspection. However, you need to check which mode you have set the thermostat on. It should be in cooling mode during summers and heating mode during winter. There are several reasons your AC might not cool your house, including;

A Dirty Air Filters

Unclean air filters are the leading reason your HVAC is not producing cold air. Various problems could arise from clogged or unclean air conditioner filters. Fur, dust, and dirt are the leading causes of clogging in air filters. Among the issues that a dirty air filter may cause is interfering with your thermostat’s working. If the AC filter is dirty, it will prevent the warm or cool air from passing within the air ducts. Consequently, the evaporator coil freezes, preventing the cool air from passing through the outlet.

Low Refrigerant Oil Levels

Refrigerant oil is an essential fluid in the working of an air conditioner. It absorbs all the heat from the surrounding air, and insufficiency or absence could affect the cooling of your room. The air conditioning system may stop cooling also if the refrigerant oil is leaking.

Damaged Compressor

A compressor manages the refrigerant oil flow between the condenser and the evaporator, making it among the essential components of your air conditioning system. If damaged, the flow of refrigerant oil will not be appropriately managed. Therefore, it cannot cool the air in your house well enough.

Other causes are faulty motors and dirty fans. Regardless of the cause, call a Frisco, TX air conditioning repair service. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, we have licensed technicians to handle all the HVAC issues and give your home that warm or cold air it so requires.

2. Poor Airflow

The next sign that could indicate you have an imminent air conditioning repair is poor airflow. If the vents at your home have poor airflow, the air conditioning unit has to work extra harder to cool your home. By working overtime, your HVAC system causes an increase in your home’s energy bills.

The average lifespan of your HVAC unit also decreases with the system working overtime. Thus, you may have to replace your older system with a new one sooner than you had planned. Several issues can cause poor airflow, including;

Clogged Air Filters

The air conditioner can only release as much air as it absorbs through its return vents. A dirty, clogged filter limits the air your air conditioner can absorb from your home. It is like trying to breathe when a heavy blanket is placed over your nose and mouth. Therefore, the airflow is affected.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The air conditioning unit passes the air inside your house over the cold evaporator coils to cool it. If these coils freeze, the passage of air over them is blocked. Therefore, the air cannot enter your home’s duct system.

A frozen evaporator coil weakens the airflow to your house. The evaporator coil may freeze for various reasons, including refrigerant leaks if the evaporator coils are dirty, a blocked return vent, or a dirty air filter.

Blocked or Leaky Air Ducts

Air ducts are intricate systems of pipes that deliver cool air to your Frisco, TX home. Therefore, if there are leaks, blockages, or holes inside the duct system, the amount of air coming from the vents will decrease considerably. Activities like home remodeling, installation of network cables, or hanging pictures near your ducts may cause this.

Have you observed this? Schedule an appointment with an air conditioning repair service. Are you a Dallas resident? Call us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas. We have a team of highly specialized technicians capable of inspecting, diagnosing, and resolving the problems with your air conditioning unit.

3. High Humidity in Your Home

Air conditioners do much more than produce cold air. They also dehumidify your Dallas home. Have you observed a higher level of humidity than usual in your home? Although the solution may be as easy as re-calibrating the system, we advise you to call an air conditioning repair technician.

The air conditioning unit might have reached its lifespan’s end, meaning it would need a replacement. Whether to repair or replace the air conditioning unit is out of the question at this point. Although you could still repair it, the cost would be significantly higher. Therefore, calling an air conditioning repair technician to diagnose the system and take the steps is the wisest choice. Never attempt DIY work on your AC system.

4. Strange Smell

Have you noticed a strange smell when you turn on your air conditioner? Call a Frisco, TX air conditioning repair service immediately. The AC unit will smell differently depending on the problem, and these air conditioning repair technicians are trained to diagnose various issues. The smells may include;

Moldy Air Conditioning Smell

A dingy and stale smell is the foulest and typical smell you may experience from your AC. If the air conditioning system smells musty, water may have accumulated in the drain pipes or drain pan. If you use a ducted system, the water might have accumulated inside the ducts. The accumulation causes the growth of mildew or fungus.

The buildup of molds and mildew accumulates in the air conditioning unit or the air ducts. After the accumulation, the mold spores may circulate in your home, reducing the air quality. When you breathe the spores, it may result in wheezing, coughing, or sneezing. Mold spores can also affect the immune system of your family members. They might even worsen the symptoms and conditions of any family member with respiratory problems.

The smell could also emanate from burning insulations or wires that may cause electrical fires.

Gas or Skunk Smell

If you smell gas and feel like there may be a skunk in your house, this should alarm you. The smell is the most alarming of all. In most cases, this smell indicates that gas is leaking within your air conditioning system. Most HVAC system gases use Methyl Mercaptan.

Although natural gas has no smell on its own, gas and utility distributors add methyl mercaptan to give it a distinctive odor. The component ensures you immediately detect and mitigate any harm that may arise from gas leaks. If the air conditioning unit smells like skunk spray, do not be mistaken. It means that there is a gas leakage into your ductwork. If you observe this, turn the gas supply off.

Rotten Eggs

A foul or a rotten AC smell results from clatters, or dead bodies, stuck inside the air conditioner. You cannot mistake this smell with any other for its distinctiveness. Insects and birds may take refuge or nest in the ductwork and get trapped.

Over time, the dying animals release unpleasant smells. When you turn on the AC, the foul smell is released to your home. The stuck or dying animals could also damage various components within the AC system. In central/ ductless AC systems, lizards and critters may sometimes enter the indoor unit. If they die inside, they may also produce a foul stench.

Have you observed either of the above smells in your Dallas home? Turn off your HVAC system, and instead call our air conditioning repair technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas. They will pest-proof your air conditioning system and clean the ducts thoroughly. If there is a leakage, they will also fix it to prevent fire dangers to your home.

5. Thermostat Issues

A thermostat is the brain of an HVAC system. It tells the AC system the desired temperature for your home and when to turn it off or on. Therefore, if the HVAC is not currently functioning, the air conditioner will not work. There are several problems that your thermostat may have like, not turning on and being unresponsive.

Other issues that indicate your thermostat has a problem are; your system frequently going on and off and if the temperatures inside the house do not match those set on your thermostat.

If your home is experiencing this, call an air conditioning repair technician immediately. Until you fix the thermostat, your home will not have cool air for comfort.

6. Strange Sounds

You should hear nothing other than a quiet hum if your air conditioner works properly. You might also hear a click when the unit kicks off and on. Do you hear any strange sounds from your air conditioning system? Call air conditioning repair technicians.

A clanging or a banging sound could indicate the unit has a loose part that may damage the air conditioning systems if ignored. If you hear a squealing or a grinding sound, this could mean it has a broken or a loose belt. Do you hear a high-pitch squealing? Turn off the air conditioner immediately and call an air conditioning repair service. A high-pitch squealing signifies a high pressure inside the compressor and is dangerous.

7. Fluid Pooling or Moisture Pooling Around Your AC

Water or moisture should not form pools around your air conditioner. If you observe the pooling, contact the air conditioning repair service immediately. The pooling may result from a broken or clogged condensate hose, an inexpensive or a simple fix.

However, a more serious problem could be a leaking refrigerant. The air conditioning repair service will refill the refrigerant oil if leaking is the problem. However, if your home uses the old system that uses R-22 refrigerant, it may need to be replaced. R-22 is a toxic refrigerant with harmful environmental impacts. It is banned in the United States.

Air Conditioning Repair Services in Frisco, TX

Your home needs cool and hot air in the hot summers and cold winters, respectively. Therefore, an air conditioning system is among the most vital systems at your home.

They ensure comfort in your house amid the extreme temperatures outside.

Therefore, you need to maintain them properly. It is depressing to wake up sweaty on one summer morning only to find out the air conditioning system is broken or has malfunctioned. For routine maintenance of your Air conditioning system in your Frisco, TX home, our technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas can help.

Our specialists are professionally trained and licensed to handle all air conditioning repair and replacement activities. With their wealth of experience, the technicians will diagnose the problem and resolve it in no time.

Call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, or visit our website to schedule an appointment or learn more regarding our services. Let us help keep your home comfortable always, regardless of the season.