How To Tell If You Need Emergency Heating And AC Repair Or Standard Service | Richardson, TX

How To Tell If You Need Emergency Heating And AC Repair Or Standard Service | Richardson, TX

Thanks to the advancements in air conditioning technology in recent years, today’s HVAC systems are much more reliable and efficient than ever before. But, no matter what, there will come a time when your home’s HVAC system can malfunction as it ages. When this happens, you should learn how to tell whether you are facing an emergency or it is an issue that can wait for a few days before you have it repaired. Emergency Heating and AC Repair companies in Richardson, TX, are available 24/ 7, on weekends, and holidays, which can be of great benefit when time is of essence. The trick here is to recognize whether your HVAC system is facing a minor issue or the malfunction requires immediate attention because it can pose an imminent danger to your property and family. An HVAC problem that can become a potential danger should be addressed and corrected as soon as possible, which is why you shouldn’t wait for a regular service to be available and should definitely call an emergency heating and AC repair company in Richardson, TX, to obtain the assistance you need before the problem worsens.

Are All HVAC Problems Urgent?

It goes without saying that not all problems with your HVAC system should be considered an emergency, and while some minor issues can be an annoyance, you will have some time before they require a major intervention. Because the differences between problems that can wait a bit and those that should be considered urgent can sometimes overlap, let’s take a look at what constitutes an urgent problem that requires calling an emergency heating and AC repair company for your Richardson, TX, home or business.

1. No Air Is Flowing Out of Your Vents

When you suddenly notice that little to no air is coming out of your vents it could be a sign that something is seriously wrong with your HVAC system, especially when the temperatures outside are soaring or near freezing. This type of scenario can be especially worrisome at times when your Richardson, TX, home is dealing with an extreme heatwave or a frigid wintry spell. The situation is even more complicated if one or more of your family members suffer from chronic respiratory conditions, are elderly, sick, or very young, in which case you should contact a reputable emergency heating and AC repair service immediately for prompt assistance.

It can happen that the reason why your HVAC system is not delivering the airflow it normally does, could be very minor, such as when the air filter is extremely dirty or clogged with dust and dirt, which means it should be changed right away. But if you do so and the problem continues, you should consider it a potential hazard and contact an emergency heating and AC repair service right away for a correct diagnosis of your system and the necessary repairs.

2. A Strange or Foul Odor Is Coming from Your Ducts

Under normal circumstances, the air flowing from your HVAC system should be completely odorless. If anything it should have a fresh scent and nothing more, but if you start detecting a moldy scent or worse, a stench of something dead, you are probably facing a hazardous situation and should contact a reputable heating and AC repair service for immediate help.

Keep in mind that a musty smell can mean there is a leak in your system that should be addressed quickly, but if the smell you are detecting is that of something burning, you should be very concerned by the seriousness of the situation, because your system could be overheating, which could lead to your entire home burning down, so don’t wait to call an emergency heating and AC repair company for help, or the next call you make could be to the fire department.

One other possible scenario is when your home is connected to the natural gas utility and you start smelling gas, sulfur, or similar odors coming from your HVAC’s ducts. These smells could mean that your Richardson, TX, home’s gas supply could be leaking into your HVAC system. This is possibly one of the most serious HVAC emergencies, so turn off your HVAC and evacuate your home. Once you are safely outside, you can call your supply company and an emergency heating and AC repair service for advice on how to proceed and help.

Another scent to look out for is an overly sweet odor which could point to a coolant leak. This situation is also urgent and requires you to call an emergency heating and AC repair service for help, because coolant is highly toxic and can cause your family members to suffer health issues because of it.

3. Electrical Problems

As your home ages, so does your electrical wiring and infrastructure. This can affect the performance of your HVAC system, and if the problem continues to worsen, it can result in a dangerous situation for your entire family, so you should call an emergency heating and AC repair company for quick service.

When your HVAC starts acting strange, or the temperature feels wrong, you should check your digital thermostat in search of an error code. Another cause for concern is when your air conditioner only starts working in an intermittent manner or only on some settings and not on others.

When your HVAC is experiencing electrical problems your entire home could be affected by a total loss of power. In this case, you should check your home’s fuse box or circuit breaker to determine if that is the source of the problem. If this doesn’t help, or your circuit breaker continues to trip, you could be facing a very serious issue with your HVAC system, so calling an emergency heating and AC repair service is definitely in order.

Calling an emergency heating and AC repair company when you are dealing with electrical problems, is possibly your safest bet. While some problems aren’t excessively worrisome, if your HVAC issues are being provoked by worn or badly installed wires, they could result in the complete loss of your HVAC system. If electrical problems are not corrected quickly, they can cause an electrical fire that could lead to the loss or damage of your property, so don’t wait to call an emergency heating and AC repair service for help.

4. You Hear Loud or Unusual Noises

Your HVAC system may produce a few soft noises when it is operating. This is mainly due to the compressor, and is quite normal, but when it starts making uncharacteristic sounds, it may be time to start worrying. If you hear gurgling, knocking, hissing, crackling, or any other noises that shouldn’t be coming from your HVAC system, you should call an emergency heating and AC repair service as soon as possible, because these noises are usually your system’s way of letting you know something can be very wrong and it is about to break down. Never ignore strange noises coming from your HVAC system, because they can be a very loud reminder that you have a problem.

5. Warm Air Comes Out Instead of Cold or Vice Versa

It’s a wonderful feeling when cool air flows from your HVAC system’s vents on a scorching hot day, and when you can feel warm and toasty air on a cold winter night. But, what happens when it’s 100 degrees outside and the only air flowing from your vents is hot?

When your HVAC starts producing air that is the wrong temperature, or air that is warm no matter what you do, it could mean that your compressor is malfunctioning or the air flow in the ducts is blocked. Sometimes, it could be that your thermostat decided to call it quits. Regardless of why it is happening, this situation should be considered urgent enough for you to require emergency heating and AC repair, so don’t hesitate to give your trusted HVAC company a call, because ignoring the issue can result in costly repairs and even the loss of your entire unit.

6. Unusual Cycling

One of the most common things for your HVAC system to do when the weather is extremely hot or cold, is that it will turn on quite often. Even so, the wait times between cycles should be more or less the same. When your HVAC system starts cycling in an unusual way, which could be more or less often than is normal, even when the temperature outside isn’t too hot or cold, you will very likely require emergency heating and AC repair to ensure your unit doesn’t break down completely, which will result in you needing to replace it in its entirety.

7. The Humidity Level In Your Home Is Too High

HVAC systems are designed to cool the air in your home while helping reduce the humidity in the air, no matter how hot or humid it may be outside. Experts have said that the optimal humidity level inside a house should range from 30 to 50 percent. Anything higher can cause your home to feel overwhelmingly stuffy while promoting the growth of mold. When this happens, it’s always a good idea to call for emergency heating and AC repair before your health is affected. High humidity levels can cause your eyes and sinuses to become irritated, which can lead to other health problems if the exposure is too prolonged, so don’t hesitate to have your HVAC’s issue corrected as soon as you can.

8. The Fan Has Stopped Working

If you take a stroll outside and notice the fan of your HVAC unit has suddenly stopped even though the system is in operation, You should call for emergency heating and AC repair right away. A fan motor that suddenly malfunctions can lead to a catastrophic problem with the compressor, which, in turn, may cause your entire system to break down, requiring costly repairs or complete replacement.

9. Your Thermostat Doesn’t Seem To Be Working

It can happen that your thermostat shows a certain temperature, but your home seems to be too hot or too cold. A malfunctioning thermostat can represent a severe problem brewing somewhere within your HVAC system, so call for emergency help from a reputable HVAC repair company before it gets any worse.

10. You Find Unusual Puddles Near Your Unit

When your HVAC system starts leaking, you might be in more trouble than you think, especially if the suspicious fluid turns out to be coolant. An emergency repair company can find the source of the fluid and make any necessary repairs. They are also trained and experienced at dealing with coolant problems, and can repair them safely, without any harm to your property and the environment. Allowing a leak to fester can cause catastrophic damage to the most essential components of your HVAC system, resulting in you having to replace it in its entirety, so don’t hesitate to call the pros for help if this ever happens to you.

11. You Notice Ice Accumulating Inside Your HVAC Unit

Ice is never a sign of good news, especially not when it starts accumulating inside your HVAC system. An abnormal ice accumulation is a sign of serious trouble and the source of it should be diagnosed and repaired by an experienced professional. Accumulating ice should always be considered an emergency, and should be dealt with as such, so don’t wait until your system malfunctions completely before you try to call an emergency repair service for help.

Finding The Most Reliable Professionals

Just because a Richardson, TX, HVAC company offers emergency heating and AC repair services it doesn’t mean they are qualified to actually carry out the job with the highest quality standards. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas we take pride in the emergency heating and AC repair services we offer to the residents of Richardson, TX. With us, you can always be sure that your HVAC problem will be diagnosed and addressed in the most professional way. So, if your HVAC system is starting to act up, don’t think about it any longer and give us a call today!

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