How To Stay Cooler In The Workplace With An Air Conditioner Installation | Lewisville, TX

How To Stay Cooler In The Workplace With An Air Conditioner Installation | Lewisville, TX

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High energy costs can affect your business profit, but higher temperatures can also make your employees uncomfortable. You need to think of ways to keep your employees cooler during the summer. Below are tips we’ve put together to help the people in your workplace stay cooler without relying heavily on your air conditioner. Remember, you can extend the lifespan of your AC and avoid new air conditioner installation when you care for your system. Check the tips below so that you won’t have to crank the AC. If you have other issues, please don’t hesitate to contact a technician in Lewisville, TX.

Adjust and Monitor Your Thermostat

When setting the thermostat in the summer, be mindful and don’t forget about monitoring it. There’s no need to cool your office when there are no people around. Unless your business operates 24/7, crank the AC only when people are working. Put it at about 85 degrees after hours to save energy. You can save up to 3 percent savings for each degree that you raise the thermostat. Letting your AC rest is also good for your appliance. It can help extend its lifespan and avoid costly repairs down the road too. But if your air conditioner is no longer that efficient, chances are you’ll still get higher bills. We suggest you contact a technician for an inspection. A reliable technician can determine if you need a new unit. Should you decide to get a replacement, please only get a professional air conditioner installation.

Turn Off Heat-Generating Devices

To save money, consider replacing those incandescent bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs. Both LED and CFL don’t consume a lot of energy compared to incandescent light bulbs. If you have other appliances such as ovens and copiers, try to use them at a minimum.

When you turn on several heat-generating devices, the air conditioner may work harder, and it’s going to strain the system. You might need air conditioner installation sooner if you don’t care for your system. Help your system to extend the lifespan of your AC. Should you have other questions, feel free to contact a technician in Lewisville, TX.

Keep the Curtains and Shades Closed

Do you know that sunlight that’s beating down on your windows can raise your workplace temperature? That means your air conditioner will have to work harder to give you the desired temperature. It’s not going to be good for your unit over time. It may result in system breakdown or reduce the lifespan of your unit. To avoid issues down the road and get a new air conditioner installation sooner, make sure that you pull out those blackout curtains or blinds. Your workplace may have natural light if you don’t pull out the curtains, but you’ll be wasting energy too. If your system fails, consider getting an energy-efficient AC and contact a licensed technician for professional air conditioner installation.

Use Ceiling Fans

To help regulate the temperature in your workplace, consider installing energy-efficient ceiling fans. But do make sure that it rotates counterclockwise in the summer. Otherwise, it’s not going to help cool your employees. With a ceiling fan, you can also set your thermostat to a few degrees higher, saving you a lot of energy. You also won’t strain the system when there’s a ceiling fan installed in your workplace. It can extend the lifespan of your AC and avoid costly repairs. If you’re having issues with your AC, feel free to contact a technician for an inspection. We can help you determine if you need air conditioner installation or repairs.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

A well-maintained air conditioner will run more efficiently. So make sure that you clean and replace the filters every two to three months and clean the important components of your AC. Also, make sure that you schedule a professional inspection so that a licensed technician can check if your system is in excellent shape or any problem that should be addressed. An AC tune-up can prevent calling a technician for emergency services during summer. Contact a technician in Lewisville, TX, at least a month before summer for an inspection and to ensure your system is efficient.

Weatherize Your Building

To maximize energy savings, consider switching to energy-efficient windows and a cool roof. There’s no need to strain your air conditioner during summer if you weatherize your building. You may also consider planting shade trees around your windows or weatherstripping your doors. Doing less-expensive tactics can save you more energy and money. You can also avoid system breakdowns or costly repairs. Most importantly, you won’t have to get a new air conditioner installation when you care for your system.

Repair Air Leaks

To ensure an energy-efficient workplace, ensure that you fix air leaks. Cooled air will only escape outside when you don’t address drafts or cracks. Check around your windows, doors, and other points of entry. Call a professional, if possible, to help you permanently fix the problem. Your system will not work harder when the workplace is energy-efficient. You can also avoid costly repairs or a complete replacement. Should you decide to get air conditioner installation, make sure that you only hire a licensed technician.

Encourage Employees to Dress for the Summer

If you have a dress code, consider changing it just for the summer. Encourage your team to wear light and loose-fitting clothing instead of going for thick or darker clothes. Also, please provide them with ice-cold drinks, so they stay cooler. That way, you won’t get a lot of requests to crank the AC.

Change Business Hours

Changing the business hours will not apply to all businesses, especially when you provide service to customers. But if possible, close it during the hottest time of the day, to save on energy costs.

You can help your air conditioning system if you don’t use it excessively. For example, if there are no people during the hottest time of the day, there’s no need to turn on the cooling system. You can avoid system breakdowns or get a new air conditioner installation when you don’t always use the AC.

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