How To Best Avoid Emergency Heating And AC Repair | Richardson, TX

How To Best Avoid Emergency Heating And AC Repair | Richardson, TX

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Air conditioning repairs can be stressful and costly, depending on what’s causing it. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to take care of your AC. However, this doesn’t mean that you perform repairs on your own. When you encounter an issue, call for emergency heating and AC repair technician for help. They are the most qualified people to help you resolve your problems.

Also, make it a point to take action on your own. Apart from calling qualified technicians for help, you need to also do some maintenance yourself. These maintenance tasks are easy and won’t require you to tamper with the components of your system.

This article will talk about the causes of AC problems, what you can do to avoid costly repairs, and the risks of DIY repairs.

What Are the Causes of AC Problems?

Do you know why you’re AC is acting up? You have already lowered the temperature, and yet you still feel very warm. You suspect there is a problem with the system. Before calling a technician for emergency heating and AC repair, consider looking into these components of your AC. These are usually the causes of your air conditioning problems.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coil is responsible for getting rid of the heat removed from the air, and they expel this outside your home. When this AC component that’s located outside of your home is covered with dirt and other debris, it may not work efficiently. It will fail to expel the heat outside. As a result, your home may still feel warm. If you think that the condenser coil is the culprit, clean them first. Call for a heating and AC repair technician only when it doesn’t resolve the issue.

Low Refrigerant

Your air conditioner removes the humidity and the heat from your home through the refrigerant lines. If there are leaks in this component, you will not have enough refrigerant to cool the air in your home. You can fix this issue by replacing the refrigerant. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t hesitate to contact an emergency heating and AC repair technician in Richardson, TX. We recommend that you call a technician as it can be dangerous to replace this.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils need warm air for them to work efficiently. Otherwise, you’ll only get warmer air in your home. Call for a heating and AC repair if you don’t know how to fix this.

Leaks in the Ductwork

A lot of problems are caused by the ductwork. If it’s infested with rodents or when there is excessive dust, your home may be dustier than usual. It’s worse when you have family members suffering from allergies and other respiratory illnesses as they will feel it more. Other problems with the ductwork include leaks. If there are holes in the ductwork, the cooled air only winds up in your walls and doesn’t circulate. As a result, your air conditioning system will work harder to give you the same comfort level. You get higher energy bills for this. Also, your system may eventually break down, and you will have no choice but to call for emergency heating and AC repair service in Richardson, TX.

Fan Problems

Your air conditioning system will have two fans: one that blows indoor air and the other that blows the heated air outside. When either of the two fans stops working, you will have a problem with your air conditioning system. The best thing you can do to resolve this issue is to call for emergency heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX.

How to Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Repairs

There are ways to avoid calling for emergency heating and AC repair service in Richardson, TX. Below are some of our helpful tips.

Change the Air Filters

One of the most important things you can do to protect your appliance is to ensure that you regularly change the filters. When you fail to change the filter every two to three months, dust and dirt will build upon them, and your system will work hard to give you the exact temperature level that you want for your home. When it keeps doing this, eventually, it’s going to break down. You will have no choice but to call emergency heating and AC repair. To avoid this, make it a point to change your filters constantly.

Some AC systems can remind you that it’s time to change your air filters. You’ll see it on the device itself, but for those old appliances, schedule air filter replacement every couple of months or so. Changing of filter should be done frequently, especially when you have pets at home.

In replacing filters, do make sure that you follow manufacturer instructions. If you have household members suffering from allergies or other respiratory problems, switch to a high-efficient filter, one that can help you get rid of even the tiniest dust or allergens. One good example is a HEPA filter. Speak with your technician if you’re thinking about installing one of these.

Inspect the Outdoor Equipment

Some AC systems will include an outdoor component that homeowners need to check periodically. You also need to ensure that the outdoor component of your AC gets adequate airflow. Also, make sure that you make the area clean. Get rid of leaves, dirt, and anything that’s accumulating in the component. It will only strain the system. As a result, your AC will work harder. You can avoid calling emergency heating and AC repair when you regularly clean the components of your system.

How’s Your Thermostat

Some homeowners would call for emergency heating and AC repair, thinking that there is something wrong with their system when the only issue is they have accidentally changed the temperature in their thermostat or something wrong with the thermostat. Before calling for air conditioning repairs, you need to check all system components, including the thermostat, and if it’s working or not. Call a technician if you’re still unable to resolve the issue. Ensure that the emergency heating and AC repair technician is licensed and insured to avoid other problems down the road.

Schedule a Regular Tune-Up

Homeowners can help maintain their AC, but it would also significantly help them schedule a regular tune-up, most preferably at least a month before summer. A tune-up ensures that your system is in good working condition and all problems are resolved right away. Getting this service lets you avoid calling for emergency heating and AC repair service.

When scheduling a tune-up, do make sure that it’s with a licensed and experienced technician. A reliable technician can give you a guarantee of a job well done, and you can avoid recurring problems too.

Never Ignore Minor Problems

Homeowners who encounter problems with their ACs may choose to ignore them, thinking that they will go away on their own. Keep in mind that emergency heating and AC repair doesn’t just happen overnight. These issues are sometimes a result of homeowners that fail to perform regular maintenance on their system.

When you find an issue with your system, it’s best you find out what’s causing it. Otherwise, the problem may affect the efficiency of your system. Ignore these problems could lead to even more emergency heating and AC repairs that will cost you a fortune. Call a technician in Richardson, TX, immediately to avoid more problems.

Ensure That You Only Work With a Licensed Technician

Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas when it comes to emergency heating and AC repair. All of our technicians are licensed, experienced, and insured. Rest assured, we can tackle any air conditioning problem and help you alleviate the issue right away. Also, we always give out guarantees to all of our clients.

As much as possible, avoid hiring inexperienced and unlicensed technicians so you won’t have more issues in the future and so you won’t have problems with your homeowner’s insurance.

Risks for Doing DIY AC Repairs

Some homeowners may also attempt to do repairs on their thinking that they can save money. We highly recommend against this because there are a lot of risks involved when you do DIY repairs. Whenever you encounter a problem with your system, always call a technician for help. And make sure that the technician is reliable and highly experience. Ensure that they also offer emergency heating and AC repair.

You Could Get Exposed to Harmful Chemicals and Gases

Keep in mind that carbon monoxide poisoning is extremely dangerous. To some people, it may even lead to death. We highly recommend that you never attempt major repairs on your own to avoid this. Always call for emergency heating and AC repair as much as possible.


Remember, your air conditioner is an electronic appliance. Not having enough experience with your air conditioner could get you electrocuted. Also, you’re not allowed to open the AC on your own, or that would void the warranty. If your air conditioner is not working, call for emergency heating and AC repair right away. Don’t attempt to troubleshoot it on your own to avoid even more costly repairs.

It May Cost You More

You may think that you can save money when you do repairs on your own. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. If you’re not equipped with the right tools, you may have to buy them yourself. Also, AC repair can be complex. Homeowners who are not very experienced with it may end up making a mistake. And that may even cost you more money in the long run. If you can’t fix the AC efficiently, the system will have to work harder too, and you get higher energy bills as a result. You can avoid this problem when you always hire a technician every time you need air conditioning repair.

You Could Suffer a Serious Injury

Licensed technicians are equipped with both the experience and the tools needed to get the job done correctly. You will be at risk for accidents if you don’t know what you’re doing and lack the tools or equipment needed to help you effectively repair your air conditioner. The best thing you can do is always call for emergency heating and AC repair. Your home and your entire family are safer with a reliable technician.

Choosing to do repairs on your own puts your life and your family at risk. If you make a mistake, it may cause a refrigerant leak, and that can be deadly. You could also puncture a tube if you’re not careful, which will be very dangerous for you. Most importantly, you may void the warranty on your air conditioning system if you do your repairs. So always call a technician all the time. There might be out-of-pocket costs involved, but at least you won’t have to worry about having other problems down the road.

Apart from avoiding DIY repairs, ensure that you don’t hire inexperienced and unlicensed technicians. Don’t be tempted by their low service fees; you need a reliable technician who can guarantee good service on every appointment.

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