How Long Will An Air Conditioner Installation Take? | Lewisville, TX

How Long Will An Air Conditioner Installation Take? | Lewisville, TX

Have you just bought an air conditioner? You might ask yourself, how long will the air conditioner installation take? Well, you shouldn’t let the excitement get the better of you. The time required to complete an AC installation varies from one air conditioner to another. Hence, you should know the factors that affect this process to ensure that you are on top. So, what could influence the time required to install an air conditioning system in your Lewisville, TX home? Keep reading to learn the main factors impacting how fast or slow the technician completes the job.

Factors Affecting an AC Installation Time

Below are the six main factors that influence the installation time of an air conditioner.

AC Unit Type

There are many types of air conditioners. There are furnaces, heat pumps, central air conditioners, and ductless mini splits, among many others. Regarding their installation, each of these systems has differing configurations and requirements that affect the total installation time required. For instance, ductless mini-split air conditioner installation will take considerably less time than installing a central air conditioner. This is because, for a ductless mini-split, there is no need for air ducts, reducing the required labor. On the other hand, you must install the air ducts and other systems for a central air conditioning system.

Installation Type

With any air conditioner, there are two air conditioner installation procedures:

Simple Air Conditioning System Changeout

Changing an air conditioner is pretty simple. It means that the installation time will be a lot shorter to finish compared to a complete installation. An AC changeout will happen only when you have the equipment from the older system to install the newer one. Besides saving you time, it also saves you substantial miscellaneous expenses.

Full HVAC Installation

Replacing the air ducts or installing a heating and air conditioning system from the ground will take the technician more time than simply changing out some components. This is because the professional will have to replace the air ducts or even rewire the thermostat. If there are other issues on the way, installing the new AC will even take longer.

How Large is Your Home (in sq. ft.)

This is a significant factor when determining the total amount of time it will take for an air conditioner installation. It will take longer to complete the installation if you have a large, multi-story home. This is because a large home requires extensive installation and sometimes multiple units. Additionally, such a Lewisville, TX home requires lengthier air ducts. It means more labor and time before the AC installation is completed.

Location of the AC Unit

Do you have a home that has a high roof? Do you live in a condo? Then the air conditioner installation time will increase. Buildings with a high roof need cranes to lift the air conditioning unit to the top of your roof. AC companies sometimes hire extra personnel to complete such installations to save time. Hence, it may cost you more and take longer to install the AC if you have such a home.

Timelines for Installation of Different ACs

As aforementioned, the kind of air conditioner you have profoundly affects the time it takes to complete the installation. Hence, let us look at different ACs, and the time it will take to complete their installation.

Central AC Units

So, how long will a central air conditioner installation take? You may have had this question when planning to purchase a unit. The answer to this question can be complicated as the above factors will undoubtedly come into play. To install a central air conditioner, it could take the technician about 3-5 days, especially if you’re replacing it from scratch. Laying new air ducts and rewiring the thermostat could take the technician some time. The technician will arrange different days for the changeout and air duct replacement or placement to ensure they complete the job within no time. If the air ducts are extensive, the technician might take 5 days. Due to the labor and time involved in installing central ACs, they are the most expensive.

Mini-Split AC Units

There are two types of mini-split air conditioners, ductless and ducted AC. The air conditioner installation time depends on the type of unit you choose.

Ductless units: Ductless mini-split air conditioners are very common nowadays and take considerably less time to be installed. The technician can complete the installation in approximately four hours, although this might depend on other factors like the complexity of your Lewisville, TX home.

Ducted or ceiling units: Unlike ductless units, these systems take longer, at least a day or more, depending on where the unit will be installed. If it’s located on top of the roof, the tiles or tin might have to be removed to ensure that indoor fan coils fit inside.

Window AC Unit

If you hire an experienced air conditioner installation technician to install the window air conditioner, they might complete the job in about one day. On the other hand, a small unit will take less than a day. The installation steps for a window air conditioner are relatively easy. Hence, they don’t take a longer time to install. The period required to install a window air conditioning system depends on the size and type of the unit. It is worth noting that the wall system will take longer to install.

Portable AC Units

Installing portable air conditioning systems is probably the easiest of all. If you have all the required components, you could fit them yourself instead of calling an air conditioner installation pro. However, this isn’t recommended. Because they are small and don’t have to be installed permanently, installing portable air conditioning systems will cost the least.

Installing an air conditioner depends on several factors, as explained above. Do you want a timely installation? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas. We will give you a free consultation and a quote.

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