How Homeowners Can Benefit From Air Conditioner Installation | Dallas, TX

How Homeowners Can Benefit From Air Conditioner Installation | Dallas, TX

One of the most popular reasons why homeowners in Dallas, TX need an air conditioner installation is because of the system’s primary function of sending cool, fresh air into their homes to ward off the extreme temperatures of a hot Texas summer day. But air conditioners can do much more than just cool off the air in your home or business, and prove to be beneficial both to your health and the value of your Dallas, TX property. With this idea in mind, this article explains the most important benefits you can garner from a good air conditioner installation. It also reveals how you can keep it in optimal working condition. Let’s take a look.

Reduce the Incidence of Asthma Attacks and Allergies

Nowadays the large majority of air conditioner installations are designed not only to cool the air in your home, but also to filter it while removing contaminant particles, including dust and mold, which are normally found in the air that enters the system from the outside. This is one of the most important health benefits of an air conditioner installation for people who suffer from chronic asthma or allergies, as well as a variety of other respiratory conditions that could be affected by any number of particles in the air, including pollen and dust.

An air conditioner installation that is running smoothly will considerably decrease the amount of particulates that could trigger a respiratory condition, but to make sure this feature always performs such an important task at the highest level, a homeowner must make sure to change the filters as often as needed, so they are not clogged with debris that could make its way into their home.

Get a Good Night’s Rest

Research has shown that people sleep better in a cool and fresh environment. Think of your body as a well-oiled machine. If you don’t provide this machine with fuel and adequate periods of rest, it may start to fail and will eventually stop working. The same thing happens with your body. In order to keep your mental and physical health stable and in good condition, you are going to have to eat and sleep well. But, as strange as it may sound, the body releases heat during periods of rest. This is due to the process of turning nutrients into energy. It is also one of the main reasons why people in Dallas, TX can’t sleep well if their bedroom is too warm. The environmental temperature, coupled with the heat their body releases at night, can make them uncomfortable enough so as to prevent them from getting an adequate period of rest.

An air conditioner installation will cool the air in your rooms well enough for you to be able to counter the increase in temperature, allowing you to sleep through the night without tossing and turning only to wake up in a pool of sweat. When you get sufficient rest at night, you will find you become more productive and feel happier the following morning, resulting in an increased sense of well-being. Additionally, an air conditioner installation doesn’t make much more noise than a soft hum, so it won’t interrupt your sleep.

Keep Other Appliances from Overheating

Hot summer days in Dallas, TX can be brutal, which can lead to other appliances in your home, such as your coffee maker, computer, and even your lights to generating more heat, which can lead to a notable decrease of their expected life span. An air conditioner installation that is working properly can help cool down your devices, which will help them last longer and work more efficiently. This is an especially beneficial feature for businesses that rely on computers to store important information and which can’t run the risk of going through a heat-induced meltdown.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Anybody who has had to work on a hot day in Dallas, TX knows how uncomfortable being stuck for eight hours in a stuffy office can be. It won’t be long before they start feeling on edge, sweaty, and even sluggish, which can result in a marked decrease of their productivity and efficiency. As a matter of fact, there are studies that show that the energy spent by the body when it tries to cool off can have a highly negative impact on the mental and cognitive state of any person working under poor air circulation conditions. On the other hand, when the office is adequately cooled by an air conditioner installation, employees will be more comfortable and happy, which will impact their productivity and efficiency in a very positive way.

The same thing can happen in your home. Nobody wants to be in a house that feels stuffy and humid. What’s worse, an excess of heat and humidity can ruin your furniture and other electrical devices, leading to the growth of mold that can affect your health and the market value of your home. An air conditioner that functions properly can protect your property against these unwanted problems, so you should always make sure your air conditioner installation is in good working order to prevent having to incur in costly repairs or the replacement of your furniture and other personal belongings.

Reduce Humidity Levels

Speaking of mold, an air conditioner installation will help to reduce the amount of humidity that tends to enter your home on hot days. Humidity in the air can form damp spots in dark areas of your home, which, combined with high temperatures can lead to the growth of mold, which, in turn, can affect your family’s health and damage everything inside your home, including your furniture, clothing, and electrical appliances. Additionally, when humidity levels are too high, the air may feel even hotter than it really is, which can lead you and your loved ones to become dehydrated and even suffer from heatstroke. Yes, there are other ways to keep your home cool, but none of them are as efficient at removing humidity from the air inside your house as a good air conditioner installation can.

Improve the Quality of the Air You Breathe

Has it ever happened to you that after spending some time outdoors your nose feels dry and congested, and there’s a dusty sensation in your mouth? This happens because of suspended dust and other particles in the air you breathe. This is a common occurrence in cities with a lot of pollution. If you allow this air to enter your home, you might end up developing unwanted headaches, a feeling of fatigue, and other conditions from breathing low-quality air all the time.

Air conditioner installations are designed to use filters to keep out these contaminant particulates, which, as stated above, help prevent allergies and asthma attacks, but also greatly improve the quality of the air in your house, benefiting all of the people who live there. By achieving a proper level of ventilation and cool temperatures, you will breathe better, feel much healthier, and be more mentally focused than if you didn’t. This is the reason why you should always stay on top of keeping your air conditioner in optimal working conditions by cleaning or changing the filters as often as necessary and scheduling a periodic maintenance program to ensure your system works as it should.

Stop Sweating

The only time sweating is actually good for you is when you’re working out at the gym. Otherwise, sweating too much on a hot day can produce serious effects on your body, including dehydration and heat stroke. One of the things people forget to take into account on hot days is that their bodies will lose water in the form of sweat. But sweat isn’t only water and can also cause them to lose important minerals necessary to their health and well-being. This means that when you start sweating too much for extended periods of time you can end up feeling sick, with the problem becoming severe enough that a hospital visit will be warranted. All of these problems can be avoided with a good air conditioner installation. As you go from the outside heat into the cool environment of your home, the amount of water you lose through sweat will be reduced significantly, and any overheating resulting from the sweltering temperature outdoors will be stopped in its tracks. After a few minutes, you will start feeling normal once again as your body cools off in the air-conditioned room.

No More Bugs And Other Uninvited Guests

Hot days have a downside that is even worse than excessive temperature and humidity levels. Mosquitoes can be the bane of anybody’s existence on a hot day, together with ants, flies, and a wide range of other insects and parasites. Now, imagine walking into your home and not only having to deal with the same amount of heat as you did outside, but also with an invasion of ants in your kitchen, flies on your food, and mosquitoes in your bedroom. Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it?

One thing about an air conditioner installation that few people know is its ability to reduce the number of bugs and other pests that try to get into your home. This happens because bugs don’t thrive in cool, dry environments, which explains why there is not a single mosquito in sight as soon as fall and winter arrive. An air conditioner produces conditions that are adverse to insects and parasites, which deters them from entering your home in the first place, and, if they are already established inside, the cooler air will send them on their merry way in search of a place where it’s warm and damp.

Stress Reduction

Hot days can make you feel more stressed than usual. Whether it’s because of the effects of increased temperatures on your body, or the anxiety of having to sit in a traffic jam, or any other number of reasons, the truth is that stress can make you sick. The best way to make yourself relax is to cool off, and not metaphorically, but literally speaking. An air conditioner installation creates the conditions necessary for you to relax and reduce your stress levels by producing cool air and a peaceful environment in which you can lay aside the effects of the heat on your body and mind. An air conditioner allows you to keep your doors, windows and even curtains closed, to reduce any interaction with the outside. It also blocks out any noises surrounding your home. So, if the heat stresses you out, take a deep breath, adjust your thermostat, and allow yourself to relax.

Remove Bad Smells

Maybe you forgot an open milk container on the counter last night, or your teen left their dirty sneakers in the hallway. No matter what the source, foul odors seem to be magnified on hot days and nobody wants to live in a stinky house. An air conditioner installation can help remove these awful smells from your house by cycling the foul air inside with clean air from outdoors which is previously filtered to remove suspended particulates and allergens. This ensures the air in your home will return to being fresh and free from any odor in very little time. So, while you wait, make sure you remove the source of the smell and pinch your nose for a few minutes until things get back to normal once again.

Increase the Value of Your Dallas, TX Property with an Air Conditioner Installation

After everything you’ve read up until now, it only makes sense that an air conditioner installation will not only improve your health and your life but also the value of your Dallas, TX home. Nobody wants a home that feels stuffy and hot all summer long, so installing an air conditioner and providing proper maintenance will ensure your home is sold at a much better price when you decide to take that step. Because of all this, and much more, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas is ready to help you with everything you need, to achieve a healthier and much nicer lifestyle. So, don’t put it off any longer and give us a call today!

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