How Air Conditioning Service Can Help Prevent Future Air Conditioning Repair And/Or Replacement | Dallas, TX

How Air Conditioning Service Can Help Prevent Future Air Conditioning Repair And/Or Replacement | Dallas, TX

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If you own a home in Dallas, TX then it is a very safe bet that at one point in your life you will need to book air conditioner repair. After all, your AC has to work hard over the summer months when temperatures get over 100 degrees Fahrenheit on a regular basis, and there is only so much time that your AC can work at that level before it will fail. Therefore, the key should be identifying when you need air conditioning repair versus waiting too long and dealing with an AC breakdown.

The only thing worse than a breakdown is an AC system that completely fails and needs to be replaced. Therefore, you need to learn the signs that your AC needs repaired and need to consider booking an AC service on an annual basis if you have never done so before. These two things are all it takes to elongate the lifespan of your AC and guarantee that you will never find yourself baking on a hot summer in Dallas. With the summer coming to a close, this is a great time to make sure that when you turn off your AC it is in great shape and will be ready when the temperatures warm back up again.

When To Schedule an AC Service or Air Conditioning Repair

Generally, there are two great times to take care of AC service and air conditioning repair. The first is at the beginning of the spring to ensure that your system is ready to perform before the temperatures get high. After all, by the middle of summer, it is almost impossible to find someone with an open schedule for air conditioner repair so you don’t want to wait too long to find out that your AC is not up to snuff.

The second time to think about an AC service and air conditioning repair is at the close of summer as we just mentioned. While there are likely a month or two of warm temperatures left in Dallas, TX, the heat will become much more bearable. This means if your AC is off for a few hours during the repair you won’t have to worry about baking. You also will be able to turn it off for the year without worrying about it next summer. If during the AC service the repair technician finds a major issue or that there are worn down components that make a replacement make sense, you have the entire winter to deal with the idea.

It is a much better idea to find out that your system is aging or needs major repairs as you are entering the winter months because you have time to adjust your financial budget to accommodate future repair or even replacement if that is what you decide to do. There are a lot of factors that play a role in whether or not you should replace your AC or book air conditioning repair, and it helps to have some extra time to weigh these factors which an incoming winter will give you.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Service

Whichever way you decide to go, there are a lot of benefits to air conditioning service so long as it is performed once a year. You don’t need to necessarily worry about air conditioning repair to book your service either. Commonly referred to as a tune-up, your AC unit manufacturer might actually require you to book an AC tune-up once a year in order to keep your warranty valid. That is one very strong and valid reason to make sure you still book an AC unit even if you have a newer model because AC units are too expensive to take a chance on ruining your warranty and dealing with a major issue.

Keeping your warranty valid is just one of many benefits of regular air conditioning repair and service. If you truly want to make sure that your AC is in great shape and doesn’t break down this year, then booking service is going to be the best way to make that happen. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to have your AC inspected and cleaned, then now is the time to do so. Here are just a few more of the amazing benefits of regular AC service.

Improved Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of regular AC service is the fact that doing so can improve the overall energy efficiency of your AC unit. Removing dust and debris along with repairing or replacing parts that are wearing down will boost the efficiency of your AC unit resulting in increased comfort and reduced energy consumption which just about everyone can appreciate.

Restore Reliability

Imagine if you never had to worry about your AC system breaking down again. This could be your reality if you keep up with your AC tune-up. While there is never a 100% guarantee that nothing will go wrong for the next year, most AC services can help prevent unexpected breakdown and air conditioning repair which is enough to make the average homeowner feel a lot better. If you have an aging model, this can be even more beneficial and relaxing.

Lower Utility Bills

The lowered energy use mentioned earlier means lowered utility bills since less energy consumption equates to fewer charges. Just about everyone can appreciate a lower monthly budget, and since energy is currently a hot topic in Dallas, TX, the idea of reducing your home’s energy consumption is certainly a welcome one. You can use your savings to pay for your AC tuneup and then even have some leftover to eat out with the family once a month. Of course, the amount you save will depend on a variety of factors, but everyone can appreciate any amount of savings.

Elongate Lifespan of AC Unit

In addition to saving money on your monthly bills, you can also save money by lengthening the lifespan of your AC. In general, a home AC unit is able to last 10 to 15 years. So if you live at a home for 30 years and only need to change your AC unit twice instead of three times or more, you will save the costs of almost an entirely new unit. That is some pretty big savings and makes regular AC service and air conditioner repair well worth the hassle and the once-a-year costs.

Improve Your Comfort

If you are paying for AC for four to five months a year, then you should be comfortable. If your AC is not running correctly then while it may be knocking the edge of the heat, it may still not be comfortable in your home. Regular AC tune-ups ensure that everything about your AC is working correctly so that when you kick off your shoes and relax at the end of the day you really can do just that.

Reduce Air Conditioning Repair Costs

Finally, regular AC tune-ups mean catching potential problems before they become issues. That means that you will end up spending much less on air conditioning repair costs which means more money in your pocket. Nine times out of ten proactive repairs will cost you less than unplanned air conditioning repair, and it will prevent the need for emergency air conditioning repair costs which are even higher. The bottom line here is that spending money once a year for AC service is a much better deal than spending money randomly throughout the year with no warning, and no respite.

Signs It Is Time for Air Conditioning Repair

Of course, even with the best air conditioning tune-up schedule, eventually, you will need air conditioning repair because no machine is able to last forever. When that time comes you want to make sure that you act quickly. Prompt air conditioning repair usually means a lower repair bill and a lowered chance of needing to replace the entire unit. So how do you know that it is time for air conditioning repair in your Dallas, TX home? By learning to read the signs, here are just a few of the most common signs that you need to call an HVAC company in Dallas, TX.

Air Flow Isn’t the Best

A lot of people seem to think that as long as an AC unit is moving air in your home then it is working well enough. Nothing could be farther than the truth. If the airflow in your home is restricted in any way then your AC will not be able to effectively cool your home, and the extra stress could lead it to break down. At the very least it will force your AC to work much harder than it should be which means extra energy consumption and increased wear and tear. The eventual result of both of these things combined is a breakdown followed by emergency air conditioning repair. Skip the breakdown and the heightened energy bills and just call for help if you notice that your airflow seems to be slowing down or restricted in any way.

Air Is Coming Out Warm

This is a major red flag and one that likely is not going to correct itself no matter how long you let your system sit before turning it back on and hoping for the best. If the air is coming out of your AC unit at room temperature you either have an issue with your thermostat or you have an issue with your compressor. There is also a small chance that the issue is with your refrigerant. Regardless, you will need an AC professional to help you repair your AC and quickly because the Dallas, TX heat is unforgiving.

Signs of Moisture Around Your AC Unit

There should never be any moisture around your AC unit. This includes not only leaks but also condensation or small trickles of water. A lot of people mistakenly think that their AC is just sweating, and while we can see how you could think this could happen, it shouldn’t. If there is any moisture at all noticeable around your AC unit then it is time to call an HVAC tech to come take a look. This can indicate a major issue or can be something small that can be fixed before it becomes a major issue, but only a certified technician will be able to properly diagnose the issue for you.

Weird Noises Are Coming from Your AC

This one applies to both your indoor and outdoor units. It doesn’t matter where the weird noises are coming from, your AC unit should not be making them. You likely have a good idea of the sounds that are normal for your AC, so if you hear anything out of the ordinary this is a clear sign that it is time to call for backup. The sooner the better in this scenario because there are some noises that indicate major issues that could spiral into even worse issues in a matter of days.

Have you noticed any of the above signs, or have some other reason to worry that your AC may be on its way out? If you are worried about the performance of your home AC then you need to call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for help. We will happily send a technician out to your home for air conditioning repair or just to inspect your AC and offer advice. In addition, we also offer AC tune-ups, so if you need your system inspected to see if air conditioning repair or replacement is in your future we can help you with that as well. Give us a call today to book a visit with any of our trained technicians.