Home Automations Included With A Tech-Savvy Air Conditioner Installation | Dallas, TX

Home Automations Included With A Tech-Savvy Air Conditioner Installation | Dallas, TX

An air conditioner ensures that life in your Dallas, TX, home is comfortable, especially during those summers. Therefore, you must do everything to ensure that it can serve your home properly and deliver cool air. However, the air conditioner installation isn’t enough. You should follow it with regular maintenance from a professional to ensure the dirty air ducts and clogged air filters are cleaned. Hence, your air conditioning system doesn’t strain to cool your home.

However, some homeowners go a step higher to ensure that they enjoy a comfortable and highly convenient home. Besides having an air conditioner installation, these homeowners also turn to automation to ensure that their homes are highly comfortable. Whenever it comes to home automation, some homeowners only think about installing better plumbing appliances and smart thermostats. But what if there are other steps that you could take to ensure that your air conditioning is also transformed?

An intelligent air conditioning system can replace outdated equipment from your home, reduce energy consumption, and improve indoor air quality and comfort. Although home automation could cost you a fortune, you are likely to recoup the expenses from the energy savings and improvement in home value should you be planning to resell your home. With air conditioning, home automation can work. Below are the top main ways an air conditioner installation technician can affect your home.

Installing a Smart Thermostat

One of the ways that an air conditioner installation can help you automate your home is by installing a smart or programmable thermostat at your home. With the many cooling and heating systems and services out there, installing a smart thermostat seems like the best option for automation. It is among the best-known automation methods, and homeowners are leveraging it for its many benefits.

Since you don’t want to program or build a thermostat from scratch, you want to purchase one compatible with your home system. Hence, you must know what automation features and the type of smart thermostat you want. But how can a smart thermostat benefit you? Energy savings is probably their largest benefit. Smart thermostats can cool or heat your home depending on how they sense the outside temperatures. They also leverage geofencing technology to cool your home, depending on where you are.

For instance, they can sense that you are about to come home based on the location and start cooling your home to ensure that you return to a cooled home. Further, if you forget to turn the air conditioner off, they will automatically shut it off when they determine you have left. Hence, if you want to save a fortune from energy savings, have an air conditioner installation technician install a programmable or smart thermostat at your home.

Installing Imaginative Raspberry Pi

The other addition to your home that an air conditioner installation technician in Dallas, TX, can install to your home to further help AC automation is an imaginative Raspberry Pi board. It acts like an automation controller, which creates an actual smart home technology. You can connect the Raspberry Pi with Google Home devices, Amazon Alexa, or even your thermostat to monitor and adjust the air quality at your home actively.

Besides that, the Raspberry Pi is pairable with other home assistants, which operate through touch screens to change the configurations such as home security, specific room air settings, and automation of airflow. But what can be introduced to Raspberry Pi at your home? The installation is simple and can be fitted with a functioning power supply, a micro SD card, and a Raspberry PI OS.

It is important to note that a Raspberry Pi isn’t only limited to linear applications. A tech-savvy air conditioner installation technician can help you create a network of Raspberry PI sensors and install them in various sections of your home. These sensors can perform various thermostat tasks. For instance, the technician can create a network of Pi heating sensors for measuring indoor air temperatures.

NFC Tag Triggers

Talk of air conditioning automation; nothing screams it better than the NFC tag triggers. These are small programmable box-shaped barcodes. Using a tool such as the Tasker, you can program the NFC tag triggers to do anything after activating them. Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology slowly taking over the air conditioning industry. You can use the technology to link the triggers to the thermostat, your smart home assistant, or even a Raspberry Pi control or network of sensors.

Using the NFC tags

installed by a tech-savvy air conditioner installation technician at different parts of your home, you can easily control the indoor air quality at your home. You could even program the NFC tag to alert you when the AC unit has shut down. These devices can also be programmed to turn on the AC unit whenever you reach a certain point at your home. If you do not want to walk to the thermostat or air conditioner, you can install an NFC sensor that will broadcast data to your phone.

Improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The other automation that an air conditioner installation technician can perform to your Dallas, TX, home is installing devices that help improve indoor air quality. An air purifier is probably the most known appliance. There are some smart automation systems and techniques which are possible. However, it is also critical to first establish what affects IAQ too. Knowing the issues affecting indoor air quality is the initial step in finding smart solutions.

A dirty home might exacerbate poor air quality. This includes uncleaned bathrooms, furnishings, and flooring. This bullet can be coated with anything that can disperse dirt into the air. So, locate the dirty areas of your house. Every day, seven people perished in house fires between 2012 and 2016. Some of those have a significant connection to inadequate ventilation. Your house’s ventilation needs to be improved for IAQ and general safety. So, it is of utmost importance to develop an automated solution. Organic pollutants might be from bacteria, expired food, or trash.

So, how can an air conditioner installation professional leverage home automation to improve your indoor air quality? They can advise you to create thermostat and air purifier settings that resolve the IAQ issues. For instance, they can program your smart thermostat in a manner that helps it recognize an accumulation of pollutants in the indoor air. Additionally, the air conditioner installation technicians can use a Raspberry Pi microcontroller combined with an electromagnet for closing your windows when the AC is on.

Zone Control

The air conditioner installation technician can also install zoned HVAC systems at your home. These zoned control systems can allow homeowners to heat or even cool various sections of their homes differently. Hence, they can prioritize comfort while optimizing comfort. For instance, if you have a study, living room, kitchen, loft, and hallway in your home, you could zoned controllers to control the cooling priority of these sections.

Hence, you will be able to personalize comfort at your home. However, zoned HVAC systems provide more than just comfort. They are also energy-saving. By being able to heat or cool some sections of your home, you can turn off the cooling of the unoccupied rooms and cool only those occupied. Energy saving means you will save a fortune in monthly heating and Air conditioning.

Voice Assistance

Google Home, Alexa, and Siri are only a few home assistants that are voice-command activated that an air conditioner installation technician can implement at your home. These assistants can automate your overall energy use. For instance, a thermostat can be connected to your voice-command home assistant, meaning that you can control the cooling of your Dallas, TX, home from the comfort of your couch. With a voice command, you get the results you need. With these devices, you don’t need to leave your bathroom or bed to control your air conditioner. You issue a voice command, and the air conditioner will respond accordingly.


Have you been using your air conditioning system for a while, and it’s not frequently malfunctioning? Do you know when it’s time to replace your air conditioning system? one thing that an air conditioner installation technician can help you with is replacing your unit with a more technologically advanced one. Hence, it is recommended that you retain their services beyond installation. They should be coming to your home for routine automated, smart system maintenance. Remember, technologically advanced air conditioning systems can self-diagnose with the help of a smart thermostat and alert you when something is amiss or needs maintenance.

Device Ecosystem

You may be familiar with the word “ecosystem” in electronics. This merely suggests that you have a ton of connected devices. You can ensure your Dallas, TX, home assistant system is linked to your Raspberry Pi, smartphone, and thermostat for your cooling and heating systems. An air conditioner installation technician can help you establish an ecosystem that works and connects your air conditioning devices. This provides you the liberty to choose whatever device controls the HVAC system and ensures that every device is updated to reflect the adjustments you make to your house.

One way to take advantage of the increasing number of gadgets in your household is to assign each one a specific purpose. For instance, although your NFCs primarily control heat, your home assistant system can serve as the controller for all the other devices you have. You can frequently switch them depending on the season. During summer when monitoring the cooling bill is critical. It is also essential to determine whether the devices in your ecosystem match the others. For instance, Siri isn’t compatible with several Google Home systems.

Establish a Humidity Setting

Do you know that you can use your air conditioner for more than just cooling your home? It is also useful in minimizing humidity. If the unit isn’t properly eliminating humidity, then the air conditioner installation technician can attach a dehumidifier to ensure that the humidity levels at your home are right. Fortunately, even the dehumidifier can be connected to the smart thermostat. Hence, you will be able to get data on the indoor humidity levels at your home.

Heated Air Circulation

Do you have a kitchen or a fireplace that gets warm? Then your air conditioner installation technician can help you create an air circulation setting using your smart home assistant or other similar devices. It means that if one room of your Dallas, TX, home is heated, you can use the room to jumpstart and blow the warm air to other parts of your home. The other great option the technician can use is automating your fan. If you do not want to spend money on strong devices such as the HVAC system, you can instead use automated fans. The professional only has to install an NFC tag on your electric fan. The NFC tag will act as a switch.

Installation of Smart Detectors

Home air conditioning automation cannot be complete without installing smart detectors that can detect harmful gasses and send you an alert. A great example of such a detector is that an air conditioner installation technician might install at your Dallas, TX home. They also can install smoke detectors and other devices that can detect toxic gasses. These detectors are critical in ensuring your home’s safety and well-being.

Home Automation with Reliable Professionals

With the ever-changing technological advancements, home automation can only be limited to your imagination. The home automation ideas described above can help homeowners take control of their energy use and the comfortability of their homes. The professionals can also install smart gas detectors, leverage Near Field Communication (NFC) and geofencing, and many ways of automating your home’s air conditioning. This automation has tangible benefits, from ensuring the comfort of your home and reducing energy use to enhancing convenience. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for seamless home automation, your trusted air conditioner installation company.

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