Heating And AC Repair: Things You Need To Know About Your Air Conditioning Systems | Richardson, TX

Heating And AC Repair: Things You Need To Know About Your Air Conditioning Systems | Richardson, TX

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How do air conditioning systems work? While you’re not expected to know the technical aspects of your air conditioner, it would help if you know the basics, especially how to maintain its efficiency. Below are important things you need to know about your AC. If you have questions, please get in touch with a heating and AC repair company in Richardson, TX.

Dirty Filters May Cost You Money

Cleaning your air filters every 2 to 3 months is needed to improve the indoor air quality of your home and maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning system. When your filters are dirty, your air conditioner needs to work harder to provide you with the same level of comfort. What happens when your AC works harder? It will use more energy, and more energy used means money lost. You will only end up with higher energy bills and maybe even call for repairs eventually. To extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system and avoid calling a heating and AC repair company in Richardson, TX, ensure that you schedule cleaning your AC’s filters.

When cleaning, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, find out the type of filter installed on your AC and what kind of maintenance it needs. If you need additional help, contact an HVAC repair company in Richardson, TX.

Maintenance Is Crucial

Do you want a more efficient AC that also lasts longer? The only way to do this is by properly maintaining your AC unit. A month before summer and winter, contact a heating and AC repair company in Richardson, TX, for a tune-up. This service ensures that your AC will run efficiently, especially when you need it to. Regular maintenance by a qualified technician is also necessary. And, of course, you’ll have to also periodically check your unit. Check for wear and tear and other issues. If you still need more help, don’t hesitate to contact a heating and AC repair company in Richardson, TX.

Never Ignore Minor AC Problems

It can be a little stressful to worry about something so minor, like maybe a little issue with your AC. You think it’s not really affecting you as you’re still getting the same comfort level, especially on very hot summer days. Remember that when your air conditioning system has a problem, and you don’t fix it right away, it will work harder the next time you use it. This is because you’re putting a lot of strain on your air conditioning system. Over time, you may need to call a heating and AC repair company in Richardson, TX, for a replacement. To avoid this, ensure that you always call a technician if you think something may be wrong with the system. A qualified professional will help you diagnose the problem and provide you with the best solution.

Don’t Strain the System

Do you know that there are things you can do to help your AC? For example, when it’s so hot outside, you can consider putting on dark curtains. Your AC will really thank you as it won’t have to work even harder to provide you with the same level of comfort. Better yet, give your AC its much-needed break by not using it every single day. If you think that there are ways to cool yourself, do it. Go to the first floor of your house or get some cold drinks. You may even turn on the fan. These things will not only help your air conditioning system, but they will also reduce your energy bill. If you need help with your AC, contact a heating and AC repair company in Richardson, TX.

Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean

It’s important that you keep the compressor and the condenser always clean and free from debris. Otherwise, it will fail to pump out cold air for your home. Or your system will work hard to provide you with cooled air. Straining the system constantly will reduce your life’s AC. You can avoid calling for heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX when you make sure to clean the outdoor components of your air conditioner.

Upgrade When Necessary

How old is your air conditioning system? And are you properly maintaining them? If you’ve been using your AC for several years without maintaining it, chances are you’ve been calling for heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX. Keep in mind that repairs can add up, and they may cost you a fortune eventually. You can avoid this by getting an upgrade instead. Call a heating and AC repair company in Richardson, TX, so they can thoroughly inspect your unit. They can advise you whether it’s better to get a new replacement instead.

Insulate Your Home

How is the insulation in your home? What about the attic and the roof? Do you know that cooled air can escape to these places? You can keep the cooled air inside your homes with proper insulation and fixing all cracks and holes. Better yet, consider investing in double-pane or triple-pane windows as they can help you keep the cooled air inside. You can save money on energy, and you’re also helping out your air conditioning system.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

Do you want to save more money? Then, consider investing in energy-efficient air conditioning units. These appliances are designed to use less energy to help homeowners save money. You may speak with a heating and AC repair technician in Richardson, TX, to know what type of energy-efficient AC to acquire for your home.

Hire a Licensed Technician for AC Installation

If you’re thinking about getting an air conditioner installation for your home, make sure that you hire a licensed technician to do this for you. Avoid installing it on your own if you don’t want problems down the road. Instead, contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for assistance. All of our technicians have been installing ACs and are highly competent with heating and AC repair.

Fix a Leaky Duct

Do you know that duct leaks let you lose about 20% of energy? This is why it’s important that you get a regular inspection of your air conditioning system so a technician can determine if there are leaks in the ductwork. When cooled air escapes outside, that means that your AC system will need to work hard so you could get the same level of energy. You can help your AC by getting regular inspections and maintenance. When you do scheduled maintenance with a tech, make sure that they are highly qualified and licensed to do heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX.

Get the Right AC Size

Apart from hiring qualified technicians to help you install your air conditioner, it’s just as important to choose the right AC size for your home. An AC size that’s either too small or too big for your home can cost you financially. It may be too expensive to run. When you’re buying the AC unit from a store, inform the staff of your area’s size. They may be able to help you determine the right size. Another way is to speak to a heating and AC repair technician for assistance.

Cooling Just One Room? Consider Buying a Portable AC

Do you know that you can also buy a portable air conditioner if you’re cooling a single room? Portable ACs are good temporary options. They are also effective in colling a room and so easy to set up. Most of these units also contain a fan and dehumidifier, and they can easily remove excess moisture from the air. Also, they are easy to store. However, the disadvantage is they can be noisier than other AC systems and have limited cooling capacity. Buy them only when you’re looking for a temporary solution. Contact a technician if you’re ready to get an air conditioner installation service for your home.

Choosing and Replacing AC Filters

AC filters can help you maintain good indoor air quality by removing pollutants and other allergens from the air to make your home comfortable and safe. Consider investing in a good filter, especially when you have family members with allergies or other respiratory problems.

There are several AC filters available in the market today. Make sure that you check the MERV rating when choosing the best filter for your home. A higher MERV rating means that the filter effectively removes even the tiniest particles in the air. It’s recommended that you choose air filters with a MERV rating of at least 7. If you’re not familiar with the different AC filters, speak with a heating and AC repair technician for assistance.

A few of your options:

HEPA Filters or High-Efficiency Air Filters – Do you have several pets in your home or have family members with asthma? Then consider investing in this type of filter. While they can be expensive, HEPA filters are incredibly expensive in helping you get rid of those small particles in your home. They can trap the tiniest particles that restrict airflow or those that may harm your health. If you need more assistance about choosing filters, you can always contact a heating and AC repair company.

Pleated Air Filters – If you prefer an inexpensive filter but are also still effective in trapping smaller airborne particles, then you may consider getting a pleated filter for your home.

Electrostatic – Like the HEPA filter, they may also cost you more money, but they efficiently keep your indoor air clean and safe. They trap particles using static electricity.

Fiberglass Filters – Those homeowners looking for just regular filters may purchase inexpensive fiberglass air filters.

When choosing a filter, you need to also decide whether you want disposable or washable filters. You can only use disposable filters once, while washable filters can be used any number of times. Just make sure that you regularly clean them. If you need help with installing filters, you can always contact a heating and AC repair company.

Ways to Cool Your Home During Summer

To save more energy this summer, consider doing these helpful tips to help you effectively cool your home.

  1. Swap your sheets. While fleece blankets are best for insulation, it may be better for you to switch to cotton, especially when it’s summer. You’ll feel cooler when sleeping
  2. Cool yourself first. You can stay more comfortable when you cool yourself first. For example, sip ice-cold drinks or be smart about your clothes. Summer’s not the time to wear those beautiful jackets. Instead, get sundresses or other summer outfits to help stay cool in the summer.
  3. Cook outside. Turning on your oven won’t really help you stay cooler. If possible, cook outdoors and have some barbecue. Should you really need to use the oven, consider using it during the night, when it’s not so hot? Make sure that you keep the oven door closed after use.
  4. Sleep on the first floor of your home. Heat always rises, so it’s a good idea to sleep downstairs during summer.
  5. Open the windows at night. The temperature is usually cooler at night so ensure that you open the windows to let the cool air in. This way, you won’t always have to switch on the AC and feel cooler.
  6. Turn on the exhaust fan in your kitchen to pull the hot air after cooking.
  7. Always close the blinds, especially during the day. Better yet, invest in those blackout windows to block off the sun.

Do you need help with your AC? Contact a heating and AC repair company in your area.

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