Furnace Repair: Things You Need To Know About Your Furnace | Frisco, TX

Furnace Repair: Things You Need To Know About Your Furnace | Frisco, TX

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Furnaces can keep us warm, comfortable, and safer in the freezing winter. However, homeowners must know how it works and what they can do to maintain it or address minor problems. This article discusses important things you need to know about your furnace. If you need more assistance, please contact a furnace repair technician in Frisco, TX.

Safety First

Don’t compromise your family’s safety by hiring inexperienced technicians and unlicensed technicians in Frisco, TX, for furnace installations and repairs. Always call a licensed professional to ensure that the repairs or installations are properly carried out. It’s also required that gas furnaces be installed by certified technicians only.

Make sure that you hire a professional to have your furnace inspected and serviced at least once a year, preferably a month before winter, to ensure that your heating system stays in excellent shape and can provide you with the heated home you need.

During yearly inspections, licensed technicians would thoroughly check your furnace components to make sure they’re working properly. Problems will be addressed, and rest assured that you will have peace of mind knowing that your heating system has been looked at. In addition, regular inspections can avoid calling a technician in Frisco, TX, for furnace repairs.

Mandatory Cleaning

Like all the appliances in your home, your furnace also needs to be cleaned regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when properly cleaning the unit. If you have questions, feel free to contact a heating repair technician for assistance.

Replacing the Filter Is Necessary

Ideally, you should replace the air filters every two to three months or frequently when using the furnace heavily. Over time, dirt and debris will build up on the filter, which can affect your heating system’s efficiency. To avoid calling a technician for costly furnace repairs or replacements, ensure that you regularly change the filters.

Your furnace will not have to work harder when the filters are clean. Again, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning the filter. Don’t hesitate to contact a furnace technician for assistance if you have questions.

Furnaces Have Three Main Components

The burner or the heating element, the heat exchanger, and the blower are the three main components of your furnace. You have a burner when you install gas furnaces and the heating element for electric furnaces. The heat exchanger is responsible for separating the breathable air from the gas, while the blower sends the air through the ductwork and into your living spaces. If you want to know more about how the furnace works, please don’t hesitate to contact a furnace technician.

Furnaces Can Last Up to 25 Years

So long as you properly care for your furnace, expect it to last between 15 to 25 years. To maintain the efficiency of your furnace, we recommend that you have it serviced every year. If you keep calling a furnace technician more than once a year, your unit may no longer be that efficient. Consider having it inspected by a licensed furnace technician and ask for advice if it’s wiser to get it replaced instead. An inefficient furnace will consume more energy, and that will result in higher utility bills every month. It may be more cost-effective in the long run to buy a replacement than having to pay for furnace repairs.

The Government Regulates the Installation

While furnaces manufactured these days are safe, there is still some danger, especially with gas furnaces. This is why only licensed furnace repairs technicians can install your gas furnace. Never attempt to install it on your own or hire inexperienced people to avoid problems down the road. Get in touch with us if you’re thinking of getting a new furnace for your home.

Research First Before Buying a New Furnace

If you have an old and efficient furnace and need an upgrade, please take time to choose the best furnace suitable for your home. We suggest that you speak with a furnace repair technician in Frisco, TX, for assistance. Our team of professionals is not only skilled and experienced with furnace repairs or installations, but we can also give you the best furnace recommendations. We can help you make an informed decision on the heating system suitable for your home.

Also, always check what’s covered in the warranty before purchasing a new furnace for your home. Do your research carefully, as the most expensive component of your furnace may not be included in the warranty.

How to Prepare Your Furnace for the Winter

Check the filters and the unit – Dust and dirt can be a problem as that can affect the efficiency of your unit and may also lead to system breakdowns in the middle of a freezing winter. To avoid calling a technician in Frisco, TX, for furnace repairs, then make sure that you check the filters and the other components of your heating system before using them. If you get an annual inspection, then the technician can also help with this.

Consider changing the filter – If you have household members suffering from allergies or other respiratory issues, consider getting a specialized filter like HEPA filters that can catch even the tiniest of particles. For installation, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions or call a furnace technician for assistance.

Look for drafts – To save energy during winter, make sure that your home is properly insulated and there are no drafts. Otherwise, the heated air will only escape in cracks or holes. If possible, invest in energy-efficient windows so that your furnace will not have to work harder. Check the attic and make sure there are no holes or cracks too. If you need help, please contact a furnace repair technician.

Test your carbon monoxide detectors – It’s crucial that you test this device before winter and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for checking. Also, get new batteries for your CO2 alarm to ensure that it’s going to work properly. Finally, if you need additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact a furnace repair technician.

Don’t store anything near the furnace – It can be dangerous to store electronic devices or other items near the furnace. So make sure that you clear the area before turning on the furnace. Also, check the ductwork and the vents, and make sure they’re not blocked. If you suspect that there might be a problem with your unit, contact a furnace repair technician immediately for an inspection.

Don’t ignore minor problems – As mentioned, contact a professional asap when there are issues with the furnace. Never postpone furnace repair, or you might damage the other components of your heating system. You can extend the lifespan of your furnace and avoid even more costly furnace repairs when you reach out to a technician at the soonest possible time.

Schedule a tune-up – This is a necessary step and must be done in the fall. A regular tune-up will give you peace of mind, knowing that you have an efficient furnace that’s not likely to break down during the freezing winter. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be when the temperature starts dropping and your furnace also starts acting up? You can avoid this problem by scheduling a regular furnace tune-up.

For the tune-up, make sure you only hire a licensed and highly experienced technician to avoid issues down the road. If you’ve noticed problems with your furnace before, be sure to inform the technician so they can also check it.

Consider getting a replacement – How old is your furnace? If you have an old and efficient heating system, get a new one. Ensure it’s energy-efficient to save on your utility bills every month. If possible, get an ENERGY STAR furnace to ensure more savings. Then call us for the installation of your new heating system.

Common Furnace Problems and What to do When They Happen

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night realizing that the furnace is no longer working. While there are HVAC companies offering 24/7 emergency furnace repairs, it’s still best when you know the basics. Below are some of the most common furnace problems and what you can do about them.

Unit Is Not Heating

There could be several reasons why this is happening, but the first thing you should do is first to confirm if the thermostat is set to “heat.” If not, try doing that first before moving on to the next step.

When it doesn’t fix the problem, then try resetting the circuit breaker first. If resetting the circuit breaker doesn’t resolve the issue, contact a furnace repair technician.

Inadequate Heat

Over time, your furnace will lose its efficiency, especially when you don’t do proper maintenance. One of the signs to watch out for is when your home is no longer warm and comfortable during winter. If your furnace provides inadequate heat, try to check the air filters first. When was the last time you replaced it? If it’s clogged with dirt and debris, replace it with a new one or clean the old filter.

Make sure that you follow manufacturer recommendations for removing, cleaning, and replacing your filters. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact a furnace repair technician.

Furnace Keeps Turning On and Off

When your furnace frequently turns on and off, it’s usually a sign that there might be something wrong with your heating system. Before calling a furnace repair technician, check the air filters first. Remember, a clogged filter restricts airflow, and this could lead to overheating. Your furnace has a safety switch built-in, and it’s going to shut down when it gets too hot. If replacing the air filters doesn’t resolve the issue, then call a technician for assistance.

Furnace Stops Working

You can’t afford to have an inefficient furnace, especially when it’s almost winter. Otherwise, your home will be highly uncomfortable. When the furnace suddenly stops working, there could be an issue with the ignition, or it could be a tripped circuit breaker. If you can’t figure out why the furnace suddenly stops working, call a technician asap.

Blower Runs Constantly

There are two reasons why this happens: the thermostat may be set to the fan setting or a faulty fan limit control switch.

When the thermostat is set to the fan setting, the blower will start running to filter the air or dry out a humid home. You can remedy this problem by turning the thermostat back to AUTO. It ensures that the fan runs only when your furnace is heating your home.

Your fan limit switch is a safety device responsible for monitoring the temperature inside your unit. If a set temperature is reached, the unit automatically shuts off. When your blower runs constantly, it could mean that this device is faulty. You can fix it by resetting the switch. You may have to call a technician if it’s damaged.

Noisy Furnace

A noisy furnace can be so annoying, especially when there is excessive noise. Make sure that you contact a furnace repair technician immediately. Please don’t wait until it becomes an emergency that will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Instead, get help right away so that a technician can thoroughly inspect the furnace, diagnose the problem and then resolve it for you.

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