Frequent Ductless AC Repair Problems In Homes | Lewisville, TX

Frequent Ductless AC Repair Problems In Homes | Lewisville, TX

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The weather in Lewisville, TX, may become hot or humid as the year progresses with temperatures ranging from 37°F to 96°F and rarely dropping below 25°F or above 102°F. For this reason, it’s important homeowners invest in air conditioners for good air quality in their houses.

One of the cooling appliance options you can choose is ductless air conditioners. They are ideal because they’re pocket-friendly in the long run, easy to install, less noisy, small in structure, and energy-efficient.

However, ductless ACs are susceptible to damage. As they approach their expected lifespan, they begin to experience operation challenges prompting the owners to look for AC repair services. That being said, let’s explore some of the defects that may affect ductless AC units.

Condensate and Refrigerant Leaks

Ductless systems have more air handlers compared to air duct ACs. The chances of poor configuration increase, consequently making your air conditioner lose refrigerant through the faulty lines.

Additionally, low condensate levels in the unit may cause the air conditioner to overwork, increasing your energy bill. You may be a victim of poisoning when exposed to the leaked refrigerant inside your home for long periods. Inhaling Freon could cause health conditions such as fluid build-up in lungs, breathing difficulties, organ damage, and sudden death.

Consider looking for AC repair services from an expert whenever you notice a decline in the performance of your ductless air conditioner. The technician you get will assess the source of leaks and fix them.

Afterward, the professional should measure condensate levels and refill them to the required level if necessary. Schedule regular repair and maintenance appointments with your trusted technician to avoid future condensate leakage issues.

Faulty Blower

The blower is a fan that distributes air to and from the rooms air-conditioned by your ductless system. A defective blower will mean a compromised air supply into your home, causing discomfort, especially if the outside temperatures are unbearable. A spoiled motor could lead to inefficient cooling power. It may also cause the evaporator coil to fail.

This occurs when the warm air from your home inside the unit can’t be expelled to the environment, thus accumulating on the evaporator coil and making it freeze. It will, in turn, prevent the refrigerant from flowing freely within the system. At this point, you’ll need prompt assistance from a credible company that offers AC repair services to troubleshoot the failed blower and restore the normal functioning of your ductless air conditioner. Failure to seek immediate repair solutions could render your whole cooling system faulty, making you invest in a new one.

Organizing for regular repair with a reliable HVAC company in Lewisville, TX, will be the best solution since your technician will identify the blower problem before it worsens.

Compressor Defects

The compressor and condenser of your ductless air conditioner are located inside the outside AC unit. Being located outside makes the compressor susceptible to damage by grime and dirt that may accumulate on its surface, compromising its functionality. Other problems such as warm air blowing into your home could emerge when the compressor becomes inefficient.

It’s time to look for a service provider handling AC repairs when you notice warm air flowing to your home as your ductless cooling unit operates. Compressors are complex accessories that require repair services from a qualified technician.

Also, the technician should conduct wholesome AC repair regularly to identify and fix any defects, ensuring the compressor is in tip-top condition. You may have to replace the whole ductless air conditioning system if you mess up while using DIY guides to fix it.

Frozen Coils

The outside unit of a ductless air conditioning unit collects heated air from the environment and afterward cools it by evaporating the refrigerant flowing through coils. When the refrigerant evaporates, it brings heat into the coils, and when the heated air becomes excess, the coils may become very cold, causing ice to start forming on them. The ice prevents these coils from performing their job efficiently, compromising the quality of air coming into your home.

Get AC repair services from a specialist who should conduct regular maintenance activities for your ductless ac unit to ensure all parts and components, including coils, are clean and working effectively. The coils are sensitive accessories. Attempting to clean them by yourself could trigger more complications. For that reason, getting in touch with a certified technician offering repair services is the ideal step to take.

Improper Installation

Multiple ductless air conditioner defects stem from poor installation. For instance, if you get quacks to do the job, high chances are your new AC will have inadequate or excess refrigerant levels, causing the whole system to malfunction a short while after installation.

Additionally, the unqualified technician can install your outside unit at a spot with a lot of dirt or stagnant water. Don’t repeat the same mistake the second time. Take your time and evaluate all AC repair companies to pick the best of them all and have your AC unit reinstalled the proper way.

Clogged Drains

Central air conditioners have a condensation pan where the condensate drains. On the other hand, a ductless AC is mounted on the wall making it impossible to fit a pan underneath it. It makes the unit rely on the drain lines to get rid of the condensate.

Over time, the drain lines may get clogged, reducing the efficiency of your air conditioner. Some of the signs your AC drains could be clogged include mold infestation near your indoor unit or standing water on the floor under it. Get a specialist that deals with AC repairs to clean your cooling unit’s drain lines immediately you notice such symptoms to prevent advanced issues such as the total shutdown of your AC.

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