Everything You Need To Know About Absorption Heat Pumps And Air Conditioning Service | Dallas, TX

Everything You Need To Know About Absorption Heat Pumps And Air Conditioning Service | Dallas, TX

Absorption heat pumps are among the latest hot sales in the Dallas, TX, HVAC market for homeowners.

Also known as gas-fired heat pumps, they use a variety of heat sources such as geothermal-heated water or air, gas, and steam-solar energy in the form of heated water to operate efficiently.

With correct connection by an air conditioning service provider, the system produces heat from steam for heating and cooling your home.

Read on to learn more about the absorption heat pumps before making the purchase decision.

Types of Absorption Heat Pumps

The air-to-water gas absorption heat pump is the first type of absorption heat pump for residential property owners. It uses unused energy to produce hot water that provides heat for in-floor heaters, heating radiators, and water coils installed in air handlers.

There is also the air-source gas absorption heat pump that uses a gas burner to start the cooling process, pulling available thermal energy from the environment.

In addition, there are ground-source gas absorption heat pumps that are installed several feet underground to move the heat to your home during winter and cold air during hot summer days.

Gas absorption heat pumps are also available for homeowners in Dallas, TX. The system has a sealed thermodynamic circuit with ammonia water acting as the refrigerant. The ammonia fluid is different from the HFCs refrigerants as it poses no threats to the ozone layer, making it a safe option for sustainability.

How Does It Work?

The absorption heat pumps are similar to other heat pumps because they transfer heat from one point to another, enhancing comfort through cooling or heating your space during wintry or hot days with proper connections by a qualified air conditioning service professional.

The unit consists of technologies such as high-efficiency vapor separation, low emissions, variable ammonia flow rate, and variable-capacity combustion. They operate using propane, solar-heated water, natural gas, or geothermal energy.

The unit uses ammonia fluid as the refrigerant that sucks warm air from your space, leaving it cool. If correctly installed by air conditioning service professionals, the absorption heat pump can also release the heat it absorbs for optimal heating of your home. The ammonia water undergoes condensation to allow heat to evaporate after releasing the condensation pressure.

The evaporated ammonia then moves to water for absorption for pumping into a higher pressure. At this point, the heat source an air conditioner service technician installs comes to use to boil the ammonia out of the water and restart the cooling or heating cycle.

The unit can also use a generator absorber heat exchanger that is efficient in recovering the heat ammonia releases before its absorption in water.

Benefits of Using the Absorption Heat Pumps

Reduces the Use of Electric Power

The absorption heat pump does not have a compressor that consumes large amounts of electricity to run smoothly. Its energy sources are propane, natural gas, waste recovery, or un-used energy sources.

With less use of electricity, your monthly energy bills tremendously decrease. If your home encounters numerous outages, you can call an air conditioning service provider to install the absorption heat pumps. The heat pump system guarantees you comfort because of the minimum reliance on electricity.

Higher Efficiency

Absorption heat pumps use ammonia refrigerant to take heat from your home during summer and release the absorbed heat back to your home on wintry days. The system uses natural gas to generate heat that fits your heating demands during ice cold days.

Can Use Any Heat Source

The heat pump system does not solely depend on electricity or one energy source to run efficiently. You can opt for any fuel source readily available for you, such as gas, solar, geothermal hot water, and propane for heating and cooling your house.

Zoned Systems

An air conditioning service expert can install several units in different parts of your home. The zoning allows you to maintain different temperature levels in each room for maximized comfort.

Environmentally Friendly

The absorption heat pumps are not a threat to your surroundings as they use renewable energy or clean fuels such as gas to generate heat for heating and cooling your space.

The ammonia water in the system has a significantly lower environmental impact on the ozone layer. It does not emit greenhouse gasses, such as chlorofluorocarbon and hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants.

The refrigerants from the conventional heating and cooling systems may deplete the ozone layer. The absorption heat pump is also eco-friendly due to its low carbon emissions.

If you are an environmentalist, you can contact a reputable air conditioning service company in Dallas, TX, such as One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, to install the eco-friendly system.

Prevents Leaks of the Toxic and Flammable Refrigerant Water

Ammonia water that can have adverse effects if it leaks. Additionally, the heat pump an air conditioning service provider installs has a sealed thermodynamic circuit that holds the ammonia fluid used in the absorption heat pumps for efficient sub-freezing energy storage. The HVAC contractors install the system outdoors for safety in case of a leak.

Save Space

The heating and cooling system can save your indoor space because of outdoor installation for maximum efficiency. The unit fits outdoors because it reduces the risks related to flammable ammonia water.

Lower Maintenance Requirements

The tune-up process of the absorption heat pump is not complex, and an air conditioning service provider can do it at least once a year.

Low Operational Costs

Since the system does not rely on electricity, natural gas, solar, geothermal heated water, and propane significantly lower the utility bills.


The absorption heat pumps can also last longer with the best installation from air conditioning service professionals.

Disadvantages of the Absorption of Heat Pumps

Hard to Install

Installing the absorption heat pump does require the expertise of AC service experts in Dallas, TX, with extensive experience, knowledge, and skills to make the connections for the system to operate efficiently. If you want to use geothermal ground or water to operate the system, the heat pump specialists have to drill part of your garden or yard to install the vertical or horizontal loops.

High Upfront Cost

The heat pump can have low operating costs, and higher initial purchase price. The amount you pay an air conditioning service technician and the crew to install the system adds to the initial price, making it expensive. But, if you want low operating costs for years, it’s wise to go for the heat pumps.

Use of toxic refrigerant

The absorption heat pump also uses ammonia as a coolant, and yet it has adverse health effects from indirect or prolonged exposure.

Common Problems in Absorption of Heat Pumps

Faulty Heat Pump

One of the most frequent absorption heat pump issues is a malfunctioning system. The heat pump unit might fail to work because of a lack of an energy source that powers it to cool and heat your home.

You may lack enough solar energy during winter, or the water source for your energy may also deplete if the system water source has insufficient water supply.

Having an air conditioning service provider identify the cause of the problem is the first step to finding a lasting solution. Another cause of the malfunctioning heat pump can be a faulty thermostat due to incorrect calibration.

Broken Reversing Valve

People with the absorption heat pump can also face issues emerging from a broken reversing valve. The absorption heat pump can also exhibit problems associated with switching from heating to cooling mode.

The damaged reverse valve can make the heat pump increase the heat in your home instead of removing it for comfort during summer and vice versa.

The issue might seem small, but the discomfort in your house will make you call a nearby air conditioning service company for immediate repairs.

Insufficient Cooling and Heating

Cool and hot spots in your house: If your absorption heat pump is not working efficiently, you will get hot and cold spots in your house, increasing discomfort.

The drafty air indicates that the refrigerant, in this case, ammonia water, is not efficiently sucking all the warmth from your home during winter or releasing sufficient amounts of the absorbed heat for warmth.

The uncomfortable indoor air quality should make you call for urgent identification and diagnosis of the problem from an AC service expert.


The absorption heat pump operates with an inorganic fluid such as ammonia as the coolant. The refrigerant is susceptible to leak if the thermodynamic circuit is faulty or the piping fails because of corrosion that leads to cracks, hence the need for urgent repairs by a qualified air conditioning service contractor.

Ammonia can also leak when the heat pump technician you hire negligently does a shoddy job during maintenance, allowing the toxic substance to the surrounding. The HVAC contractor might fail to seal the thermodynamic system properly, allowing the ammonia fluid, which is dangerous and can easily catch fire, to flow out.

Its circuit is an imaginary wall that prevents the ammonia from leaking into the environment. If the ammonia water that acts as the refrigerant in absorption heat pumps leaks, the gas can have adverse ammonia health effects. Your kids might start complaining of burns in the eyes and throat or suffer from lung damage or coughing after high exposure.

It is best to hire a certified air conditioning service provider in Dallas, TX, to detect the leak of liquid or gaseous ammonia that manifests in a distinct pungent smell. Ammonia is also detectable using a sulfur stick that should have a white-colored smoke if ammonia is present.

Dirty Filters

Dirty air filters are a problem that leads to air restrictions from one place to the other.

When the air filter of your absorption heat pump is clogged, clean air can’t move through to the refrigerant to kick start the condensation process that provides enormous heat stored for cold days and sufficient coolness in summer.

Since an air conditioning service expert installs the system outdoors, the amount of dirt depends on the immediate environment.

How to Prevent Problems in the Absorption Heat Pump

Preventing problems from occurring or taking the best of the system is one way of prolonging the life of the absorption heat pump. Regular maintenance also helps you enjoy maximized comfort levels for a long time.

It is best to hire a qualified air conditioning service provider in Dallas, TX, for annual tuning up and cleaning of your absorption heat pump.

The technician lubricates all the moving parts, cleans or replaces the air filters, tunes up the condensing unit, checks the refrigerant levels, and tests all control features for the equipment.

Thorough inspections are necessary to identify issues on time and fix them before they worsen. It also helps the air conditioning service expert replace all damaged components beyond repair. The heat pump specialists need to inspect and test for leakages in the system or the loops and fix them appropriately.

Identifying refrigerant leaks in time saves your system from breaking down prematurely. If the unit uses ammonia, early detection of the leaks by the air conditioning service professional protects you and your inhabitants from health issues such as burning of the eyes that can cause blindness and other respiratory tract allergies.

Need Professional Help?

The absorption heat pumps are the plug for people that want the best energy-efficient systems to cool and heat their homes during summer and winter. They have numerous advantages, including eco-friendliness and efficiency, and disadvantages, such as high costs.

If you want an absorption heat pump after reading the above masterpiece and don’t know where to start, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas is here to help.

We are an HVAC company that prides on serving our clients in the Dallas, TX, areas since 1988. Our air conditioning service contractors are certified, qualified, and experienced.

They address your heating and cooling needs by providing exceptional, quality, and competent installation, repairs, and replacements. Our HVAC technicians also receive ongoing training and are ready and available to offer emergency services.

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