Duct Cleaning Service | Lewisville, TX

Duct Cleaning Service | Lewisville, TX

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We at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas serving Lewisville, TX understand better than most just how important it is to have your air conditioner regularly serviced. People often choose to forgo the annual service to save money, but this can be a false economy. A service will pick up on any minor problems and deal with them before they need an expensive repair. As the average repair can cost hundreds of dollars, it makes good sense to have a service.

During the service a technician from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas will give your air ducts a visual inspection. If they detect any signs of mold, algae, or that the ducts are covered with too much dust and dirt, they will suggest that you need a duct cleaning service. It is more affordable than you will expect and it provides cleaner air and allows the warm and cold air to flow more freely throughout your home.

What Else Could Be Revealed?

The inspection will see the varying levels of dust and dirt, but it will also reveal any damage to the ducts. As the ducts are out of sight, you will not notice any of this. The ducts have probably been in your office or home since it was built. In that time joints will have loosened, and damage inflicted on the ducts.

Any cool or warm air will be able to escape through the gaps into the surrounding crawl spaces. Why is this a problem? Well, you are potentially wasting a lot of money. It has been estimated that up to thirty percent of your heater or air conditioner’s energy is wasted in the way. This means you could be wasting three dollars out of every ten that you spend on your heating or air conditioner’s energy bills.

Energy costs are high enough without you wasting this amount. After our technician has revealed the extent of the damage to you, you can decide whether to go ahead with any of the suggested repairs. It may not be cheap to have your ducts repaired, but it will pay for itself by reducing energy wastage. Once the repairs are completed you may want to consider having a duct cleaning service. Eventually, both tasks will save you money because your cooling and heating appliances are running more efficiently.

Why Do I Need a Duct Cleaning Service?

We at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas suggest that you inspect your air filters regularly, if you need to change or clean them more often it may be time to have a duct cleaning service. You would be surprised at what can be found in your air ducts. Apart from the usual dust and dirt, our technicians have found hair, mold, mildew and algae, insect nests, and even rodents. You do not want any of these in your air ducts.

Some people are tempted to have a go themselves at cleaning the ducts. There are plenty of ‘experts’ on YouTube with five-minute DIY videos on how to do this. Armed with only a vacuum cleaner and soapy water they claim to be able to clean your duct quickly, safely, and at little cost. Ducts are delicate and can easily be damaged, it is not that expensive to have them cleaned and it can be a filthy job.

If you must have a duct cleaning service, we at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas suggest that you have it done professionally, this is by far the safest option. The air ducts are often in hard-to-reach places, your attempts to clean may result in you damaging the ducts or even yourself. Remember, that most of the dust is made up of human or animal skin flakes, and you are likely to dislodge this if you decide to clean the ducts yourself.

What Are The Advantages of a Duct Cleaning Service?

After a duct cleaning service, the air quality in your home will improve as less dust and dirt from your air ducts will make their way back into your home or office. Before the duct cleaning, the air quality was bad and worsened respiratory problems such as asthma, COPD, and increased eye, nose, and throat irritation. People will experience more headaches, dizziness, nausea, and tiredness.

Keeping your air ducts clean is also beneficial for your air conditioner’s health too. It was designed to work with clean air ducts and must work harder when they are full of dust and dirt. As the air conditioner works harder it will use more energy, so a duct cleaning service will improve the energy efficiency of your unit.

You will often find plant life growing in the air ducts, this should not come as a surprise because the humid conditions experienced in the ducts are a perfect place for mold to spread. After the ducts are cleaned this musty smell will be removed from your home or office.

A further advantage is that you have a cleaner home. The less dust and dirt particles that exit your air conditioner and heater the less will gather in your home and the less dust cleaning you will do.

How Clean Air Ducts Protect Your Air Conditioner

The airflow through your air conditioner is also improved after the ducts are cleaned. This is because the air filter will be cleaner so that more warm air is blown over the evaporator coils making it easier to convert to cool air. The coolant in the coils will be able to absorb more of the heat from the warm air from your home or office too.

This procedure improves the cooling effect from your air conditioner, and as the air being blown back into your home or office is cooler, the humidity will be minimal. As well as being more energy-efficient, your air conditioner will run more smoothly and experience less wear and tear. The components in your unit will be less likely to overheat, burn out, and need a repair, and this will prolong the working life of your unit.

The Most Dependable Duct Cleaning Service Company in Lewisville, TX

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas has been proudly serving the community of Lewisville, TX, for many years. If you have just had a lot of building work completed in your home or find that darn dust is returning too quickly, this may be a good time to have your air ducts inspected and cleaned. Why not combine the air conditioning service with cleaning your air ducts? Call us today whatever you’re heating or air conditioning needs, we are always ready to help you!