Dispelling The Salesmen And Dishonest Air Conditioning Service Providers Clichés About HVAC Systems | Irving, TX

Dispelling The Salesmen And Dishonest Air Conditioning Service Providers Clichés About HVAC Systems | Irving, TX

The heating and air conditioning industry has a lot of overused and vague information. Unfortunately, this information is outdated, flat-out clichés, and inaccurate. This information has reached a point where it is irritating and trite to other honest air conditioning service providers in the field that are trying to help homeowners. With dishonest salespeople and AC repair technicians prorating such information, homeowners are left counting losses because they followed misleading advice. This article will clear out the air on some common clichés that these dishonest salesmen tell you about heating and air conditioning repair to ensure that you are better informed about the heating and cooling needs of your Irving, TX home.

You Should Install a Larger HVAC System

Your home can still use a larger system. However, the air conditioning service needs to find out the size of the AC or HVAC by just looking at your home. There are several things to consider before installing an air conditioner. For instance, the air ducts may be sized for the current system. Hence, installing a larger system could impact the static pressure of your unit.

The static pressure in your HVAC system is like your body’s blood pressure. If the heart is too big for the body, it might result in blood pressure complications. The same case happens with the static pressure of the air conditioning system. A larger air conditioner compressor cannot run under similar comfortable conditions as it would be properly sized. This will result in premature failure.

The first thing that an air conditioning service provider does is come to your home to install a new system. The first thing they will do is calculate the load size to determine the required size of the HVAC system. An HVAC system isn’t one of the cheapest appliances. Hence, you must only replace the air conditioner after the air conditioning service provider in Irving, TX performs the load testing. The size of the AC is something that you must get right.

You Need New Air Ducts

Has your air conditioning service provider ever told you that you need to install new air ducts? You should know that your air ducts’ lifespan averages about 30-50 years. You can replace the ducts when installing a new system, but that is not required. The lifespan of an HVAC system is about 15-20 years. Hence, you can use your air ducts for the lifespan of three air conditioners. You shouldn’t replace all your air ducts for better airflow in one or two rooms of your house. You can add the airflow into the two rooms by just increasing the size of the air ducts that lead to the room.

The other way to get more air into your room is by relocating the air ducts in the supply plenum to a more advantageous point. Usually, this should be at the end of the HVAC plenum. A higher R-value of your air ducts means they will perform better. This translates to warmer or colder air in your rooms based on the season. Hence, it is optional that your air conditioning service technician should replace the air ducts.

You Need a Duct Cleaning Service

If your air conditioning service provider tells you that your air ducts need cleaning, you should ask them to show you an image of the interiors. Otherwise, how can you be sure that the air ducts are dirty or have mold? That should be the first question, proving that the ducts need cleaning.

It’s cliché for HVAC providers to advise clients to have their ducts cleaned for several reasons:

  1. It’s a simple approach for the business to upsell some services that might not be required.
  2. It’s a tactic for frightening potential clients into believing that their houses are dirty and dusty.
  3. It’s simply untrue that air ducts require routine cleaning.

They can typically be left all alone to continue to function normally. So, even though it’s cliché, there’s no need to follow the air conditioning service provider’s recommendations for air duct cleaning.

However, some situations where duct cleaning is worth it. For instance, when the technician provides proof that the ducts are dusty and dirty. Additionally, you need a duct cleaning service whenever you purchase a new home in Irving, TX and move in. You should clean the ducts unless the new home was just recently constructed. Additionally, dust and other materials might find their way into your air ducts if you just have had a renovation.

In such instances, you should have a technician clean the air ducts, just as you would clean the house.

No Longer Efficient

In recent years, air conditioners have advanced significantly, and many current versions are significantly more efficient than earlier models. Does that imply you need to upgrade right away? No, not always. Not everyone is willing to shell out for a new, more efficient heating and air conditioning system. The air conditioning service provider needs to know how much money you have set aside for this purpose. They are unaware of your current financial situation and personal situation.

They know the commission they will earn when they sell you a new HVAC system. Cutting corners by avoiding repairs and going directly to replacements has cost many Irving, TX homeowners a fortune because the unscrupulous air conditioning service provider wanted to make some quick money. The air conditioning system or its components should be replaced because that is necessary and the only economically viable option. If your technician tells you that a compressor or any other air conditioner component requires a replacement, seek a second opinion or even a third. You shouldn’t be pressured to replace your air conditioner unless it is necessary and you’re ready for the replacement.

Not Under Warranty

There is this common misconception that once your heating and air conditioning system is no longer under warranty, you cannot get replacement parts or even repairs. This is NOT true. Just because your air conditioning system has run out of warranty does not necessarily mean that an air conditioning service provider cannot repair it. It only means that the manufacturer won’t foot the repair or maintenance bill. Replacement parts are, in most instances, available for purchase, no matter how old your system is.

While the manufacturer might not always offer the repairs themselves, there always are independent air conditioning service providers that specifically deal with out-of-Warranty repairs. Hence, if a dealer or technician tells you that your 10-year-old HVAC system cannot be repaired, do not believe them. You will likely find an AC repair company to get your unit up and running with minimal effort.

Your Unit Is Past Its Service Life

This is a common cliché you’ll hear when looking for a compressor or heat exchanger. But how long can a system serve your Irving, TX home or office? Currently, air conditioning systems can last for between 15-20 years. However, just because your system has clocked for 20 years doesn’t mean you should automatically replace it. You could add more years past the rated period with a good air conditioning service. Although the repairs might become frequent, you can survive with the unit while collecting money to purchase another one.

If an air conditioning service provider informs you that the lifespan of your system has been exceeded, weigh whether to believe them. You may need more time to be financially prepared to replace the air conditioning system because doing so can be very expensive. However, there are several factors that you should keep in mind. To begin, the average lifespan of an HVAC system is anything from 15 to 20 years, depending on how it is used. If you use your system excessively or do not maintain it appropriately, the AC might get damaged earlier, and you might have to replace it.

In addition, given the rapid pace at which new technological developments are made, even systems that are only a few years old risk becoming obsolete. In your opinion, what does that imply? It is essential to consider each of these aspects before selecting a choice. It is essential to collect all relevant information before settling on a course of action, even if the decision to replace your HVAC system ultimately rests with you.

R-22 is Illegal

This is another common cliché you will hear and read from online blogs. However, R-22 isn’t illegal. Unfortunately, FREON isn’t getting any cheaper. This is because the government has banned the production of this refrigerant because of its impact on the environment. The reduction in supply and increase in demand for the homeowners that still use the coolant has led to the skyrocketing price of R-22. Despite the ban on the production, R-22 will remain around for another ten years since the last AC units that can use it were produced in 2010 based on the lifespan of an HVAC system. So, when your air conditioning service provider tells you Freon is illegal, they are dishonest.

The only circumstance in which possessing R-22 may get you into legal jeopardy is if you used it in a manner that was against the law in other jurisdictions. For instance, per the Clean Air Act, you may be subject to a fine if you release R-22 into the environment without obtaining the necessary permission. You might also face charges of drug trafficking or dealing if you bought R-22 from illegal sources like a black market. In this scenario, you would be considered dealing with or trafficking illegal substances. Hence, although it will be hard to get freon, your air conditioning service provider shouldn’t tell you to replace the HVAC system as the refrigerant is available from reclaimed sources such as old air conditioners.

Mold Within Your Air Ducts

Has your air conditioning service provider in Irving, TX told you that there is mold in your air ducts? Tell them to show you. Mold can provide a significant challenge to your air conditioning system. If the mold is indeed there, you put yourself in danger of it spreading and causing major health problems for yourself and others. If your air conditioning service provider tells you that there is mold in your system, you should ask them to show you the mold.

It should raise a red signal if they cannot show you the mold. If the mold is in your air ducts, you need to find a solution to this problem. Some technicians confuse the light dust film on your air ducts as mold. You should determine what you should do about it when they show you a picture as proof. However, you may want a second opinion, do nothing, or opt for duct cleaning or replacement.

It’s Cheaper to Buy a New Air Conditioner

Air conditioning service providers and salespeople have a reputation for giving dishonest assertions. After all, their primary focus is on the distribution of brand-new systems rather than the maintenance of older models. In light of this, it is only natural to feel suspicious that the company or technician may be attempting to take advantage of you when your HVAC system stops working. You shouldn’t automatically believe everything an HVAC repair services provider in Irving, TX tells you.

Even while they are trying to sell a new system, that does not mean that it is not in your best interest to get the old one repaired. In many instances, repairing something will save more money than buying a new one. Therefore, before committing to any course of action, it is highly recommended that you obtain a second assessment from a different HVAC reservation provider. You may be astonished by the amount of money saved if you merely repair the system you already have.

There are many unscrupulous salespeople and AC repair technicians out there. For honest air conditioning maintenance in Texas, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas.

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