Critical For Health And Efficiency, Often Overlooked: Duct Cleaning Service For Your Home’s Air Quality | Dallas, TX

Critical For Health And Efficiency, Often Overlooked: Duct Cleaning Service For Your Home’s Air Quality | Dallas, TX

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One of the most important, yet underrated ways that we help our clients at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, TX is when we provide duct cleaning service. Unless visible clouds of dust are blowing out of their ducts, people tend not to think about cleaning them. If family members are having problems with allergies, their first thoughts are about pollen and pets. But in reality, problems with indoor air quality can be as simple as dirty ducts.

Accumulation Inside Ducts Over Time Can be Impressive

Even with normal filtration, home duct systems carry minute particles that settle over time, clinging to the walls of the ducts and accumulating, just as the dust on your furniture gathers from what looks like clear air in the room. Dust is made of organic material (you don’t want to know what all is in it) and organic material provides an excellent growth medium for bacteria. You can see where this is leading — as we said, our duct cleaning service is an important job for us, essential for the health and comfort of our customers. There are also many duct-related services that we provide that can increase your home’s health and comfort level such as increased filtration, zoned duct systems, humidity control, and thermostat updates. How do these help? They all help your system operate efficiently and with best-quality air flow.

Ducts Lined with Dust and Dirt Reduce Efficiency

As your ducts lose their smooth, clean surfaces, they also affect your air flow and efficiency. Clogged surfaces introduce turbulence and put your system’s energy into keeping the turbulent air moving towards your vents and staying warm or cool during the delay. Just like the accumulation of dust, this is a relatively small effect that adds up over time. Eliminating this reduction in efficiency is another benefit of duct cleaning service along with comfortable, healthy air in your home.

Professional-Quality Equipment and Techniques Make the Difference

Our duct cleaning service works hard with powerful brushes and vacuums, cleaning your ducts and vents without making a mess of your home. Everything that’s in there, comes directly out into our equipment and goes on its way, out the door. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your ducts cleaned, it might be surprising to see how much material is removed. You’ll definitely breathe easier once you see clean services and inhale the better-quality air. Our team can do a whole-home duct cleaning service quickly and efficiently at a time that’s convenient for you, and with proper maintenance of your system it should be at least several years before they need to return.

Your HVAC System Faces Challenges Here in Dallas, TX, So Help it Out with Duct Cleaning Service

The variations in weather that we experience here, especially the humidity, can lead to increased adherence of particles to the insides of your ducts. When the weather cools, drier air also brings static electricity, providing another way for layers to build in your ducts. Your heating and cooling system can accumulate a lot of debris in a short time when the weather adds to its challenges. In addition to our duct cleaning service, we can update your system with important features that will reduce the influence of the weather on clinging debris, and also significantly improve your air quality and comfort year-round. Don’t forget to have us change your system’s filters regularly, also, to keep your system’s efficiency up and reduce the amount of material that passes into your recirculating air.

Do You Want Consistent Humidity All Year Long?

Outside, hot humid summers and cold snaps in the winters of Dallas Dallas, TX can affect your hair, your mood, and how you perceive the temperature. In your home, your basic heating and AC system can adjust the temperature and keep it reasonably stable, but the humidity is what it is, still affected by the outside air as it enters your home and gets recirculated through the system. We can add humidifier and dehumidifier units to your system and thermostats that detect humidity, and allow your system to rein in the moisture in your air, allowing you to feel comfortable without that uncomfortable sense that something’s not right, even if the temperature is where you want it to be. This will help make your duct cleaning service easier, since you won’t have the swing between too-moist and dry, staticky air that leads to more particles clinging to the insides of your ducts.

HEPA Filters Aren’t Just for One Room at a Time

One of the ways that people deal with allergies and respiratory concerns is by purchasing small air purifiers using certified HEPA filter systems. These units sit and run a somewhat noisy fan in the room, removing all but the finest particles from the air through the specialized filter. It’s important to service each of these systems on a regular basis, since replacing the filter frequently is essential to proper operation and results. One way that you can get healthier air throughout your home, eliminating the need for these small units and related servicing, is by adding a HEPA filtration unit to your heating and cooling system. By using industrial-quality filtration similar to that used in laboratories and other exacting workspaces, you can keep most particles and contaminants out of your air and even reduce the need for duct cleaning service. You’ll only have the one filter system to service, rather than units scattered throughout your home.

UV Air Disinfecting

Another technology that’s been used for a long time in medical offices, hospitals, laboratories, and even kitchens and restaurants is UV light disinfection. These lights have been called “germicidal lamps” in the past because they are helpful in reducing critical pathogens in the air, helping with the control of tuberculosis in the past. Installed on your heating and cooling system, they can make sure that as few pathogens as possible are circulating in your air, getting into your home for you to breathe and pick up from surfaces. When the pathogens are reduced in the air and surfaces in your home, there are also fewer being deposited on material in your ducts, preventing growth of bacteria especially when it’s been a while since your last duct cleaning service. UV light disinfection is fast and effective, so adding this equipment to your Dallas, TX HVAC system doesn’t impede your airflow or otherwise reduce the efficiency of your system, while the benefits can be significant, especially if people with respiratory conditions and seniors are living in or visiting your home.

Zoned Duct Systems Have Many Benefits

If you have an older system, you may have a single duct system supplying warm and cool air to your entire home. This increases the volume of air flowing through the main ducts and the amount of material that can be deposited inside them, making duct cleaning service on a regular basis a must. There are many comfort and efficiency benefits to dividing your system into several zones and delivering air to your bedrooms, living room, and basement, for example, under the control of separate thermostats. You can set the right temperature for each area, and limit the air flow in each duct system so duct cleaning service requirements are significantly reduced. You’ll also find that your system doesn’t have to work as hard when you’ve managed the heating and cooling load to target the areas where it’s needed, rather than trying to reach the right temperature with a thermostat controlling air flow to the entire house.

Is It Time to Repair and Clean Out Your Ducts and Improve Your Air Quality?

An additional source of contaminants that need to be removed by duct cleaning service is damaged ducts and duct joints. Our team can repair your ducts for proper air flow without reductions in efficiency from gaps and holes. When they work on your system, it’s also a great time for a duct cleaning service since the system will already be under service, and then you’ll know that you’re all set for improved air flow and higher quality air. Typically, we recommend duct cleaning service every three to five years with adjustments based on your air quality needs and system performance. Don’t forget, you can also improve the quality of the air flowing through your system through some of the system upgrades we’ve suggested such as humidity control and HEPA filtration. You can also manage air flow through a standard or timer-based thermostat.

Thermostats Affect Your Air Flow

Your thermostat controls how often your system cycles to meet your temperature goals. By setting your temperature conservatively, you not only save energy costs, but you make your system work less hard by reducing the amount of air that needs to travel through to reach and maintain the proper temperature. Less air flow means fewer particles passing through your ducts, and ultimately less duct cleaning service need. A timer-based thermostat further exploits this advantage, reducing the demand on your system’s operation at times when you set a lower temperature such as overnight or during weekdays. Thermostats integrated into your smart home system are likely to reduce system operation and increase efficiency even further. Ask us about these simple options, which we can install quickly during a regular visit.

How Else Can We Help? Repairs and Upgrades for Your AC and Heating System

Duct cleaning service is an important part of our overall air conditioning and heating service offerings. We’re the company you should turn to for all your HVAC needs, including pre-season maintenance and upgrades, fast repairs by our experienced technicians who carry many common parts in their vehicles, and planning and installation of new systems. Our people can not only help you enjoy your home with comfortable and healthy air, but we can help you keep your system repair, operation, and ownership costs optimized so you get the best results with the least impact on your budget. Sometimes you’d be surprised, we may suggest that you forego a significant repair and consider a new system, because the numbers work better and the bottom line is in your favor. We’re here to make your life easier, and keeping you up to date on your options is one way we do it.

When Is It Time for a New System? You’d Be Surprised at the Bottom Line

There are many reasons to consider a new heating or AC system. Technologies are always changing, and rising efficiency can make your system do the job for less pay, essentially paying for itself in a few years. Manufacturer incentives, especially in the off season, can make it easier to afford a better system. If your equipment is working too hard to meet your heating and cooling demands, you may be losing out on potential efficiency as the system cycles too frequently, even resulting, as we mentioned, in additional duct cleaning service needs in Dallas, TX over time.

When you have the option of upgrading to a more effective unit, you may find that the increased capacity actually leads to better efficiency, more stable air temperatures, and less drafty and noisy system cycling. Let our team inspect your system, help you plan for any needed repairs, and also discuss with you whether it might be appropriate to consider system upgrades or the addition of equipment such as HEPA filters for your specific needs.

Our Goal Is Great Indoor Air for Your Comfort and Health

Call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for powerful, professional duct cleaning service and related heating and cooling system repairs and upgrades. We have extensive experience in providing the right equipment and services for homeowners and their families in our area, and we enjoy helping you make the most out of your heating and AC system. We’re also the team to count on when your system is in trouble and you need help fast, with experts and an extensive parts inventory on call, ready for you.