Benefits Of Having An Air Conditioner Installation Technician Install A Whole-Home Ventilation System | Plano, TX

Benefits Of Having An Air Conditioner Installation Technician Install A Whole-Home Ventilation System | Plano, TX

If you want a healthy and fresh indoor environment, you should have an air conditioner installation technician to ensure proper ventilation. Like your lungs, your home also needs to breathe to ensure that the stale, dirty air goes out and fresh air comes in. High moisture levels, gases, VOCs, and other air pollutants can affect indoor air quality. To prevent these pollutants from ruining the IAQ, ensuring that your home has proper indoor air quality is a must. You can gain several benefits by installing a ventilation system for your home. But what is home ventilation? This is how air is moved around to ensure that it’s replaced or changed in different spaces to improve the IAQ. Almost every home in Plano, TX has some ventilation, whether bricks, heat recovery ventilators, or Energy recovery ventilation systems. Below are some benefits of whole-home ventilation:

Reduces Asthma and Other Respiratory Conditions

Asthma is a chronic inflammation of a person’s lung airways that results in chest tightness, coughing, shortness of breath, or wheezing. According to AACI, about 8.3 of Americans suffer from asthma. Although hereditary, asthma can be exacerbated by inhaling air contaminated by elements such as mold, pollen, dust, and volatile organic compounds. Some have mild symptoms, but a severe asthma attack is debilitating and, to some extent, fatal. According to a study by AAFA, about 4,145 people died of asthma in the US. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to avert this fatal disease. You can have an air conditioner installed and ensure a regular maintenance service. This includes regularly cleaning the air ducts and promptly replacing the air filters, especially if you have pests at home. Additionally, an air conditioner installation technician can install a whole-home ventilation system, whether a combination of ERVs or HRVs. Although installing the ventilation system will not cure asthma, it can prevent the signs from exacerbating and make it easy for you to manage the disease.

Reduce Condensation

The presence of condensation is a problem that can be found in a vast number of homes. Condensation is one of the primary contributors to moisture. If it is allowed to continue unchecked by an air conditioner installation or repair technician, it can contribute to the development of black mold. When the air temperature outside is sufficiently lower than the temperature of the humid air inside a property, condensation can occur on the interior surfaces of the building. The moisture present in the air eventually transforms into droplets of liquid, which can cause wet spots or produce the well-known effect known as “streaming” on windows. It happens more frequently during the winter when the temperature differential between the inside and the outside is most pronounced. Having an Air conditioner installation pro install a modern, proper ventilation system will not only help to improve the air quality in your Plano, TX home, but it will also assist in preventing an increase in the amount of moisture that is present within the building.

Easing the Hay Fever Symptoms

Although it isn’t a considerable health risk compared to asthma, hay fever can still cause misery. Hay fever is not as severe a health danger as asthma but can worsen asthma symptoms. A hypersensitive reaction to the pollen found in plants is the root cause of hay fever. Even though you may believe that staying inside is safer for you, you will still need a steady supply of clean air inside your home. Having an air conditioner installation technician install a modern ventilation system and pair it to your air conditioner can help reduce the amount of pollen that accumulates inside your home while also reducing the frequency with which you have to open your doors and windows.

Reduces Radon Gas Concentrations

Radon occurs naturally in many parts of the country. It forms after uranium, a substance found in soil and rock decays. According to WHO, radon has been linked to about 3-14% of lung cancers in any country. However, this depends on the radon levels and how severely the victim smokes. Fortunately, improving house ventilation by installing modern ventilation systems such as heat recovery ventilators and underfloor ventilation can prevent the buildup of radon gas in your home. Hence, reach out to your reliable air conditioner installation company and have them install ventilation at your home. For instance, installing the positive input ventilation system will help draw out the excessive radon at your home. Hence, stay safe by ensuring that your home is adequately ventilated. Additionally, having an air conditioner installation technician install an AC with high-tech filters that can remove even the smallest contaminants can help reduce the impacts of radon on you and your family.

Lessening the Impact of VOCs

Another reason why having an air conditioner installation technician install whole home ventilation is that it lessens the impacts of the volatile organic gases. The VOCs can accumulate from various sources, such as air fresheners, cosmetics, and cleaning products. Unfortunately, the volatile organic compounds may be pulled into your air conditioning system, worsening the problem. This is among the main reasons why a duct cleaning service is important. Remember, using items that release volatile organic compounds in an enclosed space, such as your Plano, TX home, could have severe health ramifications, especially for those suffering from allergic reactions. Fortunately, a ventilation system provides an excellent way to vent these gases.

Keeps Your Rooms Fresh

How vital a ventilation system is to your respiratory health cannot be overstated. However, whatever the design your home has, a great ventilation system can help keep it fresh, relaxing, and pleasant. This helps prevent an accumulation of musty, stale, or bad smells. Hence, reach out to your air conditioner installation technician and ask how they can optimize your home ventilation to a properly working one.

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