Benefits Of A Yearly AC Tune-UP From Your Air Conditioning Service | Dallas, TX

Benefits Of A Yearly AC Tune-UP From Your Air Conditioning Service | Dallas, TX

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One of the biggest issues with home HVAC systems is that they seem to work until they don’t. We hear plenty of customers who call for an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX says that everything seemed to be working just fine yesterday and out of thin air the system broke down. While there are some problems that can pop out of thin air, usually it’s not quite as easy as that. Most of the time there are signs and symptoms that an HVAC technician might have been able to use to diagnose the upcoming issue before the breakdown happens.

Of course, the average homeowner is not an HVAC technician which is why they need an air conditioning service in the first place. Most homeowners just take for granted that they will walk into their home and a wave of cool air will wash over them. So what can you do to protect yourself against a sudden breakdown that leaves you baking inside of your home which will probably become an oven without moving air? That is what an annual service is designed to prevent. That annual appointment is vital when it comes to staying cool all summer.

As noted earlier, there are usually signs that something is going wrong with your HVAC system, but you probably won’t notice them. However, the annual air conditioning service is the chance for an HVAC tech to observe the way your system is behaving and inspect it from the inside out. It is their job to look for these little signs that you don’t recognize so that you can proactively make repairs. The benefit of this task is that you won’t be looking at unexpected costly repairs. Instead, you can rest assured that your system most likely will easily and soundly make it through the long Dallas, TX summer with you.

While this isn’t a guarantee since even our trained HVAC technicians cannot predict how machinery will act, it does give you a significantly big edge. It’s also a good time to evaluate if you need to think about upgrading sometime in the next five years. Being realistic about your needs can help you plan appropriately for the future. Most people would appreciate knowing that they may need to think about replacement so they can budget accordingly. If an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX is starting to sound like a good idea to you, then keep reading to learn the many more great benefits of scheduling your annual AC tune-up.

Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your HVAC System

No one likes to pay more for energy than they should, but it is an unfortunate reality that in Dallas, TX energy costs are usually high during the summer months because your AC has to run almost 24/7. However, there are ways to still reduce your costs. The less your AC has to work to cool your home the more you will save on energy costs which is one great reason to take a second look at booking an air conditioning service this summer.

One of the major aspects of an air conditioning service involves a thorough cleaning, and a build-up of dust and other debris can certainly affect how well your AC functions. Therefore, it is in your best interests to inquire about a service. The same things that make your HVAC system more efficient will also improve its lifespan so you win on multiple fronts with one low-cost preventative service that is certainly worth it.

Drop the Price of Your Energy Bills

As briefly highlighted, one of the major benefits of increased energy efficiency is lowered energy bills. Most people who regularly maintain their HVAC systems pay 10-15% less on energy bills each month compared to what they would pay if they skipped the air conditioning service. Depending on how long it has been since you had your HVAC system cleaned, you may stand to save even more as your machine begins to function much better than it has in the past. At any rate, the costs are so low it simply makes sense to book that air conditioning service.

In addition to cleaning, as part of the service, the HVAC tech will look at ways to optimize your HVAC’s functions. They will look at all components and look at items that may be wearing down or forcing our HVAC machine to work harder than it should. The goal here is to get the most cooling ability out of each cycle so that the number of cycles your HVAC has to complete is lowered. While that may not matter to you, the lower price on your monthly energy bill certainly will.

Enhanced Comfort When You Are Home

One extremely welcome benefit of a more efficient HVAC system is that you will feel more comfortable in your home. The last thing you want after paying a large AC bill is to still feel hot when you are sitting in your Dallas, TX home. If you are able to make your system more efficient then you can consider dropping the temperature lower than you usually keep it set at. At this point, you may not notice your bill drop, but the temperature in your home will since you will no longer have to set it higher than you would like to make it affordable.

The cool air filling your home at night while you are sleeping is enough to make paying for an air conditioning service once a year. During the service, you also might ask your HVAC tech to explore why you have hot and cold spots around your home. If the system is not evenly cooling then they can take a look and see if improvements or replacement parts can solve the problem. It is possible the issue may need to be corrected by fixing ductwork issues as well which the HVAC technician can alert you to.

Decrease the Amount of AC Repairs You Need

Another advantage of regular air conditioning service that we already discussed, but is still very true, is that a regular service AC unit is much less likely to break down unexpectedly on you. As part of the air conditioning service, the HVAC tech will carefully inspect every single component or moving part that is part of the system. They will look both for parts that are damaged and parts that are starting to show some signs of wear and recommend that you proactively replace them. These are the warning signs that we mentioned earlier that an HVAC tech can identify that you may not identify.

These small issues won’t lead an AC unit to break down right now, but if you just ignore them the small issues will lead to increased damage and increased wear and tear and at that point, the result is going to be a completely broken system. It is much better to repair small issues on your terms versus waiting until they culminate into an emergency repair phone call. No one wants to deal with hot weather during the unbearable summer months and with the right service arrangements, you will not have to.

Boost the Potential Lifespan of Your AC Unit

If all of this is not enough to convince you of the worth of a yearly air conditioning service, consider the fact that you will also lengthen the lifespan of your HVAC unit by doing so. In the same way, you would never skip oil changes because it would reduce the way your car functions, skipping your regular air conditioning service will reduce the ability of your AC unit to function. In general, you should be able to rely on your AC unit to last for about 12-15 years, but that figure is based on regular service and repair.

If you fail to keep up with regular air conditioning service then you could find yourself needing to replace your AC unit within 8-10 years instead. When you consider how much an AC unit costs, having to buy one twice as much over the years instead of just once is a big expense. It will cost you a lot less to just keep up with your regularly scheduled visits. Paying a small amount once a year sure beats paying for a new unit.

Keep Your Manufacturer Warranty Valid

One last reason to book an air conditioning service is that your warranty likely requires it in order to stay valid. An HVAC system is a huge investment, so it pays to make sure that you are covered against any major mechanical failure throughout the first few years after you buy it. However, if you don’t book an annual air conditioning service each year then you will avoid your warranty. That means even if your HVAC machine breaks down due to a mechanical malfunction, your warranty will no longer be valid and you will need to pay a hefty repair bill or buy a new system. Neither are great options, so it is vital that you keep up with your service visits.

Some Signs of AC Trouble You Should Know

Now that you have a good idea of why it is so important to keep up with your air conditioning service, you should take a minute to review some signs of AC trouble that could tip you off to the fact that it’s time for a tune-up. Keep in mind that you should schedule a tune-up every year regardless of whether or not you notice any of these signs, but if you notice any of these signs you need to call for air conditioning service now instead of waiting for the one-year service mark.

AC Starts Making Odd Noises

There are no sounds that are acceptable when it comes to your AC unit both indoors and outdoors. Any sound is an immediate cause for concern and the noise will not stop on its own. If the noise does happen to stop on its own it’s because the belt that caused the squealing is now broken or the entire system has stopped working. Don’t delay seeking help for odd noises because they will only turn into a much worse situation with a higher repair bill.

Odd Smells Coming Heating or Cooling Vents

Believe it or not, you can get some pretty alarming smells from your heating or cooling vents. If something is wrong with your system you may smell sulfur which is a sign that the furnace side of your HVAC unit might be leaking. A burning or electrical smell may indicate that something is wrong with your electrical system and pose a potential fire risk. You might even smell a dead rodent that got itself stuck in an air vent and is now decaying. All of these are immediate issues that you need to address by calling for AC service. The electrical smell and sulfur smell are extremely concerning and actually require emergency services. You should also immediately turn off your unit if you suspect either of these situations to be true.

It Looks Like Ice is Building On Your AC Unit

Ice is the last thing you expect to see on a hot Dallas, TX day, which is why the appearance of ice on your AC unit should always be a cause of concern. If you notice ice is building up there is a good chance that something is going array with your refrigerant. This needs to be immediately addressed by an air conditioning service because the ice can freeze up your compressor coils and actually lead to irreversible damage.

If you notice any of these signs, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas is here to help. Give us a call today for your next AC service.