Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning Service? | Dallas, TX

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning Service? | Dallas, TX

If you own a home in Dallas, TX, then it is a safe bet that you also own an air conditioner. If you own an AC system, then at some point, you are going to need to call an air conditioning service to come out and look at your unit. With how hot it gets in Texas and how hard your air conditioner has to work to keep the air in your home cool, it is inevitable. However, the question is whether or not you are getting enough out of your AC company when they come out to your home. A lot of people fail to realize that effectively using an air conditioning service means more than just calling them when you think you need repair.

In reality, it means calling them before you need repair and working with the air conditioning service on a yearly basis to keep your AC running smoothly. Given the fact that air conditioning in Texas is not a luxury but is a necessity, your goal should not be to ensure that your AC is running, but the goal should be to make sure that it is running smoothly. So how do you get there? Well, it starts by paying just a bit more attention to the way your AC is working and by paying more attention to what your air conditioning service is saying to you.

There is a good chance that the last time an HVAC technician was in your home, they gave you a few pointers or some advice about the overall condition of your AC system. It’s very easy to block that part out when your only focus is on getting your AC running again so you can cool down your home and avoid replacing it for another year. However, that part in the middle when they offer you advice or talk about some components that look like they are showing signs of wear are really the parts that are the most valuable.

Sure, it is great that the air conditioning service technician could get your home AC up and running again, but if your AC breaks again this season, or even worse, within the same season, then it won’t be quite as useful as you thought. Some of those warnings they offer you about other components or the overall production of air might be worth listening to. In fact, listening to those warnings may mean the difference between replacing your unit this season instead of getting a few more seasons out of it.

See, it is extremely important to remember that your AC system is a machine; it is not some magic device that produces cool air just because it should. There is a highly technical system of gears and components that all work together in sync to produce cool air. When something in that system wears out or starts to rub on another due to a lack of lubrication, damage occurs inside that system, and the assembly line starts to slow down. Think of the inside of your AC system as an assembly line for cool air. When something gets out of sync, it is no longer able to do its job fully. The result is a broken system and a warm house, which can be brutal during the Dallas, TX summer.

In reality, the air conditioning service technician was probably not telling you about broken parts or booking an air conditioning service because they wanted you to spend more money, but they were trying to help you. They were trying to tell you that some parts are wearing down and that your machine can only work as long as you offer it the appropriate amount of support. It is your job to listen to what they are saying and take appropriate action. Most likely, you don’t need to do anything they tell you right away, but you do need to consider and start budgeting for the repairs. The alternative is to wait for an emergency breakdown situation that will appear to have come out of thin air (only it didn’t, and you had some warning if you knew to listen).

With all of that in mind, you may be ready to learn more about how to get the most out of your air conditioning service. You may be shocked to hear that it can be as simple as keeping up with your annual service because, outside of having a professional install your AC system, this is the best thing you can do for your AC system. It only takes about an hour or two of your time once or twice a year and can extend the lifespan of your AC system by about 25%.

At this point, we no doubt have your attention because anything that can extend the lifespan of an AC unit is certainly worth exploring in Dallas, TX. If you have ever seen an advertisement for an air conditioning service but don’t really know what to expect, the following is for you. Take a minute to learn more about the process and to see how simple keeping your AC system in good shape can be.

What Is an AC Service?

If you have never had an air conditioning service before and the logical question that you should start with is what is an easy service? An AC service is basically a maintenance visit for your air-conditioning system to ensure that it is working as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. The service usually involves three parts: checking the system for damage, removing all dirt and debris, and then lubricating all moving parts to reduce the amount of friction that will occur within your air-conditioning unit.

The first part of the air conditioning service usually involves removing all of the dirt and debris from your system. This takes place in both the indoor and outdoor unit and is usually surprising because most homeowners have not had an air conditioning service before because of an amazing amount of dirt and debris buildup within your home and without your knowledge. Not only does this mean that you’re breathing dirt on a regular basis when your air-conditioning system blows, but it also probably means that you are paying more energy costs than you should be. This is because air has to push through the dirt and debris that is clogging your system, which will require the machine to use more energy to cool your home. Many people who book an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX are pleasantly surprised to learn that their heating and cooling bills actually drop when they start to keep up with an annual maintenance visit.

The second portion of the air conditioning service will usually involve noting down anything that looks like it may be worn or starting to get damaged within your machine. There are two reasons for this, the first of which is to tell you that it is time for a repair, and the second is to alert you that there might be a repair that is needed in the future. A piece that is worn down may still function, but while it is functioning, it is forcing other components to do extra work. Therefore by allowing the worn-down piece to continue to work within your AC system, it may end up resulting in wearing down other components prematurely. When you make a proactive repair, you stay ahead of the problem and therefore reduce the chances that another component within your system will break in a domino effect breakdown.

Therefore by keeping up with the recommended repairs you may actually be increasing the lifespan of your air-conditioning unit. In fact, most of our clients who book an annual air conditioning service find that their air conditioning systems work much longer versus those who don’t. There are always things that can pop up and catch us off guard, but trying to stay ahead of the things that we know are problems is the best way to keep your AC unit working smoothly throughout the summer months.

Of course, you have to account for the fact that when you keep up with your AC repair and avoid an emergency breakdown, you will also be avoiding the costs that come with them. Therefore you actually end up saving more than you even realize at the time. Add in the fact that you will be saving once again on higher energy costs because components are working harder than they should be, and you have a real winning reason why you should keep up with your air conditioning service. However, the benefits don’t stop there.

When you find out about potential problems, I had a time before they become real problems; you actually have time to budget for the repair. Due to the fact that you were not caught off guard, you don’t have to do it on an emergency basis which can help you prepare for the amount of money it will cost to make the repairs so that it is more comfortable for your household budget. Most people appreciate being able to stay ahead of repairs and keep their budget in line. This is the best way for someone who may be worried about their household budget to keep things straight. In addition, if the HVAC technician warns you that your air-conditioning unit is starting to edge, you will have a warning that it is now time to start thinking about replacing the entire unit. knowing this a couple of years of an ass instead of in the middle of the summer when your AC is no longer functioning can also make you feel a little bit better about the entire process.

The third step and the other benefit of a regular air conditioning service in your Dallas, TX home is the fact that it includes lubricating all of the moving pieces within your HVAC system. While you may not necessarily think about it, your HVAC system is a machine that has many moving pieces that have to move together on a constant basis. If you do not keep up with oiling those parts, they will start to wrap and create a great deal of friction within your machine. The end result of this is that companies will wear down on each other once again, leading to a premature breakdown that could’ve been avoided within your Dallas, TX home. With that in mind, the only smart choice is to get ahead of the situation and make sure every component is carefully maintained and lubricated at least once a year.

The question that most people have now is how often should they worry about booking an air conditioning service? Most companies will advise that you book a service at least once every year but in reality it is often better to have two services because that way you can keep track of your system before the weather warms up and make sure that it is ready to tackle the summer months. Then you can book another service to make sure that your HVAC system is ready to handle the winter months and have your furnace looked at as well. It is also a good time to clean your system and remove all the dirt and debris that may have built up throughout the long summer.

If you are ready to book an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX, give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas a call and we will be happy to come out to your home to take a look and improve the quality of your air.

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