Air Duct Design Mistake That A Novice Air Conditioner Installation Technician Will Likely Make | Lewisville, TX

Air Duct Design Mistake That A Novice Air Conditioner Installation Technician Will Likely Make | Lewisville, TX

Are you renovating your home or commercial space and want to improve indoor air quality? Do you want consistent, comfortable temperatures when professionals work in your space? How about enhancing your air conditioning and energy efficiency? If you’re going to achieve all these, you should have an air conditioner installation technician upgrade your HVAC system and the air ducts early during the renovation process to ensure you are clear. Your HVAC system & the air duct system is something you ought to have considered even before the technician comes to your home.

Unfortunately, some homeowners unknowingly hire inexperienced AC repair technicians to design their air ducts. This might result in serious issues like ductwork design mistakes by the novice. But what are the common air duct design mistakes?

Common Ductwork System Design Mistakes

Designing the air ducts properly will ensure the airflow required by your HVAC system runs efficiently and provide the much-needed comfort you need and expect from your renovated space. Below are the main air duct design mistakes that might affect the functioning of your air conditioning system.

Under Sizing

Novice air conditioner installation pros can make the mistake of not considering the type of air conditioner you have at home or are planning to install. They must also remember to calculate the load requirements of various rooms, the material making the air ducts, and where the air ducts are located. These are all factors that affect the sizing of your air ducts.

Air Ducts That Have Too Long Runs

Were the location of your AC and the air ducts optimized during the planning phase? Then the equipment might end up too far from the space that needs cooling. The air conditioner installation technician might have to install long ductwork runs that make it harder for the HVAC system to move the conditioned air to specific areas within your Lewisville, TX home or office.

Too Many Sharp Bends

The other air duct design mistake that a novice air conditioner installation technician is likely to make is installing ductwork that has too many sharp bends. These impede the airflow, making the system strain to push the air through.

Air Leaks

If the novice AC repair technician doesn’t properly seal or support the air ducts, they could break and leak the conditioned air. The air leaks into the walls, meaning there will be uneven cooling or heating, and the system will struggle to attain the thermostat’s set temperatures.

Lack of Returns

To ensure a balanced air pressure and movement of air, the air duct system requires return vents for the indoor air to get pulled into the air conditioning system. By the novice air conditioner installation technician not providing enough returns, there will be a lot of complaints and discomfort among the family members.

Good Ductwork Design Tips

To ensure that the air ducts are designed properly, you should involve a ductwork design professional early in the renovation process. The technician will:

Perform a Comprehensive Load Calculation

Does your Lewisville, TX home or office have different areas or rooms with different cooling and heating requirements? Then it is critical that the technician comes and does the load calculations individually for every room. Inexperienced professionals are likely to perform the tests for the entire space.

Choose the Ideal Place to Install the Ducts and HVAC Unit

With proper planning, the air conditioning equipment should be installed at a central location in the area or space you want cooled to allow for the shortest duct runs. The air ducts should be tucked in the internal ceilings and walls to reduce any loss of conditioned air. Unfortunately, a novice or inexperienced air conditioner installation technician can install the ducts in unconditioned crawlspaces and attics, which reduces their efficiency.

Use Quality Fittings, Materials, and Supports

Depending on the needs and the budget, ductwork materials might vary, so make sure the installer chooses the proper ones for your needs. Flexible plastic-reinforced ducts, sometimes known as “flex,” are simpler and less expensive to install but are not as sturdy and long-lasting as sheet metal. If energy efficiency and silent operation are highly essential to you, you could choose a duct board, which is costlier but extremely efficient and quiet and is made of pressed fiberglass. An experienced air conditioner installation professional knows the best materials, supports, and fittings and can advise you accordingly.

Ensure There’s Proper Ductwork Sealing

Did you even know that improperly sealed duct joints can cause up to 20% of the conditioned air to be lost? High-efficiency HVAC systems, which operate longer at a reduced capacity, exacerbate the issue. Longer air retention in the ducts allows more air to leak out of defective joints. Ensure your air duct joints are properly sealed with a sealant, mastic, or metal-backed tape to stop leaks.

Type of Equipment and Supporting Systems

Certain air conditioning systems, such as heat pumps, need large air ducts. The airflow will be impacted if the system has other additional air purifiers with charcoal filters and dehumidifiers.

Choosing the Right Duct Layout and Duct Size

Upon deciding and determining all the HVAC system variables, your heating, and air conditioner installation technician can determine the most efficient ductwork design layout and then calculate the right size of the air ducts. To ensure that they account for all the factors, the technicians mostly use ACCA Manual D.

Hire Professionals!

After reading this, do you feel that the air conditioner installation professional you hired doesn’t have the requisite expertise? Then you should search for an experienced technician in Lewisville, TX, and have them perform a checkup of the air duct system. If there are any deficiencies, they will take the necessary steps to rectify them. Remember, any problem in your air ducts will be reflected in your monthly energy utility bills. Do you need an inspection of your duct system? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas.

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