Air Conditioning Service: Save Your Sanity and Dollars | Richardson, TX

Air Conditioning Service: Save Your Sanity and Dollars | Richardson, TX

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An AC unit is one of the essential appliances in a home. You can’t live without it, especially during the hot months of summer in Richardson, TX. It can be the difference between a comfortable and unbearable summer. The unit is a staple of modern life, and yet no matter how much you love your air conditioner, there comes a time when you need to spend money on an air conditioning service for your unit.

Whether it be because the thermostat is broken or the filter needs changing out, all machines need maintenance from time to time. If you’re tired of feeling like a slave to your own AC unit and want some tips on what’s involved in an air conditioning service, then read on.

Critical Parts of the AC That Needs Routine Air Conditioning Service

While the whole AC unit requires a certain amount of care, a few areas take a lot more damage than the others. The following are some of the most critical parts that need routine air conditioning service:

  • The compressor: This part of the AC unit compresses the gas and turns it into liquid. It’s an essential component in making sure your AC runs smoothly, but because it cycles on and off so often, there are a lot of problems associated with this piece. Overall, the compressor is the heart of your AC unit, and it can be costly to replace. Make sure you have a qualified technician look at it every year to ensure it’s in good condition.


  • The condenser is another crucial element to properly working air conditioning service. The condenser stores all the heat created by turning gas into liquid before moving out through vents or other openings around your home. If you want clear airflow throughout your whole house without worrying about any excess humidity, then make sure this area stays clean! Have a professional clean it every year to ensure that your unit runs smoothly.


  • The evaporator: This piece of the AC system cools down liquid into a gas and absorbs humidity from the air to create a more comfortable environment for you and your family. The evaporator can be harmed by mold, so make sure this area remains clean during an air conditioning service process. If there’s any sign of damage or wear on this part, then we suggest getting a replacement before things get worse!


  • The filter and air handler are two of the most common areas that people neglect when it comes to air conditioning service, but they’re also two of the most important. Filters may not sound like something critical to proper functioning; however, they play two essential roles in ensuring optimal use for your air conditioner. First, they are meant to trap any particles that may be in the air before your AC unit gets them and blows them all over your home. Second, filters help keep the coils clean, so nothing inhibits how well your machine can do its job. A dirty filter will impede airflow and make your AC work harder than it needs to, while a dirty air handler can cause bacteria and mold growth. Make sure you have these parts cleaned and inspected every year.


  • The refrigerant: The refrigerant is the chemical that changes between liquid and gas when needed to create cold or hot air, depending on what you want for any given season. It’s imperative not to tamper with this part of your unit because it could harm how well everything else runs! If anything happens to the oil within this part, get a technician out immediately to fix the problem before things get worse.


  • Electrical wiring: Last but not least, always have a professional check your electrical wiring during an air conditioning service. This is something that’s often overlooked, but it’s just as important as all the other areas we’ve mentioned! However, an old or faulty electrical wiring system can cause all sorts of problems with your AC unit. Electrical wiring can easily be damaged if too much weight is put on it or if it gets wet. Make sure to keep this area of your machine in good condition, so you don’t run into any problems down the road.

How to Find a Good Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX

Here are some things that make for an excellent air conditioning service in Richardson, TX:

  • Licensed technicians – Any company worth their salt will have licensed professionals who know what they’re doing at all times. If the technician isn’t certified or well-trained, then move on.


  • Good reviews online – Don’t trust just one review because anyone can write anything these days. Instead, look up several different sources and see if people agree with each other’s comments about the company in question. This is always your best option; most people tend to be truthful online. If you see a large number of negative reviews, then it’s best to look elsewhere.


  • Properly insured – Too many people work without insurance these days, which can be very dangerous for those around them and their clients or patients. Make sure your AC service is fully covered, so everyone stays safe at all times! There shouldn’t be any reason why they shouldn’t have insurance either way; if the technicians don’t want to tell you about this aspect of working with them, we suggest moving on because there may be other things lurking under the surface.


  • Professional equipment and tools- Ask what kind of equipment they’re using before allowing anyone into your home; otherwise, move another company right away. They must be using the proper equipment to keep you and your air conditioner safe at all times.


  • Preventative measures – Find out if there are any preventive measures in place before allowing them into your home; otherwise, look elsewhere! A good company in Richardson, TX, will have preventative maintenance plans for their customers, so no unexpected problems pop up down the road. Be sure to ask about this beforehand, because it can save you a lot of time, energy, and money later on!

The above information should give you an idea of what makes for a great air conditioning service company in Richardson, TX. It’s not just about having someone come over once or twice per year anymore; customer satisfaction is everything when it comes to staying during even the hottest months of the year!

Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly

To keep your air conditioning unit running as smoothly as possible, we suggest following the tips below:

Routine professional air conditioning service inspection – Having a technician come over at least once per year to do a routine inspection is always a good idea. This will help them catch any minor problems before turning into big ones!

Clean the unit regularly – Dust and dirt can quickly build up on your AC unit, which can cause it to run less efficiently. Make sure to clean it off every few weeks (or even monthly if you live in a dusty area) with a damp cloth.

Change the filters – This one’s especially important if you have pets or allergies! Filters should be changed every three months, depending on how often you use your air conditioner.

Keep the area around the unit clear – Don’t put anything in front of the air conditioner, which could block it up, or you’ll have to replace the unit sooner than expected.

Use a dehumidifier – Humidity is your air conditioner’s worst enemy, so keep it as low as possible at all times! A good way of doing this is with a quality dehumidifier for small spaces. Make sure you turn it off when you’re not using them too. Just sitting there can cause energy costs to go up over time!

Regularly vacuum all areas around your AC unit – Not just in front of it, but also underneath and around the sides as well. This will help keep out any dirt or debris which could damage your machine.

Install ceiling fans – This will help circulate the air in your home better and make it feel cooler without using your AC as much.

Minimize outdoor obstructions – Make sure nothing is blocking the front of your air conditioner and that it can get proper airflow at all times.

Use a fan when cooking – If you’re using the stove, open up some windows to give your AC unit an easier time cooling down your home without having to run as much. The more cool air it has come in, the better results you’ll see from this simple trick. If possible, keep appliances like microwaves and dishwashers away from where they will create excess heat because even small things like these can cause big problems over time.

Air Conditioning Service Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my air conditioner require extra refrigerant regularly?

Refrigerant is what helps keep your AC unit running smoothly, so if it requires more of it regularly, then there might be a problem with the machine. This could be due to things such as blocked filters or dirty coils.

Can’t find a problem with my AC unit?

If you’re having trouble figuring out what’s wrong with your AC unit, or if it’s just not cooling down your home like it used to, then call a professional technician for help. They’ll be able to diagnose the issue and provide you with the necessary repairs so you can stay cool all summer long.

How often should I have my AC unit cleaned?

Ideally, your air conditioning service professional will come by at least once per year. However, if you live in a dusty or polluted area, this might need to be done more regularly. In any case, it’s always better safe than sorry—and keeping up with cleaning and maintenance can help boost energy efficiency as well.

Can I do anything to increase the life of my AC unit?

There are a few things you can do to help extend the life of your air conditioner, such as changing the filters regularly and keeping the area around it clear. You can also try using a dehumidifier with your AC unit to keep humidity levels low. And lastly, make sure you’re not obstructing the airflow coming into or out of your machine—everything from furniture placement to outdoor shrubbery can affect its performance!

How much does it cost to service an AC unit?

The cost of air conditioning service will vary depending on the size and type of unit you have and the specific repairs that need to be done. However, it’s always a good idea to get regular maintenance done to help increase energy efficiency and avoid bigger problems down the road. Contact your local AC technician for more information and pricing!

What are some common causes of AC unit failure?

Some common causes of air conditioner failure include blocked filters, dirty coils, low refrigerant levels, and improper installation. If you’re having any trouble with your machine, it’s best to call in a professional technician for help rather than trying to fix it yourself. You could end up doing more damage and costing yourself even more money in the long run.

If I’m not using my AC unit, should I still service it?

Even if your AC unit is not currently in use, it’s still a good idea to get regular maintenance done from a qualified air conditioning service at least once per year. This will help keep everything running smoothly and alert you of any problems before they become more significant issues down the road!

Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX: Save Your Sanity and Dollars

We all know how essential it is to have an air conditioner during the hot summer months, but many of us may not realize how important it is to have regular air conditioning service. By neglecting this yearly ritual, we can cause more damage than good – and in some cases, even harm our AC unit.

If you need air conditioning service in Richardson, TX, give our team at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas a call. We can help you with all your cooling needs and provide you with the best possible service. Plus, we offer competitive rates and excellent customer service. Call us today to schedule an appointment.