Air Conditioning Repair: The Frequently Asked Questions | Dallas, TX

Air Conditioning Repair: The Frequently Asked Questions | Dallas, TX

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An air conditioner is extremely vital to your Dallas, TX home, especially in winter and summer. It keeps your home comfortable and well aerated. The air conditioner’s many intricately interconnected parts work in harmony to ensure that your home is kept warm during winter and warm in the summer.

However, these parts are prone to failures and malfunctions. If an air conditioner stops functioning in summer, it can affect the comfort of your home and the family’s wellbeing. Therefore, it is advised you maintain the air conditioning unit regularly. Air conditioning repair companies can help keep your air conditioning maintained and operational throughout the hottest season and beyond.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas is a Heating and Air company that has been in the market for several years now. We have a team of specialized technicians equipped fully to attend to any air conditioning repair or replacement in your home. Regardless of the time, we can come and replace or repair your HVAC system.

However, people have various queries regarding their air conditioning systems. While the questions may vary depending on the air conditioning repair need, there are some that we frequently encounter during our daily operations. Read on to get the answer to some of the frequently asked questions regarding air conditioners.

How Do I Prepare My Air Conditioner for the Summer?

Summers in Dallas, TX, can be hot. You need your air conditioning unit working at its best for your home to have cool air. Although the last thing you want is to find out your central air conditioner is now working on a hot summer day, it may be the case if you do not prepare your air conditioner for summer. Maintaining the air conditioner before summer arrives could be the thing that sees your AC unit through the summer.

Enlisting the services of an air conditioning repair company is the best way to get ready for summer. The company will do the following to ensure the AC unit functions appropriately:

Cleaning or Replacing the Filters

By hiring technicians from heating and air companies like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, you are assured that your summers will be smooth. They replace and clean the clogged or dusty air filters in your air conditioning unit. Therefore, the air flows efficiently in the air conditioning unit.

Cleaning the Condenser Coils

The technicians clean the fan and condenser coils of your air conditioning of debris. The condenser unit of the central air conditioner unit is located outdoors. It is a big fan inside a metal box having sides looking like grilles.

The technicians remove the leaves, dirt, and yard debris. They then check if the coils clogged the debris. If so, they clean the coils to ensure the efficient working of the condenser.

Checking the Coolant Lines

Refrigerant pipes or tubes run from your AC’s evaporator to the condenser. The pipes are covered using foam coolant insulation. Technicians from the air conditioning repair service inspect the AC system to see if the insulation is missing or frayed. The technicians put on a new insulation sleeve or wrap the refrigerant tubes with foam insulation type spirally.

Clean Debris from the Air Ducts

The next thing the technicians may do to prepare your home for summer is clean the debris from the air ducts. There may be vermin and birds that have taken refuge in your air ducts. They block the efficient airflow into your home. If they die in the ducts, they may release a foul smell, affecting the comfort of your home.

These are some ways an air conditioning repair technician may prepare your home for summer. Trust One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to prepare your home for summer. Our technicians will repair, replace, clear, and clean your air conditioning system to ensure you have a comfortable summer.

Why Are My AC Coils Frozen?

During summer in Texas, the last thing you want is a malfunctioning air conditioner. It threatens your comfort, probably your health, or even life. Temperatures may be extremely high in the months of summer, and a broken or malfunctioning air conditioner will do you no good.

One reason the air conditioner might not deliver cold air to your home is frozen coils. If the evaporator coil is frozen, it cannot transfer the cold air into the air taken in by your air conditioner. Because the air conditioner deals with so much cold air, it freezes. However, the evaporator coil is not built to freeze. So, why does it?

Poor Airflow

One of the most common reasons causing the evaporator coils to freeze is the slow movement of air. The cold air cannot absorb the heat from the AC’s hot air.

Therefore, the moisture outside the coil becomes frozen, slowing down everything. Dirty air filters cause poor airflow. It could also be a sign that your fan is malfunctioning.

Blocked Condensate

If you observe this problem, it means that your thermostat is set too low or high than it should be. The condensate line drains away all the moisture from the entire air system that your AC uses. If the condensate gets too cold, it freezes.

A freezing condensate line causes a blockage, lowering the moisture transfer out of your air conditioner. Consequently, your evaporator coil freezes because the moisture near the coils will freeze if it doesn’t move away quickly.

Thermostat Malfunction

A malfunctioning thermostat causes frozen coils highly likely to be a problem slowly, unlike the other two that become a problem immediately. A malfunctioning thermostat means your home air conditioner will have a different actual temperature than what the thermostat reads. Therefore, your AC will either run too shot or too long. If it runs too short, your home will be uncomfortable. Conversely, the air conditioner will freeze if it runs for long.

If you feel that your home is not getting cool air, a frozen coil may cause it. You need to call an air conditioning repair company immediately. Do you live in Dallas, TX? Call our air conditioning repair technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to inspect and diagnose the problem. They are equipped to resolve the problem in no time so that you can continue enjoying the cool air at your home.

Why Is Regular Maintenance of the AC In Your Dallas, TX Home Vital?

Most likely, your local air conditioning repair service has advised you to schedule regular maintenance of your air conditioner. But most people wonder why it is necessary to call an air conditioning repair service while the AC unit is functioning correctly. Below are the reasons maintaining your air conditioner regularly is vital.

Preventing Costly Repairs in the Future

Maintaining your air conditioning service regularly helps avoid emergency air conditioning repairs in the future. During the scheduled maintenance, the repair technician will spot potential problems you need to fix before they become extensive and costly in the future. Therefore, you mitigate and repair a minor problem before it becomes large.

Increases Your AC Unit’s Lifespan

Like you cannot drive your car 10,000 miles before changing its oil, you should not let the air conditioner go for over one year before you schedule maintenance. By regularly maintaining the air conditioning unit, you extend its lifetime. Therefore, it will continue keeping your home comfortable and cool. Regular maintenance of your AC unit improves its efficiency while reducing its likelihood of malfunctioning in the future.

Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

If your air conditioning system is functioning, your home’s air quality will be healthy. EPA estimates that the indoor pollutants of air are 2-5 times more than outdoor levels. Therefore, it is vital to have a clean and efficient air conditioning system. Enlist the help of an air conditioning repair service company like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to maintain your AC system. Our technicians remove the allergens, and the air conditioning unit filters pollutants. Therefore, your home will have clean and healthy air.

Reduces Your Monthly Utility Bills

Have you noticed that your utility bills are higher-than-usual? It may be your air conditioning system. By replacing the air filters monthly, you reduce the monthly energy bills by almost 20%.

When the AC filter has clogs, debris, or other obstructions, it works seamlessly to cool your home. It will also save you some dollars on monthly energy bills.

Keeps Your Family Safe

Maintaining the air conditioner ensures you and your family are safe. Besides preventing extreme temperatures, it also prevents carbon monoxide poisoning. During the maintenance, the technician will test for carbon monoxide leakages. Therefore, you remain assured that you are safe.

So, is regular maintenance of the air conditioner in your home necessary? Hiring a professional air conditioning repair technician to maintain the air conditioning unit has many benefits. Trust One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for routine air conditioning maintenance.

What Should I Look for In an Air Conditioning Repair Company?

So, you have an air conditioning repair problem. How do you hire a repair company? What should you look for? These are questions that bother many Dallas, TX homeowners. However, to get a good AC repair company, there are several things you have to look for. They include;

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Before hiring an air conditioning repair company, ask about the guarantees. Does the company offer any guarantees on its works? If anything goes wrong, is the company willing to be held accountable? How long is the warranty, if any? What are the warranty conditions? Although there are many things to consider before hiring a company, warranties and guarantees are definitely among the vital things you must consider. The satisfaction guarantee ensures their services will satisfy you, and in case of a problem, the warranty will cover it.

The Experience

While choosing an air conditioning repair service can be difficult, consider their experience. You want a company that has both honest and qualified technicians. How do you know the right one with many repair companies advertising for the services?

If you want an air conditioner repaired efficiently, hire a company with enough experience. You can ask for the company’s experience directly or ask their previous clients. An experienced company means its technicians will repair your air conditioner easily and swiftly, using the latest technologies and methods.


Among the vital things to consider while hiring a company for AC repair is availability. How many hours are they open? You want a company that is available whenever you call on those hot summers.

Does the company offer emergency services? Ensure that the AC repair company is available 24/7. Air conditioning problems can arise at any time, and you do not want to wait for 10 hours to have the Air conditioner repaired. While still at availability, consider the time your chosen air conditioning repair company will take to arrive at your home.

Certifications and License

Your air conditioning system should comply with different federal, state, and municipal regulations. Hiring a licensed technician ensures your air conditioning is legal and an assurance of quality services.

Some manufacturers insist on having their products repaired or maintained by licensed technicians. Otherwise, they void the warranties. Hire a licensed AC repair service to maintain and inspect your AC system. You do not want the manufacturer to void your warranty because your technician was unlicensed or be penalized by municipal authorities.

Air Conditioning Services in Dallas, TX

An air conditioner is a vital fixture at your home. Therefore, ensure that it runs efficiently to deliver cool air to your home. That is why you ask these questions frequently. You want what is best for your air conditioner to provide cool air while offering comfort to your home.

Do you need an experienced air conditioning repair technician for your Dallas, TX home? Our One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas technicians are on standby 24/7 to help with all your AC repair needs. We can offer you all AC services from installation to repairs to cleaning. DO not attempt a DIY repair to your air conditioner.

Call us today for more information regarding our services.