Air Conditioning Repair And Upgrades With Children, Seniors, And Special Family Members In Mind | Dallas, TX

Air Conditioning Repair And Upgrades With Children, Seniors, And Special Family Members In Mind | Dallas, TX

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At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, TX we are mindful that our air conditioning repair services provide more than comfort for some of our clients. For seniors, families, and those who depend on a stable environment with clean, cool air, we’re helping them endure when the weather gets oppressive. Our team recognizes the value of our air conditioning repair skills. We also seek to let our valued clients know about ways that they can improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of their comfort control systems to make life easier and more enjoyable when the weather turns hot and humid.


One of the most important ways that we can help protect your family and visitors who rely on cool, quality air is to ensure the reliability of your cooling system, from the cooling unit itself to the distribution fans and controls. We use a combination of scheduled maintenance, required air conditioning repair, and attention to the age and wear of the system so that we can help you plan for upgrades and replacements. We know cooling systems and our experience over the years helps us to help you make informed choices. By following manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules and having our air conditioning repair people clean, lubricate, and maintain your equipment, you can improve the reliability of your air conditioning equipment and also save money with increased efficiency.


If you need to keep your home at a stable, cool temperature, you may be concerned that your energy bills will be fairly high. Certainly your costs will reflect your usage, but there are plenty of ways that our air conditioning repair team can increase your system’s efficiency to save on energy while maintaining the cooling that you need. Some of the methods for increasing performance are as simple as cleaning the condenser coils, ensuring that the refrigerant is sufficient, and addressing any leaks or damage with appropriate air conditioning repair work.

Having our air conditioning repair people keep your cooling gear in good shape can not only increase your system’s efficiency, but allow it to handle even the hottest days with responsive cooling. Other ways to improve efficiency include installing intelligent thermostats, managing your cooling requirements through zoned duct systems, and getting your ducts cleaned. You can also help your system by ensuring that your home is appropriately sealed and insulated for energy efficiency.

Clean Air

If you’re concerned about the respiratory health of people in your home, there are ways that you can improve the quality of the air passing through your air conditioning and heating system. Simply changing the system’s filter as specified makes a big difference, allowing the system to collect dust, dirt, and other material in the air before it is redistributed throughout the home. This also helps limit the material deposited in the ducts along the way. Adding HEPA filtration removes all but the smallest particles from the air, much as hospitals and industrial clean rooms do. If you’re already using a room-sized HEPA air filter unit, this may be a convenient option to provide filtered air throughout your home. Pet owners with allergies will appreciate this option, which reduces the level of pet allergens that are distributed through the Dallas, TX air.

Pathogen Control

Air filtration can help reduce pathogens such as bacteria, mold, and viruses by limiting the particles that transport them. Another way to address biological risks is by having our air conditioning repair team install a UV light disinfection system to reduce pathogen activity in the air that passes through. These are the glowing purplish-blue lights that you see in hospitals, clinics, and commercial food handling facilities as well as laboratories and even gyms. Pathogen control is part of an overall strategy to keep your cool air flowing freely without bringing irritants, allergens, and infectious agents to your home’s occupants.


The amount of moisture in the air is an important factor for respiratory health, skin health, and overall comfort for your home’s occupants. When it’s hot and muggy outside, cooling the air helps a lot but adjusting the humidity can make a big difference in comfort level as well. Our air conditioning repair technicians can install dehumidifiers that serve your entire home through your air conditioning and heating system, and we offer humidifiers to add moisture to the dry air of winter.

Ability to Step Up on the Toughest Days

Under the care of our expert air conditioning repair team, your AC system can perform at its best, meeting the cooling demands of even though summer days. Increased efficiency translates to more capacity from your unit, and keeping the unit in good repair means heavy operational demands in hot weather are less likely to result in breakdown of parts and systems that weren’t in top condition. When you have people dependent on a safe, cool home environment every day of the year, you need a system that’s ready for whatever the weather brings.

Meeting the Needs of Everyone in the Home Efficiently with Zoned Systems

For the long term, dividing up the way that your system cools your home can save a lot of energy and wear and tear on your system. If you have our air conditioning repair team divide your duct systems and add fan motors and thermostats to each, you can direct your cooling resources to where people can benefit. You’ll keep living spaces cooler during the day and wait until evening to bring bedrooms to the desired temperature, for example, or keep the nursery at a steady temperature around the clock while other spaces are allowed to fluctuate.

Modernizing the Controls and Operation

Intelligent thermostats that use timers and even learn your preferred settings can help to keep your spaces cool while automatically reducing the cooling load when it makes sense. Combined with zoned systems, you can gain a lot of efficiency and keep your energy costs down. Our air conditioning repair people can help you connect with new thermostats and related systems. Smart thermostats, especially in conjunction with smart home systems, can provide even more intelligent control. They adjust anticipating the changes in solar energy heating the home, and control window shade systems. Perhaps most importantly, smart thermostats with voice control or remote units are accessible to seniors and disabled residents who would prefer to manage their comfort using the wall-mounted thermostat.

Remote Control, Alarms, and Monitoring

Remote controls and voice management of your cooling system make life easier and more comfortable for people in your home with limited mobility. Our air conditioning repair professionals can also provide connections for another important feature: remote monitoring. Through your smart home system, alarm company, or other technology provider, you can get notifications on your smartphone when your system is not working as expected. Reasons for alerts can include system failure, inability to keep the home cool enough perhaps due to an open door or window, or even excessively cold conditions. By being able to monitor and receive alerts, you can respond quickly when the temperature in your home isn’t what it needs to be.

Thinking About Upgrades

Upgrades to your system are usually a matter of comfort, convenience, and cost. When people in your home depend on cool air, our air conditioning repair and maintenance team can help you plan and budget for improvements to your system that can provide not only reliability but also the efficiency benefits of newer equipment. In many cases, the combination of well-timed equipment upgrades and improved efficiency can reduce your costs enough that a new air conditioning system doesn’t make much of an impact to your budget. Our team can outline your options, help you look at whether a more powerful system could provide better results for you and still save money, and plan installation work for a time that’s convenient for you and your home’s occupants.

A Maintenance Plan that Meets Your Needs

Cooling system downtime may be especially undesirable when the people in your home depend on consistently cool, clean air. Even though our air conditioning repair team responds quickly and is well-stocked with parts, you may want to rely on careful maintenance with emergency service as a backup plan. Our team can prepare an expanded version of standard maintenance, offering adjustments based on your system’s age, use, and condition. We can also include filter replacement, duct cleaning service, and operational checks for your HEPA filter and UV disinfection system to make sure that you’re receiving the full benefit from your air conditioning system.

Backup Systems and In-law Apartment Air Conditioning

In some cases, you may decide to have a backup or separate air conditioning system for certain rooms in your home such as a senior’s bedroom and living space, in-law apartment, nursery, or home office. We can provide targeted systems that include a cooling unit outside, and a wall-mounted unit in each room to provide cooling that’s independent of your whole-house system. This will allow you to have an independent, primary system targeted at that space, possibly much newer than your home’s system, and provide service without causing the whole-house system to operate just to keep that limited space cool.

Reviewing Your Home’s Thermal Efficiency

The amount of work that your air conditioning system has to do to keep everyone cool inside depends on the amount of space it has to cool and the effect of outside weather on your indoor temperature. On hot days, your system will typically work much harder, but if your home is well insulated and protected against solar heating in the summer, you can reduce the load on your air conditioning unit. Our air conditioning repair and installation team can help you get a survey of your home to determine the amount of heat that’s leaking out in the winter, and how much heat is penetrating into your home in the summer and making your AC work harder. With a simple thermal picture of your home, you can discover where your heating and cooling energy dollars are going and consider steps to take that will keep your investment where you want it to be.

When Your Senior Relative Lives Alone

All of these considerations also apply to the care and maintenance of air conditioning systems that are keeping your senior friends and relatives cool. We can help them with living independently and aging in place by ensuring that their home meets their physical needs for warmth and cooling throughout the year. We know that it’s important for seniors to feel secure and to manage their homes within their budget. Our professional air conditioning repair team can meet their needs with maintenance, repairs, and system modifications that are most effective for their budget.

When health requirements indicate special equipment for their home comfort system, we can help to design heating and cooling that provides the air quality and temperature that they need. If you’d like to consider specialized control and alert systems to help them operate their heating and AC and keep a caregiver connected in case of trouble, we’re ready to provide the connections that can make those systems a reality for them.

Specialized Systems for the Disabled

For disabled customers living alone or with a caregiver, we can also provide air conditioning repair and upgrade service to ensure that their home is comfortable for them and includes features that address their needs. Our team of caring, trusted, and experienced professionals make it easier to live independently with reliable home comfort.

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You can turn to One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to help you keep your AC system running during our challenging Dallas, TX summers, and our heating team will be with you if you have repair and maintenance needs to make your winters more comfortable as well. Give us a call for a consultation, to schedule maintenance, or for your urgent repair needs.