Air Conditioning Repair And Installation For Your Older Home Or Newly Purchased Residence | Dallas, TX

Air Conditioning Repair And Installation For Your Older Home Or Newly Purchased Residence | Dallas, TX

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How are you enjoying the comfort of your home as the seasons pass? Is your older home a bit warm in the summer? Do you have questions about your new place’s AC? One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, TX is ready to provide the services and answers that you need to enjoy life at home in comfort. We can help with system upgrades and installations for your older home and air conditioning repairs and maintenance for your new residence. Our expert air conditioning repair staff can also perform inspections and evaluations of existing equipment and let you know what you’ve got and what shape it’s in.

How’s Your Current AC System? Do You Have a Functional One?

If it’s been a while since you ran your AC system or you’ve got a new home and aren’t sure about the status of the system, our air conditioning repair team can perform an inspection and see what needs to be done to get it running properly. Disuse can lead to problems with the fan motors, compressor, refrigerant, and other components. By having a professional take a look at your system, you can save a lot of time sorting out issues using triage, starting with checking fuses and thermostat function, followed by major and minor features of the system. If you’ve been using your system and it’s not running quite as well as you’d like, we can get to work sorting out problems with insufficient cooling, noisy fans, nasty duct crud, and strange smells. Our air conditioning repair team has seen it all.

How Long Residential Cooling Systems Tend to Last

With proper maintenance, a typical home cooling system can last about 15 years. If you don’t know the history of your system, our air conditioning repair and maintenance team can help you figure out how old it is and what condition it’s in. Putting a proper maintenance schedule into effect can help you get more life out of it, or our air conditioning repair and installation team can outline upgrade and replacement strategies and costs for you. If your in-home gear is in good shape, you may find that the outside cooling equipment is all you really need to replace.

Sorting Out Air Conditioning Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement Needs

We take a systematic approach to air conditioning repair, covering the major functions and determining if your system has the proper air flow, cooling, temperature control, and air quality. From there, we determine if you need to clean and disinfect ducts and vents, replace or update your thermostat, or recharge your coolant. Once we have your system running properly, we perform maintenance to keep it running well, including filter changes, lubrication, debris removal, fin and coil cleaning, leveling, removal of overgrowth around the unit, and cleaning the evaporator drain, as appropriate. If any of your unit’s parts need replacement or repair such as wiring renewal or dent removal, we’ll get on that as well.

Your Cooling Unit and How to Care For It

Cleanliness is an important way to avoid unnecessary air conditioning repair visits. If your ducts, fins, coils, and filter are clean, your system will operate at the best efficiency level and serve you well. Since the unit is exposed to the weather, it’s best to make sure there’s no adjacent plant growth that could intrude into the unit, and make sure that it’s protected if possible from dust storms, hail, and other destructive weather. In the off season, as you’re turning on your heating you should be giving your AC unit a good winterization. Turn off the power, construct a cover for the condenser unit, and clean the unit and the area around it. Don’t cover it completely, since it will provide a perfect home for critters over the winter, possibly resulting in damage. Make sure that you also call our air conditioning repair and maintenance team for further winterization — or why not just let them take care of the whole thing?

Cool Air Distribution in Your Home

How’s the airflow from your system when it’s cooling your home? Is it sufficient, keeping your entire home cool and not just parts of rooms? You should be able to enjoy the comfort without feeling a blast of cold air on you, too. Our air conditioning repair team can adjust your vents, service your duct system, and check on the fan blade and fan motor. Have you noticed any fan noise? We can lubricate or replace the motor that’s driving you crazy. If your ducts look bad, we can provide a duct cleaning service, normally performed every 3-5 years for efficiency and air quality reasons. You never know what grows in there when it’s dirty, and you’re breathing whatever comes out of there. Does your system have multiple zones, independent ducting that carries cool air to different parts of your home? We’ll take a look at each zone and see how it’s doing. We have special equipment to measure temperatures and air flow and make sure everything’s working as it should be.

Air Quality Additions

There are several investments you can make in your comfort system to ensure that your summer and winter air quality is great. In addition to regular filter maintenance, we can install a HEPA filter that provides highly purified air, similar to that in hospitals and laboratories. It’s an excellent way to deal with respiratory issues and allergies that could be worsened by poor quality air coming from your climate system. We also offer UV disinfection of your air flow, killing pathogens in the air as they pass by the light and helping you avoid infections and resulting health problems, or bacteria growth in your ducts.

Dividing Down the Airflow for Better Efficiency and Managed Temperatures

We mentioned zoned systems — do you have multiple zones already? If you don’t, it’s an excellent way to upgrade your system by reducing the load on your cooling equipment when you don’t need to cool all parts of your home every time the system is running. Each zone has its own thermostat so you can set different temperatures for each space such as bedrooms covered by the zone. Thermostats with timers can add even more energy savings since the zone will change target temperature based on the time of day automatically, making your life more convenient as well.

Upgrading Your Thermostat Controls for Better Results

Speaking of thermostats, we highly recommend upgrading a basic thermostat to at least a timer-base one in Dallas, TX. There are also intelligent thermostats that program themselves to follow your pattern, learning as you set them each day. Eventually your cooling system will anticipate your needs, and you’ll save money while getting comfortable just the way you like it. Going beyond intelligent thermostats, our air conditioning repair team can connect your cooling system to a smart home thermostat which communicates with other features in your home such as automatic shades and motion sensors. After that, your system can adjust temperatures to adapt to today’s weather and sunshine, keep occupied rooms cool and let unoccupied rooms go for a while, and even take voice, smartphone, and wall panel commands from around the house or even the other side of the world.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Cooling System?

Failures and escalating repair costs are good indicators that your cooling system is ready to retire. Here in Dallas, TX summer days can run especially hot, and your AC system that was doing the job fairly well can start to struggle as the temperature rises. Days like these may even lead to overwork and failure of your system, and the cost of air conditioning repair of your older system may lead you to think about replacement. Summertime replacement may not be the most cost effective strategy, though, as many of the manufacturer’s deals and our installation specials often come during the off season. If you have an older system, especially over ten years old and approaching fifteen, it could be a wise move to replace your system even though it’s still working. We can help you run the numbers, and you will probably see that there’s another financial incentive besides seasonal deals: newer models with improved cooling technology usually save a lot of money on energy costs, making the bottom line for replacement quite attractive.

What Don’t You Know About Your New Home’s Heating and Cooling System?

If you’re considering upgrades and modifications to your new home’s heating and cooling system, the first thing you need to know is what kind of system you have. You probably have some idea about whether your system is heat pump based or separate heating and cooling equipment, but do you know more than that? We can inspect and evaluate your new home’s system and give you a specific description of what you have, its approximate age, and any special options or features that it has. With that information in hand, you can do specific research about customizing your system to meet your needs and comfort requirements.

Remodeling and Home HVAC Systems

What about that addition you’re making to your older home, or the remodeled master bedroom and bath that you’re investing in for your new home? If you’re remodeling, your home HVAC system may require some modifications to accommodate the new design. Our air conditioning repair team can add a new zone or adjust your ductwork to accommodate your new living space, making sure that the air flow is right and the thermostat placement is perfect, taking into consideration convenience, window locations, and comfort requirements. In some cases, if you’re adding a significant number of rooms or a unique space such as a home office or nursery, you might have our air conditioning repair team add a smaller cooling system just for that space. Don’t bother with window AC units, we have other options that will be much more convenient and effective.

Adding Ductless and Small Duct High Velocity (SDHV) Systems

Ductless AC systems place the cooling unit outside just like the one that typically serves the whole house, only this smaller unit supplies one or two rooms using wall-mounted vents. They’re very convenient, excellent at cooling, and provide a second source of cooling in your home. Small duct heating and cooling systems are excellent for retrofitting homes that don’t have existing ducting. An SDHC or small duct high velocity system can be perfect for your older home. Our air conditioning repair and installation technicians can install the system and reduced-size ducting quickly and with minimal modifications to your home.

Smart Home AC Ideas

Are you looking at smart home devices to make your life more convenient? Perhaps you’ve started with some smart lighting, a couple of control panels including one in the kitchen for recipes and entertainment. Maybe you like to sit in your lounge chair and use voice commands to change the TV program and dim the lights? Or maybe you’ve got something more complicated going on, including a security system and whole-house lighting and motion sensing? Don’t forget that our air conditioning repair techs can integrate your HVAC system into your smart home, either with simple smart thermostats or with more complex sensors and programming to increase your efficiency. They can use sources of information such as weather forecasts and sunrise and sunset times to figure out just how much heating or cooling you need, and give you something to tell visitors at your party that will definitely start conversations.

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