Air Conditioner Installation: What To Consider Before Buying A Multi Split Air Conditioner | Lewisville, TX

Air Conditioner Installation: What To Consider Before Buying A Multi Split Air Conditioner | Lewisville, TX

The U.S Department of Energy quotes that three-quarters of households in the country have air conditioners because it is necessary during the hot scorching season.

Getting the best air conditioning unit to serve your cooling needs is not a walk in the park because of the numerous options, including multi-spit, central, ductless, window, portable, hybrid, Smart, and geothermal air conditioners. If your preference is a multi-split air conditioning system, you should go for one with the help of an expert.

Without professional help from experts in air conditioner installation services, you might select an inefficient air conditioner. You may choose the wrong size AC for your Lewisville, TX home or get a brand that does not produce quality air conditioning systems. The following considerations are vital before paying for a multi-head split air conditioner.

Cooling Capacity

The first aspect the air conditioner installation expert considers is the tonnage of the multi-split aircon. Getting an AC with the right cooling capacity is the best thing to do because it can adequately cool your rooms.

The professionals check the BTUs per hour of the air conditioners before advising you to pay for one. They consider several specifications that determine the tonnage, including:

  • The age of the house: New houses require ACs with less cooling capacity while older ones need a higher tonnage.


  • The windows: The air conditioner professional can also check your windows for air leakages that can create drafts in your home, increasing the utility bills.


  • The size of your rooms: is also a vital aspect in calculating the cooling capacity of the multi-head split system.

The following table shows the British Thermal Units (BTUs) for an air conditioner unit

Areas to be cooled BTUs per Hour (Tonnage)
350 to 400 square feet 9,000 BTUs
450 to 550 square feet 12,000 BTUs
700 to 1000 square feet 18,000 BTUs
Above 1,500 square feet 24,000 BTUs


Another consideration before buying a mini-split system is the condenser. It is a vital factor because it determines the life of your air conditioning system. The AC installation expert can assist you in analyzing the copper and aluminum condenser.

Getting the best condenser and coils that fit the mini-split aircon is one way of ensuring your appliance operates efficiently. If you go for the aluminum condensing unit, it will serve you longer, whereas the copper option is best if you are the type that skips servicing because of its low maintenance needs.


Homeowners also factor in the brand to get their mini-head split AC units. The air conditioner installation technicians can explain the pros and cons of different brands per reviews and complaints they receive from some of their clients.

Buying from well-renowned brands such as Rheem, Carrier, Trane, York, and American Standard is also essential in getting the best AC. When choosing the brand, you should check the cost of their mini-split aircon, quality of insulation, efficiency ratings, warranty of the system, and energy efficiency.

Customer service might sound like a cliche aspect to check. But it is vital to find on-site air conditioner installation professionals in the company who are friendly, respectful, courteous, and willing to answer all your inquiries without judgment.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing your mini-head split AC is energy efficiency. The hired air conditioner installation contractor recommends air conditioning systems with an EnergyStar label because they have the recommended SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). It is a value that measures the energy used to cool your Lewisville, TX home throughout the season.

The specialists can advise you to go for a mini-split air conditioning unit with a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio because they are more energy-efficient.

Cooling Efficiency

Also to note when choosing a mini-split air conditioning unit is the cooling speed. The thermostat in your AC collaborates with the condenser to ensure your house obtains the desired temperatures.

Your HVAC contractor can suggest an aircon with a programmable thermostat for higher cooling speed and efficiency. The condenser should also be in good working condition to respond to the commands of the Smart thermostat in setting and achieving the low temperature for maximum comfort.

If you go for the mini-split AC alone, you may get a wrong-sized or faulty condenser and thermostat for air conditioner installation, which will not cool your rooms and skyrocket the energy bills.

Flexibility and Multipurpose

Most homeowners choose mini-head split air conditioners with additional features and flexibility. They consider ACs with Wi-Fi availability, auto-restart, Smart controls, smartphones app, and Smart sensors that help regulate the cooling and heating temperatures in your apartment.

With accurate air conditioner installation, you can enjoy switching on your AC and setting the desired temperatures when on your way home to walk into an already cooled house.


Factoring in the maintenance requirements and costs is also crucial before purchasing the mini head split AC unit for air conditioner installation. It is wise to ask questions such as how often should an HVAC technician clean, tune-up, and change the air filters.

Knowing the frequency of the maintenance needs helps you decide on an affordable plan to ensure periodic servicing to prolong its life, reduce repair costs, and prevent sudden avoidable breakdowns.

Sometimes poor installation can increase the frequency of maintenance and might need a qualified technician to re-install the AC appliance. Therefore, it is best to get a qualified and experienced HVAC technician to install your new multi-head split system due to its complexity.


Last but not least, folks also consider the price of the AC appliance to know if it fits the budget. The cost of the mini-split air condition system factors in things such as the size of the house to calculate the cooling capacity of the system, additional features that include Smart controls, energy efficiency, and insulation.

The hired specialist should also give you a quote for the air conditioner installation services to help you know the total initial cost of the system before making the buying decision.

In Conclusion

After pinpointing the mini-split air conditioner unit you want that meets your cooling needs, call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for prompt and competent air conditioner installation services.

We are an insured HVAC company in Lewisville, TX, providing ongoing training for skilled contractors to understand the evolving technologies for the best air conditioner services since 1988. Our licensed technicians deliver solutions to your cooling and heating needs.

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