Air Conditioner Installation: What Causes Air Conditioner Airflow Problems In Your Home? | Dallas, TX

Air Conditioner Installation: What Causes Air Conditioner Airflow Problems In Your Home? | Dallas, TX

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Over 75% of all-American homes have an air conditioner. These cooling systems are vital in ensuring the comfort of your Dallas, TX home, especially in the face of hot summers. They also increase the air quality at your home. Because you do not need to open the windows when the air conditioner is on, it enhances the security of your home.

However, after the air conditioner has served you for some time, it depreciates materially and functioning-wise. Some of its components get broken and need repair or replacement. It is now where a reputable air conditioner installation and repair company comes in. They dispatch experienced repair and installation technicians to your home to help resolve the problem.

Among the main faults identified by the air conditioner installation and repair technicians are airflow issues with air conditioners. The air conditioner is supposed to cool the air at your home, and without proper airflow, this may not work. Read on to learn about the key factors that cause airflow issues and why the services of a licensed air conditioner installation and repair specialist are vital.

1. Clogged Filters

While the air conditioning repair and installation companies advise the homeowners to inspect their air filters regularly, unfortunately, most of them do not. The filter is a vital component that plays a vital role within the air conditioner. It removes the debris and dirt from the air, ensuring they do not pass through the ducts and vents.

When the dirt or debris accumulates on the air filters, they cause clogging problems. Because the air filters are overloaded, they impede the working of your HVAC system. Therefore, you get cold and hot spots at your Dallas, TX home.

So, what can you do if you find yourself in such a bind? The best way out is by calling an air conditioner installation service. They will dispatch a technician to your home to clean the air filters or replace them entirely if damaged beyond repair. Thus, they help ensure that your AC gets back to healthy working.

But why not take a proactive approach rather than a reactive one? You can retain an air conditioning and repair service for the routine maintenance of your HVAC system. By doing this, you spot the problems earlier and resolve them before they escalate. It saves you money and the stress that comes with these repairs.

Look for an air conditioner installation service with certified and qualified technicians like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas. Our technicians have expertise in repairing, installing, and replacing HVAC systems. Because they have dealt with many products, our AC specialists have the experience of efficiently resolving your issue in the shortest time possible.

2. Low Refrigerant Problems

A low level of refrigerant is among the common air conditioning problems. It mainly manifests more in older HVAC systems with poor maintenance. The refrigerant oil is vital for the functioning of the air conditioner. When Freon leaks from the tank of your air conditioner, the first thing you will notice is the reduced airflow and cooling at your home.

The leaks cause a gradual decline in the performance of the air conditioner. To prevent these leaks, it is best to enlist the services of air conditioner installation and repair experts. They will inspect the HVAC unit regularly and notice the issues that could lead to leakages. The regular maintenance of your HVAC system is vital to its continued proper functioning.

Always schedule prompt and regular appointments with an air conditioner installation and repair company like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas. Our AC repair technician will identify the problem before it deteriorates to an expensive full-blown disaster.

The protracted problem could cause more repairs or replacement costs. A malfunctioning air conditioning unit works harder to cool your home. Therefore, it uses more energy, translating to more cooling costs. The overall outcome of any malfunctioning AC system is using more expenses, whether in repairs or energy utility bills.

If the HVAC system breaks down, you are at risk of inconveniences. The summer’s sweltering heat starts making you uncomfortable. Our technicians will inspect the HVAC unit, diagnose where the refrigerant oil leaks, and replace or repair the leaking component. Also, they will refill your AC tank with the recommended levels of refrigerant oil.

3. Obstructed Condenser Unit

Most, if not all, air cooling systems have a condenser unit located outside. The outdoor condenser units might get clogged because of exposure to debris and dirt. A condenser unit inside the mechanical casing may fill up with debris and leaves, affecting the condenser’s efficiency. Whenever the air inside the condenser is not enough, it overheats and starts malfunctioning. Thus, your home becomes uncomfortable.

Hire an air conditioner installation expert to install and maintain your entire HVAC unit. They will install the air conditioner at a location away from the reach of the debris and dirt. During their maintenance visits, the technicians will clean the condenser unit and remove the leaves inside the metallic casing. Therefore, your home will be cool and have clean air, making it comfortable.

A repair and installation technician comes in handy when your condenser gets clogged. Besides cleaning the area surrounding the condenser unit, they also repair the condenser if found faulty. If your condenser is extensively damaged, the air conditioner installation expert may recommend that you replace it.

4. Leaky or Blocked Ducts

If the dust goes past the clogged air filters, it accumulates inside the ducts. The dust can overwhelm the small ducts, causing a breakdown of your whole air conditioner. Dust can spell doom for your air ducts and the air conditioner.

If your Dallas, TX residential or commercial property is aged, rodents and birds may build nests inside the air ducts. The nests block the air passage through the ducts, preventing them from reaching your home. The air ducts may also develop cracks or holes that can be an avenue for air leaks. Ultimately, the blockage or the leak reduces the airflow into the air conditioner, exposing your home to uncomfortable heat.

Have you noticed that your home is hot when the air conditioning unit is on? Schedule a visit with an air conditioner installation and repair technician. They will inspect the HVAC unit, clean the air ducts, and resolve any other issue that your air conditioner might have. They will restore the efficient working of your air conditioner.

Better yet, you can retain their services to regularly maintain the HVAC unit in your commercial or residential property. The technicians can spot an impending leak or a blockage during the maintenance visit and resolve it promptly. Trust One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to maintain the HVAC unit in your Dallas, TX property.

5. Dirty Coils

The other vital component of your air conditioner is the coil. It releases the heat coming from your home to the outside environment. Because the coils are part of your outdoor unit, they are exposed to dirt, debris, and leaves.

The alien materials clog the air conditioner coil. They have to put in an extra effort to function effectively. Therefore, the air conditioner gets hotter and has a hard time cooling the indoor temperatures at your home.

Regular maintenance is the only way of staying ahead of this airflow issue. Enlist the services of an experienced air conditioner installation and repair expert for routine cleaning of your coils. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, we recommend cleaning the coils annually for optimal functioning and preventing the total breakdown of your air conditioner.

However, if you suspect that your AC coils are dirty, hire professional air conditioning and installation services to inspect them. The technicians will clean the coils and look for other things that may lead to airflow issues.

6. Age of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Landscaping the lawns and renovating homes are among the top to-do list items for many homeowners. They forget about revamping their AC unit. While an average air conditioning unit has about 20 years, various problems may reduce its durability. With regular maintenance, the period might extend by several years.

When the HVAC unit runs for an extensive period, it wears down eventually. Wearing down affects the quality of air at your home. So, which sounds better between maintaining the AC unit regularly and a total replacement?

It all depends on the age of the AC. If it is way past its lifespan, a replacement is necessary because the repeated repairs can turn out expensive, especially if they pile up. However, if the air conditioning unit is in the early days, repairing it is better.

Whether for maintenance, repair, or replacement, the services of an air conditioner installation specialist are necessary. Unless you are trained in AC repair, you should never do the installation yourself. It might damage the AC or expose you to dangers like electrocution.

7. Dirty Blower Fans

The blower fans in your air conditioner move the air through the air ducts and into your entire space. Grime and debris are efficient fans’ main impediments. When dirt, dust, or leaves accumulate on the AC’s motor, its operation slows down. Eventually, this results in reduced airflow in your house.

However, this should not be the case. Your fans should operate at the maximum speed to cool your house. To ensure this, you can retain an air conditioning repair company. They maintain your HVAC system by sending a technician to your home to clean the fans. It ensures you get cool air at your commercial or residential property with no inconveniences.

Our technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas will also inspect the other parts of your air conditioning unit during the maintenance visit to ensure you have an optimally functioning HVAC system.

8. Damaged Thermostat

A damaged thermostat is among the most overlooked causes of various HVAC problems. A thermostat may short-circuit or break without you noticing there is a problem. If it malfunctions, the HVAC system might not cut on when required. Therefore, you feel like there is low airflow. If variable fan settings change without your knowledge, you may experience low airflow.

An experienced air conditioning expert knows this. By retaining their services, they will inspect your thermostat to see if it has short-circuited or broken. If that is not the case, they will check if the thermostat’s settings have changed and reset it. However, sometimes the problem may worsen, and you might need to replace your thermostat. Our technician will offer you an honest opinion and make some recommendations as to the repair solutions available.

9. Poorly Sized Unit

Prior to the air conditioner installation, measure the unit to the proper size. Different HVAC systems work best for specific home sizes. A larger home needs a larger unit. A small residential air conditioning system has a weak airflow because the unit’s components cannot match up to the cooling needs of your home. Such a problem is common in homes having older cooling units, although some homeowners install the wrong size of an HVAC system without knowing.

Replacing the entire HVAC unit with one that can handle the cooling needs of your home is the only way to remedy this problem. You cannot force a small HVAC unit to provide a higher output. However, too big of a system might be just as bad.

Before installing or purchasing the largest HVAC unit, know it can be as dysfunctional as a small unit. The large system will rapidly cool some parts of your home while introducing humidity problems in your house. At worst, a large system will not cut on frequently. Thus, the airflow into your house will be, at best short-lived. An oversize system also consumes more power, meaning you spend more on energy utility bills.

Therefore, before installing an AC unit, seek the professional services of a certified air conditioner installation and repair technician. They have the experience to advise you on the best size of an air conditioner based on the square size of your home. They will also recommend the best brands and avail the installation services to you.

Air Conditioner Installation and Repair Services in Dallas, TX

Texas is majorly desert, meaning beyond the scorching heat in summer, most of the days are hot. It makes an air conditioner a vital appliance in this great state. However, you need help with the air conditioner installation or buying. You want a system that matches your cooling needs while maintaining the energy utility bills at a minimum.

Maintaining your Air conditioner is among the ways of achieving just that. It ensures that the air conditioner at your Dallas, TX home is optimally functioning and does not strain to cool your home. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas is an air conditioner installation company in Dallas that can help you with this. Our technicians are licensed and experienced in handling all air conditioner installations and repairs, including resolving airflow problems.

Do you need air conditioner installation services for your Dallas, TX residential or commercial property? Call us today to learn more regarding our air conditioning and heating services.