Air Conditioner Installation: Types Of Air Conditioning Units Ideal For Homes | Lewisville, TX

Air Conditioner Installation: Types Of Air Conditioning Units Ideal For Homes | Lewisville, TX

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Air conditioners improve the quality of air entering homes. They also boost security in homes indirectly since you don’t have to leave your windows open on hot days. These are the main reasons why more than three-quarters of Americans have installed air conditioners in their homes.

You may also seek air conditioner installation services for other reasons, including relocating to a new house without a cooling unit or when your air conditioner is on the verge of reaching its lifespan.

There are various types of air conditioners that you can choose from depending on size, energy efficiency, cost, and adaptability to your home’s interior design. Keep reading to discover the air conditioner ideal for your home.

Central Air Conditioners

These are the largest air conditioners and are ideal for cooling multiple rooms. They use split systems that regulate the air quality through ducts installed in your home. Central ACs have outdoor units that contain condensers and compressors and indoor units which entail evaporator coils and air handlers.

Like any typical air conditioner, a central AC uses the refrigerant to take the heat out of the air and pushes it to the indoor rooms via the ducts. The hot air from your home is then blown out to the outdoor environment by the fan.

It is important to note that these air conditioners are energy-inefficient, thus, resulting in higher energy bills. Additionally, the ducts are susceptible to damage, making you seek routine air conditioner maintenance services from an HVAC company in Lewisville, TX.

However, central cooling systems are an ideal option for large homes with multiple rooms. If you have a big house or you just invested in one, consider getting air conditioner installation services for central ACs from a reputable company. These units are effective, and they act as dehumidifiers, preventing frosting problems in the vents and ducts.

Ductless Air Conditioners

These air conditioners are gaining popularity amongst American homeowners. They don’t have ducts but feature refrigerant lines from the condenser units to the blowers. The cooling units are ideal for homeowners that prefer a quieter indoor environment as the AC runs to supply cool air to rooms in their houses.

The noise is minimal since the noisy condenser is located in the outdoor unit of the ductless AC. The indoor units only entail blowers to supply the cool air evenly to rooms. Depending on the capacity, your trusted technician can connect the condenser to multiple blowers for a more effective cooling experience.

Another advantage of ductless air conditioners is that they require only a small hole through the wall to let in and out the drain pipe and coil. As compared to central air conditioners, these systems don’t need you to compromise your interior design by drilling multiple holes for them to get installed.

Contact your trusted HVAC company for air conditioner installation service if you’re an enthusiast of more space in your home. These units blend well with the interior designs of houses and are available in a wide range of colors.

Its technicians will assess your Lewisville, TX, home and recommend if you should get a ductless air conditioner. These systems are energy-efficient and ideal for less-spacious homes.

Window Air Conditioners

As the name implies, these cooling units are installed on windows. A window AC is a stand-alone and self-contained unit with all its components in a single case. The air conditioner installation process for these units is simple since the technicians use the lower part of the window with a sill and encasement to mount the units.

These air conditioners are ideal for cooling single rooms and those that aren’t barred by doors. If your home fits this description, consider investing in air conditioner services for window ACs.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are not that much different from window air conditioners. Portable AC components are enclosed within a single unit that isn’t installed permanently like the window AC. You can move it from one room to another. All you need is a reliable power source and access to a window where the heated air can get out of your home.

When technicians are conducting air conditioner installation, you may choose to have the single-hose portable air conditioner or the double-hose one installed in your home. The single-hose AC has an individual tube that takes air from the room and expels it outside, and the dual-hose unit features two; one to get air into the AC unit and another to exhaust the heated air into the outside atmosphere.

You can ask your provider to offer air conditioner installation services for portable ACs if you want to complement the existing cooling system in your home. Additionally, these units are easy to store when not in use, for instance, during the winter. However, such ACs produce substantial noise while running and are not ideal for cooling in large rooms.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioner

These air conditioners are ideal if you prefer mini-split units, but your home lacks enough space for a wall-mounted unit. The technician can place the AC’s indoor unit on the floor.

The outdoor one doesn’t require much site preparation and separation. Your AC specialist can install the unit 6 inches from the floor and connect the outdoor unit connected through a small hole made on the wall. Additionally, your contractor may do air conditioner installation in your home’s attic and basement.

Ask the technicians to use floor-mounted units when conducting air conditioner installation in your home if you have respiratory complications. Floor-mounted units are also ideal if you prefer better quality and a uniform supply of cool air. Additionally, these units are easier to repair and maintain since your AC specialist can access filters easily.

During the air conditioner installation process, the technicians should take precautions to install the AC units in open areas not obstructed by the walls and furniture for top-notch performance.

Smart Air Conditioners

These are typically portable, central, or ductless air conditioners that are Wi-Fi enabled. Depending on the brand, the cooling systems have different characteristics, including weekly scheduling, temperature range control, and geofencing.

The downside to these units is that their performance is linked with Wi-Fi availability and is capital-intensive. When looking for new or replacement AC units, consider having a specialist handle your air conditioner installation needs using a smart air conditioner to experience a modern feel in your home. These AC units are also energy-efficient.

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