Air Conditioner Installation: Let One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Be Your One-Stop-Shop For Everything Hot And Cold | Lewisville, TX

Air Conditioner Installation: Let One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Be Your One-Stop-Shop For Everything Hot And Cold | Lewisville, TX

All any company needs is the right crew to do the right job. In Lewisville, TX Our factory-trained technicians are well equipped to handle the most difficult tasks. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating we offer a wide variety of air conditioner installation services to our customers in Lewisville, TX, and the surrounding area. No job is too small or too large, and we do the job right, the first time around. We offer a one-stop solution for residential and commercial air conditioning installation issues. Our friendly staff is available to help 24 hours per day, seven days per week. No one needs to suffer through a warm summer or a cold winter without the essentials of heat and air.

When we come to you, we will devise a comprehensive plan, just for you. We will show you ways to save money while staying comfortable. We offer preventative solutions, to help you with costly replacement units that might not be necessary. Preventative measures put money back in your pocket and protect your unit. As a rule of thumb, you should always have your unit inspected; especially, if you have not used the unit in a while. Just like your vehicle, your heating and cooling unit needs a tune-up as well, before we can perform an air conditioner installation service. Lewisville and Dallas, TX get pretty darn hot in the summer.

Services You Can Trust

Trust is a word that is hardly used in business anymore. As a long-time provider of air conditioning installation services we have earned the trust of customers across the border, and of customers in Lewisville, TX. We offer all types of heating and cooling services, regardless of your make or model. We also offer installation, replacement, and repair services. If you need a new replacement unit, we can assist you. Our goal is to deliver fast, professional, friendly services when servicing our customers. Our team of experts is rated highly for the quality of work they perform. May the air conditioner installation services we provide speak for us, in and around the Lewisville, TX area.

We repair older and newer model air conditioning and heating appliances. The problem with most older units is that they are not energy efficient. Most older units were not built with energy-saving features in mind. Instead, they were designed to do one job and do it well. However, as technology continues to evolve, so does the need to conserve energy. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating we give what our customers demand, great ac conditioner installation service at a great price.

Air Conditioner Installation Service- Installing the right cooling and heating unit is essential for many reasons, including good health. We install energy-efficient units that save our customers money. You will experience better airflow, improved comfort, reduced carbon in your environment, less noise, energy savings, and most importantly, peace of mind.

Air Conditioner Installation and Repair- When an air conditioning and heating unit stops working properly, there is also the possibility of the unit operating at less-than-optimal performance. Customers will experience a decrease in airflow quality, higher utility bills, and less environmental comfort. It is important to stay warm in the winter. Customers with upper respiratory problems understand the need for comfort.

Geothermal- Customers who want to experience a non-traditional way of heating their home, choose to have us install a geothermal heat pump. This type of heating unit transfers heat to your home by utilizing the underground method. This way of heating is becoming more popular among new and existing homeowners. Besides enjoying a lower heating bill, customers experience lower maintenance requirements, and improved air quality and the connected pipes have a lifespan of up to 50 years.

Heating Services- We provide customers with exceptional heating service that keeps them warm in the coldest weather. Whenever a heating unit is not in use for a while, it is a good idea to have it inspected and serviced, before use.

HVAC Services- It is cost-effective to repair a good unit than to buy one. If you have a good unit that needs a little TLC, we can do a complete inspection. We start with an inspection to determine the problem and give you our professional advice, on the best way to proceed. Changing the air filters is the best way to extend the life of any heating and cooling unit.

Humidifiers- Whole house humidifiers are beneficial in minimizing the risk of bacterial viruses and illnesses. When the air is clean, germs are at bay. The humidifier works in harmony with an existing heating and cooling system to add humidity into the atmosphere. All of this is possible when you opt-in for a professional air conditioner installation professional to do the work.

Indoor Air Quality– Breathing easy is something everyone wants to do. The benefits of great air quality begin with great indoor air quality and control, and proper air conditioner installation. Not only do you experience lower utility bills, but you can benefit from fewer allergens and pollutants, a more peaceful rest, and odor elimination (stale smell).

We Respect Your Budget

We understand that everyone has a budget that dictates how much they can afford to spend on any one project. We respect our customer’s budgets and try to remain within their limits. We never overcharge for service, or tack you with a bill, without your consent. We believe in keeping it real. If your unit is losing you money, by not living up to your expectations, we can advise you on another unit that will save you on your utility bill. You can still have your favorite brand, with all the fixing related to energy efficiency, air conditioner installation compliance, right here in Lewisville, TX.

As you may know, most utility bills go up in the winter when everyone is trying to stay warm. This can put a strain on your unit and your wallet. With a planned budget, you can decide how much you want to pay for a high-end unit, the air conditioning installation cost, and the fee associated with running your new unit.

Give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas – Lewisville a Call

You are just one phone call away from getting great service. We cater to residential, commercial, and industrial needs across selected regions in and near Lewisville, TX, and Dallas TX. Give our air conditioner installation service center a call at 682-269-2786, and book your appointment online today. Now is the time to get your air conditioner installation set and ready to go.