Air Conditioner Installation Done Right: Picking The Best Installation Service | Irving, TX

Air Conditioner Installation Done Right: Picking The Best Installation Service | Irving, TX

When we perform air conditioner installation and heat pump placement for your home or business, at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, we know that it’s our responsibility to get it right. Even if there’s an existing system at your home in Irving, TX, we may make suggestions or recommendations for the new system that improve performance, safety, reliability, efficiency, and even limit vibration and noise. We’ll bring them up and discuss them with you, and you may even have some air conditioner installation requests of your own, especially if, for example, the outdoor unit is located outside what used to be a guest room but is now a full-time bedroom, and system operation sounds are more of a concern at that location. If you’re adding a ductless mini-split system air conditioner installation for a home office, we can help you decide how to place it so you can expand cooling coverage to other rooms in the future if you like. If you’ve always wished that you didn’t have to mow around the unit in its current location, or now play backyard sports and it’s right between the goalposts, we can talk about how to deal with that, too.

Location, Location, Location: Critical for the Best Air Conditioner Installation

Not every air conditioner installation is ideal, many are performed for speed or convenience and may have their drawbacks. Still, it’s important to prioritize certain considerations such as where the air intake and exhaust of the outdoor condenser unit are located. In some cases, especially in tight urban installations, the unit may be aligned so that the fan dispersing heat from the unit that’s been transferred from inside your home is blowing against a nearby object, such as a fence or even your home. That can limit the efficiency of the unit and cause additional wear because it can’t effectively get rid of the heat. The same goes for limited air intake since the airflow over the coils is also affected by restrictions on incoming air, reducing the cooling effect and making the system work harder to keep your home cool.

Continuing with the urban air conditioner installation situation, you’ll have a few other factors to consider that are hard to manage in such tight spaces, like the sound of the unit operating if it’s located right under a bedroom window, or in a space where nearby buildings or fences will reflect the sound back into your home. Mounting of the unit can also conduct vibrations into your Irving, TX home so that your sleep or relaxation is affected by intermittent vibrations in your house as the unit starts up and completes a cooling cycle. Similar problems exist in less restricted spaces, but there are easier solutions and more places to locate the unit, subject to the requirement for cooling line connections to your home that typically need to be less than 50 feet. Our expert air conditioner installation team will also consider issues such as protecting the unit from winter storms that can blow material into the unit that we then need to clean out during maintenance each year. It’s also helpful to keep the unit away from places where small animals are drawn to food, water, or nesting spaces so that the air conditioner doesn’t become an attractive home for nesting as well during times when it’s idle.

Choosing Your Air Conditioner Installation Location

For new AC units, we can discuss your priorities and the issues our experience has shown are critical for proper AC operation and longevity, as well as your enjoyment of comfort without extra sound from the unit. We’ll also make sure that it’s easy to access the unit for service, and as we noted, not obstruct your enjoyment of your yard, your landscaping activities, or in a space that might eventually be a great location for a deck you’ve been planning. Your AC is going to be serving you for years, so it’s worth thinking about how it fits in with your Irving, TX home. If there’s already an AC unit in place, it’s easy to just replace it and check for any issues with the connections, but it’s also worth running down the list of priorities and making sure that there aren’t any compelling reasons to relocate it, either because of potential issues or actual problems that exist with the current unit like noise and vibration, nesting issues, or obstruction of your use of your yard. We’re creative problem solvers, and we love creating an air conditioner installation that increases how much you love your new AC unit.

Heat Pumps, Ductless Mini-Splits, and Other Similar Installations

Heat pump technology and ductless mini-splits are similar to air conditioner installations, and we perform many new system installations and replacements, as well as conversions from one system type to another. For example, you may find that you’d like to replace your electric baseboard heat and existing AC system with a heat pump that provides both heating and cooling in one system, or have a new installation to add AC while providing more affordable heating at the same time. Our expert team in Irving, TX will do the planning for the arrangement that you choose and the new products that are right for you, and make sure it works right for your situation. In the case of ductless mini-splits, the connections to your home are somewhat different, since each room gets a direct connection rather than a whole-house evaporator and air handler system serving ducts throughout your house. Ductless mini-splits are great for in-law apartments, home offices, limited heating and cooling capacity for use with a backup generator, or even cooling your workshop. They also serve smaller homes well, typically up to four rooms, though units that can handle more are now available such as eight zone systems, giving you more options for heating and cooling, especially in Irving, TX homes where you don’t want to run ductwork due to aesthetics or historical reasons. Our team has many ways to creatively provide the air conditioner installation that best suits your needs. If you’ve been putting off getting the most comfort and efficiency for the long run, with rising energy costs it’s a great time to see what we have to offer.

Indoor Air Quality Is Now an Essential Part of Air Conditioner Installations

Even if you’re aware of the challenges our area faces for outdoor air quality and humidity, you may not realize how much worse than that typical indoor air can be. The standard estimate says indoor air is up to five times as bad as outdoor air. When you think about it, that makes sense in most homes because the air just circulates, and standard air filters are mostly to keep material from building up and damaging your heating and AC equipment and clogging your ducts, not adding breathability. You see how much dust accumulates on your furniture, and think about what gets airborne when you cook such as grease and a bit of smoke, odors as well, and when you clean all those sprays go into the air as well. Chemical vapors rise from your non-spray cleaning products, paints, and paint remover, whatever you use around the house, cigarette smoke, pollen that slips in from outside, pet dander, and of course pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and also mold spores. It’s all going into your air intakes, then coming out the vents throughout your home, dispersed everywhere and affecting the breathability of the air. You might already have put small HEPA filters into rooms where sensitive people spend time, to help with respiratory conditions. Indoor air quality or IAQ options are so popular these days because they can take care of these concerns and significantly improve the breathability of the air.

IAQ Options to Clear Your Air and Increase Your Comfort

New air conditioner installation or replacement time is a perfect opportunity to add indoor air quality options to your duct system. You can also consider periodic duct cleaning service every three to five years to get material that’s built up in your ducts out and keep it from contributing to your air quality issues. If you’re converting to a zoned duct system with multiple areas of your home served independently with individual thermostats for comfort and energy savings, that’s also a great time to make the IAQ move. Typical indoor air quality features we offer include humidity control for comfort and also to provide stable levels of moisture in the air that benefit books, wooden furniture, plants, and other moisture-sensitive items in your home. We also provide HEPA filtration for your entire home, instead of those small room-sized units that have limited capacity and require specialized filters needing frequent replacement that can be hard to find. In addition to HEPA sub-micron filtration, air purification systems use electrostatic charge and other technologies to bind and remove particles, chemicals, and other substances from the air on an ongoing basis. Germicidal UV lamps, similar to those you find in healthcare and food service facilities, shine UV light into the duct space and process material passing through, neutralizing the ability of bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other organic material to reproduce and spread. Combined with filters, that can make your more breathable air also healthier for you and your family. These devices are easy to add during air conditioner installation and also during other visits such as your annual maintenance service visit for your comfort systems.

Selecting Your Equipment for New or Replacement Air Conditioner Installation

There’s a lot to consider for your new air conditioner installation or replacement system, and we haven’t even covered the AC system itself! In addition to properly sizing the system with the right capacity for your home for best operation and efficiency, there are a number of new technologies and several levels of efficiency to choose from, depending on your equipment budget and energy budget as well. For example, new dual-stage AC units with advanced compressor technology can provide energy savings and longer equipment life as well as better comfort results. These units provide the familiar blast of cold air to quickly cool your home when needed, but they also operate on a lower-power level to gently keep your home’s temperature right where you want it. You get less intense cooling from your vents most of the time, more precision cooling and better efficiency, and over time you’ll realize how much better your home feels when the temperature doesn’t vary quite as much as it used to with the single level of cooling. We can review the ratings and bottom-line efficiency and help you calculate what’s right for your purposes on all our great new AC equipment and IAQ options.

Thermostats, Many Kinds to Consider Now as Well

Finally, there are many kinds of thermostats to consider for your AC system. They vary according to your type of system, including regular AC, heat pumps, zoned AC systems, and ductless mini-splits. Zoned and ductless systems use multiple thermostats to adjust cooling in each zone of your home, usually one room or area such as your bedroom or living room. If you have humidity control, your thermostat should include a humidity management feature in addition. Intelligent and smart home thermostats are more common now, with ways to program your heating and cooling to meet your daily and hourly needs for comfort and savings as well.

Expert Professional Air Conditioner Installation in Irving, TX

There are many factors to consider for a top-quality air conditioner installation, even if it’s a replacement for an existing unit. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, we’ll carefully plan your air conditioner installation in Irving, TX so it will serve you well with the best efficiency, serviceability, noise reduction, and performance for many years to come. Count on our AC experts for professional care including repairs and maintenance, too! We’re here for you when it’s time for a new AC system. Call today.

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