Advice From Your AC Repair Technician On AC Unit Disposal | Flower Mound, TX

Advice From Your AC Repair Technician On AC Unit Disposal | Flower Mound, TX

Air conditioning systems are among the household appliances that are most used in various US homes. However, air conditioners have a limited lifespan, as with most household appliances. At the end of their service life, these appliances are too inefficient and environmentally damaging for them to continue operating. This holds explicitly for the too-old models that were not built according to today’s stringent production and manufacturing standards.

According to the EPA, nine million freezers, six million windows ACs, and almost a million dehumidifiers are disposed of annually. This might go into solid waste if not correctly disposed of. Although you can take some precautions to increase the service life of your unit, at one point, the AC repairs will be far too many, and a replacement will surely be inevitable.

When it comes to air conditioning system disposal, there’s a caveat. Disposing of your air conditioner is more complex than leaving it out for the garbage collector to pick up and throw into a landfill. If you’re familiar with the operating mechanisms of an air conditioner, you may know the critical role that a refrigerant plays in cooling. It may also be toxic if inhaled. Hence, air conditioner disposal should be carried out in strict adherence to government regulations and rules.

In many jurisdictions, including Flower Mound, TX, dropping your air conditioning unit alongside the regular waste is illegal. Hence, it would help if you understood how to dispose of them properly.

Why Must You Be Careful With Air Conditioner Disposal?

You may wonder why throwing your old air conditioning unit away is illegal. What is in your refrigerant that makes it toxic? The answer to this is relatively simple. You might have heard of the terms hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), and chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs). These compounds are greenhouse gases and make up the refrigerants in air conditioners. All these gases, except for HFC, affect the environment by contributing to ozone depletion.

R-410A is the refrigerant used in modern air conditioners. This class of coolant nevertheless adds to the global warming or greenhouse effect, even if it does not affect the ozone layer. R-22, a significantly more powerful and harmful refrigerant, was utilized in older models, and the government banned its production. Hence, if your unit still uses R22, you should have an AC repair technician replace it with one using newer, environmentally friendly refrigerants.

How Can You Correctly Dispose of Your Old AC Unit?

The disposal mechanisms are still the same, whether a window air conditioner or a ductless mini-split system. Additionally, how you dispose of your air conditioning system might depend on where you live. However, it is recommended that wherever you’re looking to dispose of your air conditioning system, you call a heating and AC repair technician to inspect the unit and drain the refrigerant. So, in what ways can you properly dispose of the unit?

By Sending It Off to a Nearby Scrap Yard

There are qualified and competent scrap yards that work alongside air conditioning repair companies to undertake the AC unit disposal process in line with the EPA regulations. These professionals will dismantle and recycle the metallic components for other uses. This way, the AC unit doesn’t harm the environment. Contact your air conditioner repair technician for more advice if you are unaware of any nearby scrap yard that can handle AC disposal. You also can search for the EPA’s responsible appliance disposal partners.

Look for a Rebate Program

Nowadays, most state governments and local utilities offer rebates to the users that deliver their low-efficiency, old air conditioning units to replace them with more efficient, newer ones. You save on additional costs and get your old air conditioning system disposed of in an environmentally friendly, safe manner. The rebate program incentivizes proper air conditioner disposal. Hence, reach out to your trusted AC repair technician to learn more about the rebate programs in your area.

Consulting the Local Disposal Agency

In most instances, the local sanitation authority or agency will also be in the loop on how to properly dispose of the air conditioner, especially regarding refrigerants. They might have a set or designated AC disposal area and have qualified AC repair technicians for its disassembly. If they don’t have one, they might have partnered with a reliable air conditioning repair company that can safely handle the disposals.

Exchange It at a Retail Store

Sometimes, the distributors and retailers can do the job on your behalf. When you purchase a new air conditioning system, the distributor or retailer may give you the option of handing over the old one and adjusting the subsequent cost in terms of the rebate, similar to how it goes with a utility. In this instance, the AC repair technician for the retailer is responsible for the disposal of the old unit.


This is the noblest solution, recycling the unit. If the AC repair technician determines that the unit is not too old but wants to replace it, you can give it to a Flower Mound, TX, shelter home, or charity. Rather than purchasing a new unit, get a functional unit at a lower cost or for free. You may get tax deductions alongside the satisfaction of donating your unit to a noble cause.


The other option that your AC repair technician might advise is to have your unit refurbished. By refurbishing it, you will have made your unit as good as new. Refurbishing the Ac includes fixing the leaks in the ductwork and pipes, repairing the motors and fans, and recharging the refrigerant.

After serving you for a long time, your unit might start showing signs of wear and tear that are followed by frequent need for AC repairs, necessitating a replacement. But how do you dispose of the old unit? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for safe disposal, your reliable air conditioning repair company in Flower Mound, TX.

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