AC Repair: Why Isn’t My Upstairs Cooling Off? | Plano, TX

AC Repair: Why Isn’t My Upstairs Cooling Off? | Plano, TX

If your home’s second floor is warmer than the rest of the house, it can be extremely uncomfortable during our hot Plano, TX, summers. Trying to get a good night’s sleep in July when your second-story bedroom is warm and humid is frustrating, especially when your air conditioning system is working overtime. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas has tackled this problem often enough, and it may be a sign that you need AC repair.

Our certified repair specialists can tackle any HVAC problem. We feature a team of certified technicians who can visit your home to diagnose the problem with your AC unit. Uneven cooling is a common problem, but with some tips and a possible AC repair or two, you can keep your upstairs cool and comfortable.

Why Does My House Hot Upstairs?

The simple reason why upper stories of homes get hotter than lower floors is a matter of physics. Heat rises but cold air sinks. The molecules of cold air are heavier while hot air molecules are lighter. So, your upstairs is vulnerable to rising heat. During the hottest days of summer, you may find that it gets downright uncomfortable in the upper story of your home even when your AC unit is working hard.

Your Roof Is Hot

Another reason the second floor of your house might be much warmer than the main floor is that your roof is absorbing heat. If your house isn’t well shaded, your roof might be holding an intense level of heat that is actually seeping into your house. If your home doesn’t have an attic that can provide a kind of buffer, your upstairs rooms may be heating up simply because of their proximity to your roof.

Ductwork Problems

Sometimes poorly installed ducts or old ductwork might be the cause of your hot upper floor. If there’s a problem with your ducts, they may not be allowing cool air to evenly penetrate the upper story of your home. When you contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, our AC repair technician can check to make sure that your ducts aren’t the cause of this issue.

AC Unit Is Old

If your AC unit has reached or is nearing the end of its suggested lifespan, it may no longer cool your home well or evenly. It’s possible that it needs AC repair, but you may also wish to consider AC replacement. Replacing an old AC unit can help you reduce your energy costs as newer models are more energy-efficient. Our repair specialist can inspect your air conditioning system to provide you with a thorough report of its condition. With a tuneup, it may provide improved cooling function.

How Can I Keep My Upstairs Cooler during Summer?

If your AC unit has been inspected and doesn’t need any type of AC repair, you may still find that your upstairs gets warmer during the hottest days of summer. To keep your home’s top floor cooler during the summer season, you can try the following:

Sun Blocks

Plano, TX, sunshine can heat up your home quickly. Consider installing sunblocks on your upper story windows. You can use UV-blocking film for your windows or install exterior awnings to prevent sunlight from heating up upper story rooms. During the day, keep upstairs window coverings closed. Check for cracks in your windows and seal them to prevent cool air from seeping out.

Repair Ductwork

Even if you don’t need AC repair, you may need ductwork repairs. Cracks in your ducts will allow cold air to leak; that means less cold air making its way upstairs. When you call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, we can send a repair technician to your home to check your ducts and provide any necessary repairs.

Turn Off Lights and Appliances

To help keep your upstairs cooler during the summer, leave upstairs lights and electronics or appliances turned off as much as possible. Lights, televisions, and computers can give off heat. Remember how heat rises? That means the electronics and appliances on your lower floor will also produce heat that can rise upstairs. Don’t leave these items turned on unless you’re using them.

Install a Solar Attic Fan

A solar-powered attic fan can help you draw heat up and out of your home. Not only can this reduce the heat in your house, but it can also mean less wear and tear for your AC unit. During the summer, your AC unit has to work overtime to maintain your thermostat’s cool setting. A solar attic fan takes some of the stress off the unit, and that may mean fewer AC repair calls over time.

New AC Unit

If your upstairs temperature continues to be a problem and your AC unit is old, consider making an upgrade. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas can replace your AC unit with an improved model that’s more powerful and energy efficient. Our AC repair technicians can help you select the right size model for your home. Then, we can install it properly, ensuring that it provides the cooling functionality you’re looking for. Never entrust your AC unit’s installation to anyone but a certified AC technician or HVAC specialist.

Don’t settle for a hot upstairs when you’re paying those high summertime energy bills. Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas and let our technicians inspect your AC unit. If it needs AC repair, we can tackle the job. We serve customers in and around Plano, TX, and are known for our fast service, high-quality workmanship, and affordable pricing. Contact us to discuss any problem your AC unit may be having. We’ll troubleshoot the issue and provide the ideal fix.

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