AC Repair: When To Replace Or Repair | Flower Mound, TX

AC Repair: When To Replace Or Repair | Flower Mound, TX

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When your AC unit in your home breaks down a question often comes up for homeowners, when is it time for AC repair, and when is it time to replace the AC unit. This is a question many Flower Mound, TX homeowners struggle with, a Repair or replacement. It is almost every Texan’s worst nightmare, to be relaxing inside on a hot summer’s day only to have the AC unit break down and start to sweat due to unbearable heat. Now you are trapped in a sweltering hothouse. You call the AC company only to find out service calls are booked solid for days, so now you have to wait. You start to think about the age of your AC unit and start to weigh if you should replace the unit or just pony up for yet another repair.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to AC repair or replacement for your AC unit in your home. On one hand, making a repair, even a major one costs less upfront, if your AC is breaking down often leading to many calls for repair, in the long run, it may be wiser to opt for AC replacement vs repair. For one thing just because you had the one problem solved with a repair does not mean your older AC won’t break down again shortly. When it comes time for that tough talk, RC repair, or AC replacement you should consider several things. Most important is considering your system when you make that tough call of forgoing repair and opting for a replacement for your home. Let us discuss several factors that can help you decide about AC replacement vs repair for your home.

The Age of Your AC Unit

The first thing you need to consider when it comes down to choosing AC repair VS AC replacement for your home is the age of your air conditioner. The older your AC unit is the more you are going to face a repair. In our homes our AC units take a lot of abuse dealing with the heat so as our AC units age here in our homes the more they are going to break down, it is just a fact of Texas life, it is not like we live in New York where heat only pours down for 3 months of the year. We get heat 9 months a year so our AC units are hauling it over time and then some. If your unit is say 8 or 9 years old and has broken down more than a few times it may be time to stop saying yes to a repair and consider buying a new AC unit. If your AC unit is past 10 years old and you have had more than 2 breakdowns it is a tough time to discuss passing up a repair and opting instead for AC replacement for your home. The good news is while newer models may cost you more money than when you purchased your original model, today’s models offer much more in the way of energy savings, and let’s be honest utility bills are not cheap so you will save in utility bills in what you paid upfront for the newer unit!

R-22 Refrigerant vs R-410a Refrigerant

Chances are if you have an older AC unit you are still using Freon. Freon has been phased out due to the Government, AC units today use what is called R-410a refrigerant. Today to get a refill of Freon or R-22 refrigerant is very expensive as it is not produced in the USA any longer and the import taxes on it skyrocket the cost. Should your AC unit be 10 years or older, you are well aware that in Flower Mound, TX, like the rest of the USA, freon is very expensive, and with an older AC unit, you need to refill that lost refrigerant. All AC units lose refrigerant every year during the course of their normal operation. Of course, an older AC unit loses more, it is just a fact of life for an AC unit. So when you consider AC repair or replacement for your you should factor in the cost of Freon into the mix.

Energy Efficiency

Another factor to consider for your home is that of energy efficiency. When it comes time to decide between AC repair and AC replacement this should be a factor, more so if your AC unit is 10 years or older. Do your utility bills climb during the warm months? That is likely due to your AC unit running often. Let’s face it your older unit gobbles up kilowatts of energy like it is going out of style. I will be honest upfront it costs more to go with an energy-efficient model, but over the lifetime of the AC unit, you actually save money. It is a matter of hurt now but saves later. Newer AC units can save you between 20 to 40 percent on home cooling costs, depending on what SEER model you buy. SEER means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and the higher that number is, the less power your unit uses. The higher the SEER rating model you buy will determine how low your utility bills are. This is a big factor when you are choosing between a repair and replacement for your home.

The Cost Of Repairs

Most customers are concerned with the cost of AC repair, and rightly so. Let’s face it, the major reason for choosing AC repair over replacing it boils down to the overall cost. However, sometimes it can be more cost-effective to replace the unit. If you plan on residing in your home for the next 10 years or more, you should consider replacing it, as the average lifespan of a unit is about 10 to 15 years, and the older it gets, the more repairs it might need. If you plan on living in your home for less than 10 years, AC repair is more cost-effective. Though, if your AC unit is older than 15 years, you should consider replacing it, as 15 years is at the end of an average AC unit’s lifespan and no amount of AC repair will matter.


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