AC Repair: The Components Of The Air Conditioning System & How They All Work Together | Flower Mound, TX

AC Repair: The Components Of The Air Conditioning System & How They All Work Together | Flower Mound, TX

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Air conditioning systems are valuable assets to any home. There are many moving parts and components that are involved in the functioning of these revolutionary appliances. Air conditioning systems have come a long way since their inception. However, nothing lasts forever, and these appliances require regular maintenance and repair in order to continue functioning efficiently and properly. Regular air conditioning system maintenance and AC repair can increase the amount of the appliance’s lifespan, while also saving your money on future repairs. Understanding what to look for and how your air conditioning system is supposed to operate could help you keep your air conditioning system running longer and more efficiently every time. If you live in or around the Flower Mound, TX, area, contact the staff at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule a repair and maintenance today.

Air Conditioning System Components

There are many essential components to an air conditioning system. If any of these components were to malfunction or become faulty in any way, your air conditioning system will not function as efficiently or stop working altogether. If you notice signs that any of the essential components are malfunctioning, broken, or failing, contact an AC repair professional as soon as conveniently possible. The faster you fix issues pertaining to your air conditioning system the more money you can save and the less damage your air conditioning system will receive.

Essential Air Conditioning System Components

There are many components that allow an air conditioning system to operate. However, there are quite a few components that are absolutely essential to the proper functioning of this cooling device. These components include the Blower, evaporator coils, condensing coils, compressor, air ducts, air vents, fans, thermostat, expansion valve, and refrigerant. Some of these components are more important than others, however, these components all work together to generate cool, clean air for an indoor space. These components are typically present in all air conditioning systems. Depending on the size and type of air conditioning system you have, these same parts may look a little different in different air conditioning appliances. If any of the components previously mentioned become faulty, you will have a serious issue on your hands. Contact an AC repair professional right away, in order to avoid damage and increase your chances of fully repairing your air conditioning appliance. If you live in or around the Flower Mound, TX, area, and are in need of AC repair, then contact the reputable HVAC technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Dallas for prompt and professional service.

Essential Air Conditioning System Component’s Your Air Conditioning System Needs to Operate Effectively

The most essential components of the air conditioning system are the refrigerant, the compressor, the evaporator coils, the fans, the air ducts, the vents, and the condenser coils. All of these components work together in order to generate cool air. These essential components are what creates and generates cool air. Contact your local AC repair provider if any of these components stop functioning properly.


Refrigerant is a chemical that can easily absorb temperatures. This chemical absorbs the heat in the atmosphere and also cools quickly in order to create cool vapors the fans can blow over to generate cool air. Refrigerant is technically the key ingredient to a properly functioning air conditioning system. Fun Fact: During the early air conditioning system’s inception, Ice was used instead of refrigerant. Ice also created cool vapors; however, ice would melt rather quickly. Due to refrigeration not yet being invented, there was no real way of getting ice other than importing it from cold areas like the Arctic. This was an extremely hard process that would prove frivolous due to how fast the ice melted. The refrigerant was the perfect replacement due to how it reacts to slight changes in temperature.

Evaporator Coils and Condenser Coils

Evaporator coils are also extremely important components of any air conditioning system. The refrigerant is a chemical. This chemical is always either in liquid or gas form. In order to hold this chemical, the evaporator coils and condenser coils are necessary. These coils are typically made out of some sort of metal. The metal used for these coils is usually copper or some other metal that is good for conducting temperatures, as to not impede the refrigerant process. These coils need to be able to conduct these temperatures in order to allow the refrigerant to absorb the heat in an atmosphere as well as absorb the cool temperatures from the fan. The evaporator coils are typically on the inside unit of the air conditioning systems while the condenser coils are in the outside unit. The evaporator coils absorb the heat and turn this chemical into a gas, while the condenser coils, condense the gas back into a liquid. If any of these coils were to break it would cause a refrigerant leak and cause your air conditioning appliance to stop working, if you notice ice forming around your inside or outside air conditioning unit, it could be due to a coil break. Contact your local AC repair provider for immediate repair.

Fans, Blower, Air Ducts, Air filters, and Vents

These 3 components are also just as important as refrigerants in the generation of cool air for your home. These components help in the cooling process as well as the delivery of cool, conditioned air into your closed environment. In order for this cool air to travel and stay fairly uncontaminated by pollen, pet dander, dust, and other debris, it needs to travel in a closed environment, such as the air ducts. When debris does find its way into the air ducts the air filters catch before it gets through the vents. For increased air conditioning systems efficiency, you should have a professional AC repair and maintenance service provider change them periodically. You should also have your air ducts professionally cleaned to prevent polluted air in the home.

These air conditioning system components are extremely important to the safe and healthy functioning of your air conditioning system appliance. Air conditioning appliance lifespans vary from appliance to appliance; however, the average is around 15 to 20 years. You may be able to get more years out of your appliance by acquiring professional preventive AC repair and maintenance services. Acting fast when signs of system malfunction arise will also help you prevent further damages and keep your appliance in good shape for a longer time. If you live in or around the Flower Mound, TX, area, contact the staff at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to schedule AC repair and maintenance services today.