AC Repair: Professional AC Maintenance Tips | Flower Mound, TX

AC Repair: Professional AC Maintenance Tips | Flower Mound, TX

Does anybody really enjoy contacting their Flower Mound, TX, HVAC service provider for AC repair? Although the skilled technicians of One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas are friendly enough and try to make service calls as painless as possible, air conditioner repair isn’t really a fun way to spend a hot July afternoon. To reduce the need for air conditioner repair service, you can focus on some tried-and-true DIY and professional AC maintenance measures that will support the efficient operation of your air conditioning system. If you live in the area you know how hot summers can be. Now is the ideal time to get your AC unit ready to face the sweltering temperatures ahead. The following tips can help.

Replace Air Filters

Replacing air filters on your HVAC system is standard good maintenance practice. While some property owners prefer to change their air filters themselves every three months or so, others prefer to let their favorite AC repair and maintenance company tackle the job. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas can visit your home to perform this maintenance solution for you.

Schedule an Inspection

It’s important to schedule an annual inspection of your air conditioning system in order to reduce the need for AC repair during the summer. Why? Because when One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas visits your home to inspect your unit, we’ll look for signs of wearing parts that are likely to cause a breakdown. We can replace worn parts before they cause an AC breakdown or damage your unit. An annual inspection helps you to protect your unit’s safe operation and supports its longevity. Our skilled repair technicians will make sure that your unit is functioning optimally and ready to cool your home this summer.

Clean Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

Your outdoor unit is vulnerable to dirt and debris. This buildup can reduce the efficient operation of your unit. In fact, if a twig gets lodged in your fans, it can even cause the unit to make strange noises when turned on. A gentle vacuuming can help you clean your unit for the summer season. Additionally, our technicians can inspect your outdoor unit during their inspection. If there are any debris-related problems, they can let you know and provide the necessary solution.

Trim Plants Around Your Unit

It’s important that your outdoor unit is not closely surrounded by tall plants that can block its airflow. It relies on good air circulation to function as it’s supposed to. Be sure that nothing is blocking that airflow as you get ready for the warm season.

Check the Fins of Your Unit

While cleaning your unit, check its fins to be sure that none are crushed or bent. It’s not uncommon for Flower Mound, TX, to kick up some powerful storms that might have sent tree branches or other outside objects flying against the fins of your AC unit. You can gently move the fins back into place. If there is more substantial damage, you should definitely contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas in case AC repair is needed to correct the problem.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

The reason so many homeowners are installing programmable thermostats in their homes is that they work so well. They help you maintain a comfortable home temperature while reducing your energy bills. If you’re trying to cut costs and make your home more energy-efficient, talk to a repair specialist from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas about installing a programmable thermostat when they visit for your annual AC inspection.

Check Your Insulation

During summer air conditioning systems have to work hard to keep homes comfortably cool. They have to work even harder if you don’t have adequate insulation. Check insulation around your home to ensure that it’s not rotting away. Poor insulation allows your cool air to flow out of your home. Good insulation keeps that cool air, they’re you’re paying for, indoors where it belongs. Also, when your HVAC unit is overtaxed, it’s more vulnerable to a breakdown, necessitating the need for AC repair. Pamper your unit by ensuring your house is properly insulated.

Install a Whole House Fan

Speaking of pampering your AC system, consider installing a whole-house fan or a solar attic fan to help cool your home and reduce the need for your AC system to work overtime to maintain your home’s optimum temperature. When your AC unit doesn’t have to work overtime, you’re less likely to require air conditioner repair.

Check Your Windows

Windows can be a problem if they’re letting cool air escape through cracks. If your windows are old, they may not be energy efficient and offer very good insulation. If that’s the case and you’re not ready to invest in new energy-efficient windows, be sure to keep your drapes closed during the hottest part of the days when sunlight enters through windows to heat up your interior space. That heat forces your air conditioning system to kick on more often, leading to more wear and tear and the possible need for AC repair.

Remember to contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas if you need AC repair and maintenance service at your Flower Mound, TX, home. We can tackle any AC repair for your residential unit. Our HVAC technicians are certified and experienced. Let us help you pamper your AC system with the best possible care so that you get as much value from it as you can. When you’re ready to install a new AC system, be sure to discuss your AC replacement with our pros. We can help you select and source the right-sized unit for your house and then install it. Call us with your questions or to schedule your spring AC maintenance–and reduce the need for AC repair this summer!

Photo By Krysten Brown at Shutterstock