AC Repair: 10 Signs You Are Overworking Your Air Conditioner | Plano, TX

AC Repair: 10 Signs You Are Overworking Your Air Conditioner | Plano, TX

Most manufacturers often recommend that you inspect your air conditioner at least once every year to ensure that the system operates at its most efficient level. But most people often forget to check up on the air conditioner until the day it starts to develop complications. According to Consumer Affairs, 23.67% of the respondents surveyed claimed AC repair was the most common type of home repair. Additionally, Texas was among the states where air conditioning was a common repair issue.

If you are a resident of Plano, TX, you need to regularly inspect your system to avoid high AC repair costs ranging from $65 to $2,000 for low-end and high-end, respectively. To stay ahead of repairs, here are ten signs that indicate you are overworking your air conditioner.

Increasing Energy Bill

As the AC system struggles to keep up with high cooling demand thanks to worn out or broken parts and lack of maintenance, you will notice an increase in your energy utility bills. If that is the case, it would be a good time to call AC repair professionals.

The AC Struggles to Cool Your Home

When you keep reducing the temperature on the thermostat and the AC system can barely keep up, the system could have an issue and requires repair. After inspecting the AC system and being confident that dirty air filters are not the root of the AC’s underperformance, you may need to buy a new compressor or additional refrigerant. Consult an AC repair expert.

The House Is Uncomfortably Humid

If you notice the house is uncomfortable and sticky despite a running air conditioner, the culprits could be either a coil or drainage issue. A broken air conditioner does not collect the water it uses to maintain cool air. In contrast, it could drip back into your house, increasing humidity.

Thermostat Buttons Are Getting Worn Out

While pressing thermostat buttons can be mentally satisfying, it does not improve the air conditioner’s speed to deliver cool air around your home. You are supposed to set the thermostat and forget about it, and if the AC system cannot keep up, you might have other issues.

There Are Cool and Warm Spots

Some areas of your home could be cooler than others. In contrast, some might be warmer than others, which indicates that the air conditioning system could be finding it difficult to compensate for ductwork leaks and disconnections, a burned-out compressor, or a failing thermostat.

Strange Noises

Most AC repair experts often associate strange noises with system complications that affect the system’s performance. However, some AC noises are expected, such as whooshes, rattles and vibrations, clicks and taps, and squeals. In contrast, grinding noises, gurgles, and hissing are associated with severe issues.

HVAC System Leaks

Leaking HVAC systems pose a significant risk to the house’s occupants and the system’s performance. Ditto with leaks and drainage blocks usually enhances the growth of mold and directly affects the air conditioner’s performance.

Regular AC repairs

While maintenance every year is a great practice, constant AC repairs mean that you are overworking the air conditioner, and it would be time to install a new one. While regular repairs might seem adequate, you will end up spending a lot of money in the long run.

Musty Odors

If you experience musty odors coming out of the air conditioning system, it could indicate that the seals are wearing out, and there is a high chance that mildew or mold is growing between the cracks. The latter can be resolved by cleaning the AC unit, but if there are cracks in the seals of multiple components, it means the mold or mildew will return as long as there is an area where the water collects, hence lowering the air quality.

Irregular Air Filter Replacement

Another excellent indicator for a worn-out air conditioning unit is irregular air filter replacement. The air filters found inside the blower duct need to be replaced regularly, especially in forced-air heating and cooling systems, because the air filters are the key to easing the amount of work for the fan and providing air quality through the entire house.

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

Regular inspection and maintenance of the air conditioning system is the most inexpensive way of avoiding costly AC repairs. As a resident of Plano, TX, your air conditioner is among the most crucial and expensive investments in your home. To that end, it is important to make small efforts to protect it. Fortunately, there are many options you can choose to maintain the air conditioning system.

  • Replace the air filter monthly: This is arguably the best way to maintain your air conditioner, and it involves a straightforward procedure that can be accomplished in a few minutes. The air filter is responsible for stopping particles like dirt, dander, and dust from reaching your home’s interior. Still, they can only work efficiently if they are clean and free from excess particulate matter.


  • Ensure the coils are always clean: AC coils are a vital component of your air conditioning system because it helps the refrigerant absorb heat, thereby cooling your home. As time goes by, the coils become covered with dirt which lowers the amount of heat they can take, putting unnecessary strain on the system.


  • Inspect the fins: Inside every air conditioning system, you will find an evaporator and a condenser, both of which have fins. Over time, the fins can bend, leading to insufficient airflow. To ensure the air conditioner is working correctly, check the fins regularly and make sure they haven’t bent yet. If you find evidence of bends, you can purchase a fin comb to rectify the issue or call an AC repair expert.


  • Check the condensate drain: The component plays an integral role in an air conditioning system since it allows the condensation developed within the AC to drain outdoors. With time, the condensate drain becomes clogged, which impedes drainage. During maintenance, check the condensate drain to ensure it drains water properly. If anything is blocking the drainage, you can unclog it or contact the local Plano, TX, AC repair expert.

Schedule a Professional Maintenance Appointment

As a homeowner, you often have a lot to deal with, from work to taking care of your family and other daily responsibilities. It is easy to forget to maintain your air condition system. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, we get that you are busy, which is why we offer scheduled maintenance services for your air conditioning system. Ready to schedule a maintenance appointment? Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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