A Look At Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fan Coil Units And AC Repair | Irving, TX

A Look At Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fan Coil Units And AC Repair | Irving, TX

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Fan coil units consist of a coil and a fan and are connected to a thermostat that regulates the temperature of the air space, as well as some type of ductwork. They’re often found in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, and are some of the simplest AC units that can be installed. The AC repairs involved with these units aren’t too complex and are much more affordable in comparison to many other options.

To make an informed decision, it’s critical that you fully explore the advantages and disadvantages that these units have to offer.

Understanding Some of the Advantages

Fan coil units are able to offer a plethora of advantages, which is why they’re some of the most popular options out there. Understanding how these AC systems excel in comparison to other alternatives is important when making a decision. We’ll look at some of the most well-known advantages of these units below.

#1. They’re Cheap to Install and Repair

First and foremost, these AC units are a great choice for those who are on a budget but would still like to have some type of AC unit at home to help them with the heat. These units are some of the most affordable options out there. The units are affordable, and so is the installation service. You can usually get everything installed within several thousand dollars, depending on how big your home is and the features that you’re looking for.

Another important thing to note is that the AC repair services are also quite affordable in comparison to other alternatives. If anything goes wrong with fan coil units, a contractor from an HVAC company can easily take everything apart to find the cause of the issue. This isn’t always the same for every other unit. For example, central AC units are quite difficult to disassemble during the repair process. This means that the contractor will need to spend quite a lot of time and effort on this area alone. The added labor increases the cost of the AC repairs.

Another important thing to note is that the components that are involved with the AC repair are generally quite affordable as well. They are usually simple components that are easy to find. One of the main reasons why other AC repair services can be so expensive is because of the parts that are needed or difficult to find. The AC repair service can also take some time to complete because the contractors may need to purchase the part and have it shipped over. This generally isn’t a problem when it comes to fan coil units.

#2. They Offer Individual Control of the Temperature of Each Room

Does everyone in your household have different temperature preferences? For example, some people prefer sleeping in warmer weather than others prefer cooler rooms. Other households may want different rooms to different temperatures depending on what the room is for. For example, some people find that they would prefer if their office was a cooler temperature, as its cool temperature can increase overall productivity. On the other hand, they might prefer it if their living room felt warm and cozy.

If you’re relying on a central AC unit or some other AC system to control the temperature of each room, it can be very difficult. On the other hand, fan coil units are designed to control the temperature of each room individually. This means that you can easily alter and change the temperature based on your needs. You can also get a thermostat installed in each room so that the temperature is adjusted automatically. A thermostat that can be remotely controlled can easily improve the overall quality of living within the home. While we’re on this note, these parts aren’t fragile at all, so you won’t need AC repairs often.

#3. They Do Not Require Any Long Runs of Ductwork

Another great thing about fan coil units is that they do not require any long runs of ductwork. This is particularly great if you’re installing an AC unit in a home that does not have any previous ductwork installed. The installation of the ductwork is often the most expensive part of the installation process.

Another good thing about the lack of ductwork is that you won’t need as many AC repairs. If you look at other AC systems, you’re often noticed that a lot of the AC repairs go into patching up the ductwork, cleaning it up, and ensuring that there are no leakages. Since fan coil systems do not have as much ductwork, you are reducing the amount of AC repairs that will be needed in the future. This also ties into why it’s much more affordable to maintain and care for this type of AC system.

#4. They Can Also Be Used for Heating

To improve the overall efficiency of your home, it’s always a good idea to find an HVAC system that can provide both heating and cooling services. This might not necessarily be something that’s achievable with other types of AC units, but it’s something that can be achieved with fan coil units.

As long as you’re willing to install a three- or four-pipe system, The fan coil unit can be used for heating purposes as well. In a way, you’ll also be killing two birds with one stone because you won’t need to get separate maintenance and repairs for both the heating and cooling unit. When you receive AC repairs, the HVAC contractor can also take that opportunity to make sure that the heating system is functioning properly as well.

#5. They’re Incredibly Energy Efficient

Many studies have looked at the energy efficiency rating of various AC systems. Fan coil units are considered to be some of the most effective systems out there. Due to this reason, they are highly recommended for all types of properties. These systems have a significantly smaller ventilation plant and distribution ductwork than all other AC systems. This also ensures that they have a high cooling capacity and a flexible layout and system.

This type of system is particularly a good choice for areas that have intermittent medium to high sensible cooling modes. They’re also very ideal in situations where close humidity control is not needed, like in offices, restaurants and hotels.

Because of this reason, you often find that these units are able to efficiently cool down the space inside your home without using up a lot of energy. You can also control which rooms are cooled down, so you don’t waste any energy. Your wallet will thank you the next time that you take a look at your utility bills. If you look at it in this way, you could say that these types of systems will pay for themselves in the long run, so they’re a great investment.

#6. They Do Not Take Up Much Space

These units are usually mounted in the ceiling void. They do not occupy any floor space within the building, so they’re a great choice for those who might be constrained by space as well. These units won’t get in your way at all and will be able to improve the overall comfortability of the temperature inside the room.

While we’re on that note, these systems are very accessible. An HVAC contractor can easily get their hands on the unit, as well as the different areas that might require maintenance and repair work.

A Quick Look at Some of the Disadvantages

Although there are many reasons why you might want to install a fan coil unit, there are also some downsides that you should be aware of before you make the decision to get these units. While you’re exploring the disadvantages that come with these units, you might want to consider speaking with an HVAC company in order to see what your options are if you want to bypass these problems.

#1. Each Unit Requires Separate Maintenance and AC Repair

One of the downsides of fan coil units is that each and every unit requires its own maintenance and AC repair. This is because each unit functions separately from one another. Just because one unit requires AC repair, it doesn’t necessarily mean that another unit will require it as well. It could simply be that the unit that is involved has some type of damage or issue.

Although this might not necessarily be a huge issue when it comes to AC repair services in Irving, TX, it can be a headache when it comes to regular maintenance. As you know, you should get your AC unit service every year. If you have a central AC unit, the maintenance can be done fairly quickly. However, if you have fan coil units, the maintenance might take some time. The contractor will have to go around to each and every unit.

#2. The Units Can Get Fairly Noisy

If you are someone who appreciates peace and quiet inside your home, then fan oil units might also be something that you want to avoid because the indoor unit fans can actually get kind of noisy. This is especially true when the speed of the fan changes. Fortunately, there are some solutions for this.

You’ll have to call an HVAC company in Irving, TX that specializes in AC repair for fan coil units to see whether there are any ways that they can damper the noise. For example, some HVAC companies may attempt to conceal the unit in hopes of quieting it down.

#3. Hearing Requires a Boiler

As mentioned before, these types of units can be used as a heater as well. Although this might seem very advantageous, you need to understand that the heating option requires the installation of a boiler. This could increase the costs involved with installations. Another thing to note is that you also need to think about where the boiler should be installed for optimal efficiency and performance. You’ll need to ask a contractor from an HVAC company to come take a look at your home in order to see whether this type of AC unit is suitable for the layout of your home.

Another thing that you will need to familiarize yourself with is the different types of boiler systems that are out there, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that they can offer. If you’re hoping to transform the fan coil units into a heating system as well, you’re going to need to be knowledgeable about boilers too. Before the installation happens, you should speak with an HVAC company to see whether you have a good understanding of how the system works and what you need to be aware of once the heating and cooling system is installed.

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Are you thinking of installing a new AC system in your home? or, does your home currently not have any type of AC system at all? Fan coil units can be extremely advantageous in many different ways. Because of this reason, they’re gaining popularity. However, you should still be aware of the different advantages and disadvantages that these types of units bring. You should also learn more about the most common types of AC repair services that you’ll likely need.

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