7 Signs You Need Emergency Heating And AC Repair | Richardson, TX

7 Signs You Need Emergency Heating And AC Repair | Richardson, TX

Anyone who owns a home in Richardson, TX knows the importance of keeping their HVAC system running around the clock. During the hot summer months, it would be unimaginable to lose access to cool air. In fact, in a matter of minutes, your house would warm up so quickly that you would have to leave it. This is the reason why it is very important to have the name of a company that offers emergency heating and AC repair on your speed dial. Losing access to heat or AC is not just an inconvenience, but a major health issue in Texas.

While you may not think of your heat the same way, there are some nights in Texas where the temperatures can drop low enough that it would also be uncomfortable to live without heating. Once again, this is where a company that offers emergency heating and AC repair starts to come into the picture. The problem most homeowners have though is attempting to figure out if it is time to call for an emergency service or if they can wait a little bit for the weekend to end or the morning to come.

This is reasonable since there can be a surcharge for emergency heating and AC repair, but in some instances, the surcharge is worth it. Even more so if you would have to leave your home and book a hotel until someone can get out to your home and investigate the issue. Another issue is that the longer you wait the higher the chance that something is going to go even south. There are plenty of situations where your AC or heat may still be working but there is damage inside of it that could lead to even more damage if not promptly investigated.

In fact, a lot of the od noises that occur inside of an HVAC system are signs that there is a worn-out component or a broken component that is rubbing against other gears that are still working. The friction causes the noises you are hearing, but they are also causing damage that will continue to grow and escalate the problem. If left unaddressed, the friction can cause more parts to wear down and die which may push you closer to a replacement instead of simple repair. This is just one situation where emergency heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX is definitely the best choice.

All of this said, we understand that most of our clients don’t want to jump ahead and call immediately for emergency heating and AC repair unless they have to. One great thing you can always do is give us a call and tell us what the problem is. Most of the time, the HVAC company will be glad to give you a professional opinion. While we cannot tell you what is wrong without actually seeing your HVAC system, we can offer you some advice and our honest point of view on whether you can wait until the morning or not.

That said, if you are hunched over your computer right now attempting to figure out if you should call for emergency repair right now, the following guide might help you sort out the situation. While this list doesn’t cover every situation, it does do its best to hit the major ones. If you see your current issue on the list, make sure you call an emergency heating and AC repair company in Richardson, TX, and get the proper help.

AC Is Blowing Warm Air

What are the major indications that you were going to need an emergency heating and AC repair company, is if you notice that your AC is blowing out warm air. If this is the case, there is a good chance that your compressor is no longer working, which is responsible for changing the temperature of the air. It also could indicate that something is wrong with the refrigerant preventing the air from cooling. And either situation until you have a professional take a look at your AC you should not expect the situation to magically remedy itself.

The one thing that you can do if you are noticing warm air coming out of the air vents, is to check your thermostat to make sure that it is set on cool. Every so once in a while we see somebody’s thermostat get knocked, which changes the temperature of the air and makes it look as if the air conditioning unit is no longer working. However, if the temperature is set correctly and the cool air should be blowing, then it is time to call for emergency heating and AC repair so you can get to the bottom of the situation and restore the quality of air in your home.

Ice Is Forming on Your Outdoor Unit

Another big issue is if you notice that ice is starting to form on your outdoor unit. Anyone who knows the summer temps in Richardson, TX knows that it is a real challenge for ice to stay frozen in the summer months. This alone should be an indicator that something is really malfunctioning for this to happen. If you see this, what you are actually seeing is a refrigerant leak that is allowing extreme cooling. It also can be a crack or issue with your evaporator coils, which makes the situation even more emergent.

If you don’t properly address the issue eventually, the evaporator coils will break too severely to be repaired, and your entire outdoor unit will need to be replaced. With this in mind ice on your outdoor unit, it’s always an emergency heating and AC repair phone call. In the meantime, while you are waiting for the company to come out to your home, you should turn off your AC if possible to prevent further problems from arising. Well, I may be uncomfortable living without AC for a little bit while you wait for the HVAC company to show up, but it’ll be less uncomfortable than waiting for a few weeks for a new system to be installed.

Odd Noises Coming from Your HVAC Unit

Another sign that you need to call for emergency heating and AC repair is if you notice odd sounds coming from either your indoor or your outdoor HVAC unit. There’s never a good explanation for an odd noise because your HVAC unit should really only make a gentle humming when it is running. However, there are a lot of bad exclamations for a variety of sounds that can sometimes indicate there’s a major problem brewing. Some of the most emergent situations involve sounds like banging, whistling, or hissing noises.

Banging noises often indicate that there is a loose component that is hitting against something inside of your HVAC unit. Whistling or hissing noises, on the other hand, can indicate a gas leak or that pressure is building up somewhere along the system that it shouldn’t be into a narrowing or a loose component. In either case, you need to have a heating and AC repair company come out and take a look to get to the bottom of the situation. A lot of people think that if they ignore the noise, eventually, it will stop. Well, it may indeed stop, when it does, it is usually because whatever was broken is now completely unrepairable and fully dislodged. It is to your advantage not to wait until the damage becomes cumulative and affects half of your machine. In the worst-case scenario, it will stop when your entire HVAC unit completely stops working. A quick call to an emergency heating and AC repair company can help you prevent this scenario.

Odd Odors Are Coming from Your Air Vents

I noises are not the only thing that you should keep an ear out for. Our orders are also another sign of concern that something could be going wrong with your HVAC unit. Ideally, there is no smell associated with the air that comes out of your air vents, but in older homes, there might be a certain odor that you were used to that seems to dissipate around the house. It’s not a bad idea to have that looked at because it may be something that simple air duct cleaning could remove, but it is not an emergency. However, there are certain odd orders that call for emergency heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX.

One of these odors is anything that smells smoky or like an electrical burning odor. This can indicate that there is something wrong with the wiring inside of your HVAC unit and can actually percent an emergency situation. If you smell this kind of odor, you need to quickly turn off your AC system and call for help. Another situation that is just as pressing is if you smell any type of natural gas wasting out of your air vents. Regardless of what season it is, you need to call and get help right away because natural gas is explosive and can be extremely harmful to breathe. While natural gas is usually scentless, it is lightly scented with a rotten egg smell usually so that you can detect it and take the proper course of action. This is always a reason to call for emergency heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX.

Finally, if you smell any type of mold or musty smell coming from your air vent, you will want to have this looked at right away. Why you don’t always need an emergency heating and AC repair company to come out the day you notice the mold, failure to do anything can create breathing problems for you and your family down the line. Therefore you do want to keep it in mind as something that needs to be taken care of soon.

Indoor Humidity Levels Are High

Another sign that your HVAC unit is not working the way it should be is if you notice that the humidity levels inside of your home are very high. High humidity levels indicate that your AC is not working the way it should because pulling the humidity out of the air is one of the chief goals of any AC unit. Regardless of how cold it is, you will not feel comfortable if there’s humidity in the house because the air will be moist and very heavy. Therefore if you notice that it feels sticky in your home even though the AC unit is running, it is time to call an emergency heating and AC repair company.

HVAC Systems Is Rapid Cycling

Rapid cycling is a process in which you notice that your HVAC system keeps turning on and off without much time in between. This usually indicates that either your thermostat is broken or that your HVAC system is failing to cool your home to a comfortable level. Most situations are cause for alarm, which is why if you notice that your HVAC is cycling more than it usually does, you need to call an emergency heating and AC repair company to come out and diagnose the problem. There are actually many reasons why you might find yourself in the situation, so instead of trying to troubleshoot on your own, it is best just to let a professional get to the bottom of the situation before any lasting damage is caused.

Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Your circuit breaker is designed to trip if there are too many power demands on the line. This is one reason why it may trip when your HVAC unit has a power surge. While it is not normal for this to happen, there can be anomalies from time to time that might cause the circuit to trip. However, if you turn it off and then the circuit trips again, this is an immediate cause for concern that needs to be investigated right away. You don’t want to ignore this because it could indicate a bigger problem is on the way. Also, you could actually have an electrical fire if your circuit continues to trap and breaks down. You should call an emergency heating and AC repair company to come out and take a look and they can let you know if your circuit needs to be addressed by an emergency heating and AC repair electrician or if there is something going on with your actual HVAC unit.

If you think you need emergency heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX, call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas today.

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