6 Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

6 Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

During the hot Frisco, TX summers, the one refuge you always have is your home. That is until your AC quits working, and you return home to find a baking house. In that situation, you will have no choice but to call an AC company and book an appointment for air conditioning repair. The good news is that a lot of things can be repaired before you have to look at AC replacement which is the nightmare of pretty much every homeowner. The bad news is that there might be a waiting list before your air conditioning repair.

AC companies are the busiest during the summer months because this is the most trying time for most air conditioning units and the time when overworked or damaged units break down. That means that you may not get immediate relief. Instead, you may get an air conditioning repair visit appointment, but you will have to wait a bit for it to happen. That is why it is so essential to stay ahead of issues with your AC so that you can get on the waitlist before your AC conditioner breaks down. This way, you don’t have to wait in the hot heat for help.

Believe it or not, there are dozens of different signs that you need air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX, but you have to learn how to look for them. While something can break and cause your AC system to stop working, in most cases, it is a slow process that takes time to occur. While it is breaking down, some symptoms indicate something is wrong within your unit. Learning how to look for them can help you stay ahead of the problem so you can promptly call for air conditioning repair.

The following will take a look at the top reasons for air conditioning repair and the signs that you need to get help right away. This is the type of guide you should print out and keep handy or, at the very least, bookmark so you can return to look at the signs again if you get the feeling that something is going on with your AC system. It is important to get used to listening to your instinct because it usually isn’t wrong when it comes to your HVAC unit. If you feel something is wrong, then you need to reach out to an HVAC company in Frisco, TX because there is a good chance that something really is wrong.

We always say that customers should trust their gut. You have no reason to start being suspicious that your AC unit is not working the way it should. Therefore, if you are experiencing issues or have suspicions that your AC is not working the way it used to be, go ahead and give us a call for air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX. We will send a team out to evaluate your system and see what can be done to get you back on your feet.

Consider Booking an Annual AC Service

If you do not already book an annual air conditioning service, this is a reminder that it is actually the best way to prevent unexpected air conditioning repair. This is due to the fact that one of the calls of AC servicing is to look at broken components that are rusted or damaged within your air conditioner. Once these hidden problems are identified then they can be fixed and repaired at your own timetable instead of once your system breaks down. This is one reason why an annual AC service is extremely beneficial for every homeowner that lives in the area.

However there are many other additional benefits to an annual AC service that make it worth taking a second look at if you have never bothered to have it done. For instance another part of the process includes cleaning out all dirt and debris from your AC system. An amazing amount of dirt and debris can build up over time and that dust you’re probably breathing every time air circulates around your home. By having an air conditioning repair and service done, you will clean out your system which means you will clean out the air in your home. The AC technician can also take a look at your ductwork if you ask and see if you are a good candidate for a duct cleaning service to further illuminate all dust from the air in your home. This is often a great service for someone who has allergies or somebody else with respiratory problems living in their Frisco, TX home.

Removing all of that dust from your home will also help keep your system running sharply without interference. That means the energy efficiency of your AC unit should improve which will then decrease your average energy bills. Everyone can agree that that’s a positive to having an air conditioning service. Well you won’t notice a sharp drop you should notice a reasonable drop that will add up to practically pay for your air conditioning service over the next 12 months. Therefore getting your unit serviced and making sure that there’s nothing damaged inside of it practically pays for itself.

In addition, the most important part of a regular air conditioning repair and service is that it helps keep everything on track. One of the reasons that most people fear air-conditioning repair is because of the high price tag that can be associated with it. If it is an emergency situation you have no choice but to deal with it and figure out a way to get the money out of your budget. However if you discover that you need repair during your annual service, then you have time to consider how you’re going to budget for it and to make the repairs. You never have to make the repairs on the same day as your service but you can stagger them or plan them in our order of urgency to ensure that your AC unit is up to its top shape by the time the next season comes around and that your budget is not dramatically affected in the process.

Six Signs You Need AC Repair

Now that you know the best way to prevent unexpected air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX, it is time to take a look at the top six signs that you actually need air conditioning repair. As noted, your air conditioner may not always tell you that it needs to be repaired, but it will give out small signs that it is not working as effectively as it used to. It is your job to interpret the small signs as an urgent call for air conditioning repair so that you can get a head of any issues before it breaks down. Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list, but it does include some of the most common signs that you may see. If you see anything else that is alarming you need to call an AC repair company to get their opinion or to come out and take a look.

Loud Noises from Your AC Unit

Up first on the list are loud noises coming from your AC unit which can often signal a variety of issues. Regardless of where the loud noise is coming from it signals that something is wrong that needs to be addressed. Instead of ignoring the sound or hoping that it’ll go away on its own, you need to take quick action when you start to hear noise coming from your unit because most likely there is a damaged piece or a part that is close to coming unhinged.

Once one part goes, the other components will have to work much harder in a seat which will increase the amount of wear and tear and the chances that more pieces will end up broken until the system stops all together. Friction is one of the number one reasons why things go bad on an AC unit, so if you hear any alarming noises it’s time to get help. There are a variety of noises that you should not hear coming from your AC unit, but some of the most common threatening noises include banging, crackling, knocking, whistling, and squealing. All of these noises demand immediate attention from an air conditioning repair company.

Ice on Your Outdoor Unit

Some people see ice on their outdoor unit and assume it’s because the air conditioning is so cool, however this is not the case. There should never be ice anywhere on your outdoor AC unit because the only way that ice can form is if there’s a coolant break. If this occurs your evaporator coils can break which is an urgent situation that needs to be taken care of right away. Therefore if you notice that there is ice on your outdoor unit it is time to call for air conditioning repair so you can get ahead of the issue before too much permanent damage is done.

Weird Smells from Your Air Vents

Another sign that there may be a problem with your AC is if you start to notice odd smells coming out of your air vent. There are a number of different smiles that you should not associate with the air vents in your house. One of the first and most common smells is a musty or moldy odor. This usually indicates that there is mildew or mold forming underneath of your ductwork which is alarming since you don’t want your air pushing through that and sharing more spores into your home. If you suspect that there is mold in your air duct she will need to call an AC company and book a duct cleaning service.

This is not the only smell that you should be on the lookout for, burning smells, electrical smells, or gas smells are even more alarming because they indicate potential trouble that could be dangerous. Burning and electrical smells are often associated with wiring issues that need to be addressed before they cost a larger issue in your home such as a fire. On the other hand the natural gas smell can indicate that there is a leak in your furnace which your AC unit is attached to. If you suspect that this could be the issue you need to properly turn off the gas in your home from the gas man and then call an AC company to get an air conditioning repair team out to your home

Diminished Airflow

Most likely you know how much air generally flows through your air ducts, which is why it can be alarmed if you notice that cool air is not flowing as easily through your home as it used to. If this is isolated to one air duct in your home then there is a good chance that it simply needs to be cleaned. There’s probably something obstructing as it has fallen and that is causing the problem with the airflow. However if you notice that this is happening with every air duct in your home the issue is more likely the compressor. Both of these situations will demand air conditioning repair to restore airflow to your home.

Air Is Not Cooling

If the air flowing through your vents is warm or room temperature, this indicates an issue with either your thermostat or the compressor in your AC unit most of the time. The first thing you should do is check your thermostat to make sure that it is set to cool. If that is not the issue then most likely you need to have an air conditioning repair team come out and take a look at the compressor. In some situations this can also indicate a problem with the coolant, an obvious sign that refrigerant is leaking. If you investigate your unit and find a leak you need to make sure you keep all small animals and other people in your home away from it until it can be remedied because refrigerant is a very lethal substance.

High Humidity Levels in Your Home

Humidity in the air is what causes that sticky feeling that makes you uncomfortable when you’re outside. If that sticky feeling persists while you are inside then your air conditioning unit is not properly removing the humidity from your air. Not only will you be unable to get comfortable, but your home will probably not cool accurately. Therefore this is another sign that you need AC repair.

If you notice this or any other sign that you need air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX, call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas and we will happily investigate and solve the problem.

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