5 Signs You Need to Call An Emergency AC Repair Service Today | The Colony, TX

5 Signs You Need to Call An Emergency AC Repair Service Today | The Colony, TX

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If you live in The Colony, TX, you will know that extreme weather is a common phenomenon and, during the summer months, temperatures can reach upwards of 40 degrees. Having no access to air conditioning during sweltering heat is not only stressful but can also quickly become dangerous. So, it’s very important that you regularly check the function of your air conditioning unit and call an AC repair specialist if you notice a problem.

However, not all AC unit issues and faults are obvious and can easily be overlooked during the fall and winter months, leaving your HVAC system prone to breaking further. So, make sure you know the five most common signs you need to call an emergency AC repair service and stay comfortable in your The Colony home all year round.

Sometimes You Notice Your AC Blowing Hot Air

Perhaps one of the more obvious signs that your AC is faulty is noticing hot air blowing from the unit. If your unit constantly blows hot air and never cold, it’s unlikely that you will ignore this issue. However, it’s not uncommon for failing AC units to switch between hot and cold air, which could lead you to ignore the issue or not even notice it altogether.

If hot air begins to flow from your AC vent, not only will the unit be ineffective in cooling your home, it could actually make it hotter. When temperatures begin to rise in The Colony, TX, an AC unit that doesn’t work can make your home an uncomfortable place to be and can lead to unnecessary and increasing utility bills.

Regularly checking the temperature of the air coming from your AC unit is highly advised to avoid discomfort and unwanted expenses. So, as soon as you notice your AC is blowing out hot air, call a local AC repair service in Colony, TX.

You’ve Noticed a Leak

There should never be moisture or liquid coming from your AC unit. So, if you ever notice a puddle underneath the generator or see liquid dripping from it, you need to call an air conditioning specialist as soon as possible.

When an AC unit begins to leak, it is usually just water coming from clogged pipes or disconnected drains. While this doesn’t pose a health issue, water leaking from your generator will impact its efficiency. However, if you have a very old unit, the leak could be more worrisome. Old units can leak Freon as a result of metal erosion or damage, and this can be dangerous as Freon is a toxic substance.

To avoid any health concerns, call an AC repair service to inspect any suspected leaks.

You Notice Hot Zones In Your Home

Your AC unit may seem to only expel cold air, but if you begin to feel hot zones around your home, your unit is not working effectively. A functioning AC unit should maintain a cool temperature in all areas of your home.

There are a number of reasons your AC may not work effectively, resulting in hot zones and an urgent need for AC repair. One of the most common issues is the installation of a unit of the wrong size. Many people find that the AC units installed in their homes are actually too small to maintain a cool temperature around the entire property and therefore require a larger generator. Subpar installation and leaking air ducts that pull hot air into the system can also cause hot zones.

Getting in touch with an AC repair company will help you understand the cause of hot zones in your home and help you make a decision on the best way to rectify the issue.

You Haven’t Had AC Maintenance For a Long Time

Many people think that once they have an AC unit installed, they don’t need to call a specialist unless there is an issue with the generator. However, every AC unit should have an annual maintenance check and needed AC repairs to uphold optimal function.

Some people avoid annual AC checkups for financial reasons, but in the long run, a yearly service could actually save you money. Maintaining your unit ensures there is no long-term build-up of dirt and grime within the machine or in the filters. Leaving dirt to collect in your machine over the years can cause catastrophic and sometimes irreversible damage, so it is always best to keep up with annual checks.

You Try To Turn Your AC Unit On, But Nothing Happens

Arguably the clearest sign that your AC unit needs to be inspected is if you try to turn it on and nothing happens. If the generator won’t switch on, there is sure to be a considerable fault with the unit. However, this does not necessarily mean the fault will be complicated or costly to fix.

Blockages and electrical faults are common causes for your AC unit to fail when powering up, but if these issues are caught early, they are usually easily fixed. That’s why it is so important to call an AC repair company as soon as you notice an issue because the longer you leave a problem unfixed, the more likely it is to escalate.

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