5 Benefits Of Duct Cleaning Service | Lewisville, TX

5 Benefits Of Duct Cleaning Service | Lewisville, TX

Have you ever wondered whether or not you would benefit from a duct cleaning service? If you have an HVAC system in your Lewisville, TX home that has never been cleaned before, then you should look into booking a cleaning service. Not only does duct cleaning help to remove dirt and mildew from your ducts, but it can also help troubleshoot other issues such as reduced airflow or allergies in your home that you never attributed to your ducts before.

Of course, you don’t want to book a duct cleaning with just anyone. These days it seems like everyone is offering duct cleaning, but not every company offers the same type of service. Your ducts are an essential part of your HVAC system, so you don’t want to trust them with just anyone. Any damage can cause severe issues with your heating and cooling system. For this reason, you want to make sure you book your duct cleaning service with a professional HVAC company and not someone who is doing the job on the side. There is a lot of value to hiring a NATE-certified technician to handle your duct cleaning.

With that in mind, it is a brilliant idea to hire an HVAC company for a duct cleaning service because then you will reap all of the benefits. Wondering what you will gain from having your ducts cleaned? Keep reading to review the top benefits of a duct cleaning service. You will be surprised to learn just how many things you stand to gain by taking a few hours out of your day to have your ducts professionally cleaned.

Reduce Allergens in Your Home

One of the number one reasons people think about duct cleaning service in Lewisville, TX, is because someone in their home suffers from an upper respiratory condition or allergies. The best way to confront allergies and asthma is by removing triggers from your home. Most people spend the majority of their time indoors in their own homes, so if there are a lot of irritants in your home, you will never feel good.

However, cleaning your floors and carpeting is not enough to get all of the allergens out of your home. You might be surprised to learn about how much dust and allergens can be hidden in your ductwork out of sight. Just because you cannot see dander, pet hair, smoke residue, and more does not mean it is not there. If you are not the original owner of your home and have never had your air ducts cleaned, then now is a great time. Most people are amazed and astonished when they see pictures of how dirty their air ducts were before cleaning.

Remove Old Smoke Residue from Your Home

If you have recently purchased a new home or recently stopped smoking then you may have the smell of smoke lingering in your home. Even if you cannot smell cigarette smoke in your home, the residue left behind by smoking can still be damaging your lungs. Cigarettes are notorious for releasing tar and other residues that you cannot see but rest fully against the surfaces of your home. No doubt you clean your home or hire someone to professionally clean your home before moving in, but they can only clean what they can see.

There are many surfaces that cannot be cleaned in your home, and one of them is your air ducts. There is a very good chance that residue tar and other substances are hiding in your air ducts, and every time your HVAC system produces warm or cooled air it is picking up some of those substances and releasing them into your air. That means you will still be breathing it, even if you are not a current smoker. A thorough duct cleaning service will pick up this and other hidden allergens in your home allowing you to truly live in a smoke-free home.

Troubleshoot Hidden Mold & Mildew

By this point, you have probably figured out that your ductwork is home to a lot of hidden substances, another one of them is mold and mildew. A lot of people don’t worry about mold, but in Texas where humidity levels are high, it is something that you should always be concerned about in your home. The truth is that it is surprisingly easy to get mold and mildew growth inside of your ductwork, and once it starts it the mold spores can easily be spread throughout your home. Just one more reason why you want to make sure you book a duct cleaning service every couple of years.

Wondering how mold gets down in your air ducts? It is surprisingly simple. All it takes is one small spill near an open vent and the moisture will sit hidden under your Lewisville, TX home. Since you can’t get down there to wipe it up, most homeowners will simply move on with life, that unaddressed moisture will first mildew and then turn to mold. For this reason, if you smell anything musty or moldy coming out of your heating vents you need to take it seriously and call a duct cleaning service for help.

Diagnose the Presence of Unwelcome Visitors

Just when you thought there was nothing else that could be hiding in your home, there is one more thing: rodents and other pests. Mice in particular love to use air ducts to travel unseen throughout homes and the dark holes provide comfort for them. The problem with this is that outside of letting mice travel through your home, the air ducts also become covered with rodent droppings. Rodent droppings are notorious for spreading disease, and this is not what you want to spread throughout your home every time your HVAC system cycles.

If an HVAC company spots rodents during your duct cleaning service they will clean up the droppings and let you know so that you can call an exterminator and put an end to the problem. If you are looking for a company to handle your ducts, contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas today.

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