15 Things To Know About Your AC And Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

15 Things To Know About Your AC And Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

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Air conditioners can keep us comfortable in extremely hot weather. But do you know how they work? In this article, we’ll talk about important things you need to know about your AC. As a homeowner, it’s crucial that you know how to properly take care of your system to avoid air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX, and to also ensure that your system works efficiently.

  1. When your air conditioner isn’t giving you enough cooled air for your home, there are two things that you need to do to remedy the problem. First, check the filters. If you haven’t changed or replaced the filters in a couple of months, consider replacing them and see if it’s going to fix the problem. Another thing you need to do is clean the outdoor condenser. After doing both, turn on your air conditioner again. If your system still isn’t giving you cooled air, you may consider getting an air conditioning repair service in your area. A highly experienced technician would be able to determine the root cause of the problem and can help you resolve them quickly. Depending on how much maintenance you perform on your system and the age of your AC, the technician may ask you to either get the air conditioning repair or completely replace the system.

Should you decide to get a new AC, do make sure to purchase an energy-saving system so you can save more money on your utility bill and help the environment at the same time.

  1. It’s crucial for all homeowners to really clean the filters every couple of months or often if you have several pets at home or when you live in a dusty environment. We would recommend that you buy extra filters just in case you’ll need more.

When cleaning the filters, do follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you are cleaning them properly. If possible, speak with a technician for assistance if you have a special filter at home and you need assistance. Homeowners who live with family members who have asthma or allergies may go with HEPA filters as they can kill even the tiniest of bacteria.

If you fail to replace or clean the filter, you will have dirty indoor air quality. You may start to get sick and your entire system may fail. To avoid calling for air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX, make sure that you always replace the filters as needed.

Types of Air Filters for Your Home

You can use different air filters for your home. A few of the most commonly used air filters include HEPA filters, Electrostatic filters, Washable Filters, UV Light Filters, and Pleated Filters. The type of filter you should get for your home depends on your needs.

If you live with a family member suffering from allergies or other respiratory illnesses, consider getting HEPA filters. This type of filter can kill almost 100% of all airborne allergens and other pollutants including dust and even mold spores. It can also remove tobacco and bacteria. HEPA filters can purify the air in your home but they may not be the ideal filter for homeowners with a lot of pets. They can’t remove pet dander in the air.

Electrostatic filters create static that serves as a magnet for airborne particles and dust. It’s good as it can keep these particles from spreading in your home. They are also one of the most cost-effective filters in the market today. However, they may not be best for people with respiratory issues.

If you have the washable filter, you’ll only need to buy them once. You can reuse these filters so long as you properly clean them. Homeowners who want to save more money may go with washable filters. Just make sure that they are not damp when you put them back on so mold doesn’t grow in them and affect the quality of your indoor air.

UV Filters use ultraviolet light for killing viruses and bacteria. It disinfects via germicidal radiation. This type of filter is best for killing mold spores and other microorganisms. The only downside to this is they are not really effective in screening dust.

Pleated filters are either reusable or disposable. They can help reduce the noise of your HVAC system and are good at trapping debris. However, they are expensive compared to the other filters.

  1. Apart from cleaning the filters, homeowners must make it a point to regularly clean or have an air conditioning repair company clean the condenser found outdoors. Make sure that there are no debris, leaves, or grass clippings in it. Use a water hose to effectively clean the condenser and make sure that your air conditioner is not turned on while performing maintenance.

Failing to clean all the components of your air conditioner including the condenser could lead to system failure. To avoid problems in the future and costly air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX, don’t neglect to clean your AC regularly.

  1. Changing the filters and cleaning some components of your AC may be done by the homeowner. However, it’s still important to get professional service at least once a year. A technician would thoroughly inspect the entire system and fix problems if there are any.

Don’t neglect the system maintenance of your AC if you don’t want a costly air conditioning repair service in the future. Your AC may also not last its expected lifespan if you fail to perform regular maintenance. As much as possible, choose a licensed and highly experienced technician to help you with your AC.

  1. When there are leaks in the ducts, your system may not produce enough cold air to keep the desired temperature in your home. Keep in mind that you lose about 20 to 40% of energy when the ducts are not properly sealed. It’s important that your ductwork is properly insulated so you don’t lose energy and your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard.

Contact a professional if you need help with insulating your ductwork.

  1. There are a lot of things you can do to save energy on your AC. The first is to properly insulate the ductwork. Other things you can do involve simple tasks such as replacing the filters, cleaning the coils, and keeping the right airflow. It’s also important to make sure that the outdoor unit is not hidden from view so you don’t block the airflow. This is why you need to periodically check it.


Buying an energy-efficient air conditioner is by far one of the best things you can do to save on energy. Go with equipment with the highest SEER to get the most of your energy.

If you need help deciding what type of air conditioning you need to purchase, speak with a technician for assistance. For installation, ensure that it’s done by a licensed technician to avoid costly air conditioning repair down the road.

  1. Your air conditioner will work best when it’s not always “working hard” to provide you with enough cooled air. Consider lightening its load by making sure that your home is well insulated. Make sure that you fix all cracks and leaks in your home so cooled air doesn’t escape. When you decide to put on a new roof, choose the best roofing. Close the curtains during the day so your AC doesn’t have to work hard.

When you lighten its load, you avoid costly air conditioning repair down the road and your AC may last longer.

  1. If your AC is more than 10 years old, speak with a technician and ask whether it’s time to finally get a new AC. Also, keep in mind that your AC will no longer be that efficient after several years of use. You may also have to call for air conditioning repair from time to time. To maximize its efficiency, ensure that you perform regular maintenance by yourself and professionally, lighten its load, and insulate your home.
  2. If you need air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX, never call a handyman to help you fix your system. A handyman may be skilled but he may not have the right tools and equipment needed to effectively fix your air conditioning system. Always work with a licensed technician — contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas as all their technicians are experienced and knowledgeable about air conditioning. Also, they have all the equipment needed to help them fix your system. They can get the job done properly and can even give you a guarantee. A handyman won’t be able to do this – in fact, the problem might recur if it’s not properly fixed. Your only option is to work only with a licensed technician.

Do not attempt DIY either as you may not be able to fix a problem when something goes wrong. Call a professional every time for your air conditioning repair.

  1. Are you constantly having problems with your air conditioning? Do you always have to call for air conditioning repair? You probably can save more money when you decide to just get a replacement instead of always paying for air conditioning repair. Speak with a technician as they can give you better advice on what you need to do next.
  2. Do you want customizable comfort in your home? Get a smart programmable thermostat so you can control the temperature in your home. You can program your thermostat before you arrive so your home is already cooled. If you have questions about this, don’t hesitate to speak with a licensed technician in your area.
  3. Invest in an energy-efficient air conditioning system for your home. Apart from the savings you get every month, installing an energy-efficient AC has several other benefits. If you have central air conditioning, you would be able to control which rooms you want to keep cool. The best thing is you can make adjustments even while you’re away from home. With a high-efficient AC, you get to increase the value of your home. Most homebuyers these days look for ways that can help them save money. Having an energy-efficient AC would be very attractive to homebuyers. Also, you get tax credits when you do decide to buy energy-efficient AC.

Energy-efficient ACs can also help regulate the indoor air quality of your home. Because you use less energy, it reduces your carbon footprint which means that you are also helping out the environment. Most importantly, you get better quality air and it will be more beneficial for your entire family.

If you decide to purchase, always work with a licensed technician to ensure that your AC is properly installed. An improperly installed AC could lead to costly air conditioning repairs.

  1. If water leaks from either the pipe above the bathtub or the outdoor pipe, that could mean that the primary condensate drain has a problem. Call for an air conditioning repair right away so they can help you fix this problem.
  2. You can’t just buy any air conditioner. The type of AC depends on what your area needs. Don’t get a small AC if you have a larger space as that will only use up more energy. Speak with a technician if you can’t decide which type of AC to purchase for your home.
  3. Choose the right HVAC professional when installing your AC to ensure that you don’t encounter problems or costly air conditioning repair down the road. Call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas as we have the best technicians in the area.

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