​​Heating And AC Repair Company: Homeowners Guide To Preparing Their Home For The Winter | Frisco, TX

​​Heating And AC Repair Company: Homeowners Guide To Preparing Their Home For The Winter | Frisco, TX

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Winter is just around the corner. If you still haven’t prepared your heating system, now’s the time to contact a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, for help. This article will discuss how to winterize your home and ensure that you stay warm and comfortable during the winter months. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have further questions.

Prepare the Heating System

Imagine waking up to a freezing home in the middle of winter — you can avoid this when you prepare your heating system at least a month before winter or when the temperature starts dropping. Contact a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, to help you inspect the heating system and address issues that may come up during winter.

Remember, your HVAC system is what will keep you warm during the colder months. Ensure that you test run it first to check if it’s working properly. This first step is crucial for it avoids costly repairs in the winter. As much as possible, your heating system must be in excellent shape. Working with a reliable heating and AC repair company will be a great help.

To do a test run, set the thermostat to about 80 degrees and then wait for a few minutes until your home feels warm and comfortable. If you suspect there might be a problem, please reach out to a heating and AC repair company for assistance. They can perform diagnostic tests and provide you with cost-effective solutions to permanently resolve the issue.

After testing the heating system, ensure that you clean and replace the filters to eliminate any dirt or debris build-up. Remember, you’ll most likely be spending most of your time at home, especially when you still have a work-from-home job. It’s absolutely essential to have cleaner indoor air quality, and you can achieve this by cleaning and regularly changing dirty filters. Dirty air may find its way into your living spaces when you fail to clean the air filters. Also, your HVAC system will work harder, consuming more energy and giving you higher utility bills every month. To avoid calling a heating and AC repair company please ensure everything is fully functioning, including the filters.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for cleaning your filters. You need to also change the filters every two to three months, but frequently when you use the HVAC system heavily. It’s recommended that you check it every month and replace it when the filters are dirty. And you still need to change it on the 2nd or 3rd month, even if it’s not that dirty. If you have further questions, please contact a heating and AC repair company.

After cleaning the filters, the next step is to check the vents. Do you think they need cleaning? If you suspect there might be a buildup of dirt or when it’s infested with pests, contact a heating and AC repair company immediately so they can help you clean the vents.

If you use a gas furnace, please make sure there are no carbon monoxide leaks. You may contact a technician if you need assistance with this.

Inspect the Air Conditioner Too

You may not use the air conditioner during winter but remember that you’ll use it again next summer. Ensure that you properly clean and store them so that your unit stays efficient when the temperature starts rising.

Remove window-type air conditioners so you can completely seal the windows against cold drafts. You can also contact a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, if you need additional help with your air conditioner.

Completely Seal the Doors and Windows

You will most likely use the HVAC system every single day in the winter. And you can save more on your heating bills by making sure that your windows and doors are completely sealed. First, you’ll need to check for air leaks by checking for gaps in the windows. Do this, especially when you have older windows, as they can crack over time. Use plastic tape for sealing the windows or get a professional to help you with it. If possible, invest in new windows to ensure that the heated air stays inside your home. Remember, you may have higher utility bills in the winter, which makes it incredibly important to ensure no air leaks outside. For further assistance, please contact a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX.

Work On Your Home’s Insulation

Check the basement and make sure it’s completely sealed too. In addition, protect outdoor pipes and faucets to avoid flooding in your home due to burst pipes. If you need help with insulating your home or plumbing, please contact a professional in Frisco, TX.

Check the Gutters

It’s crucial to clean the gutters, especially when your area gets a lot of snow. Your gutter system may not be able to hold them when you don’t clean them properly. The result is costly water damage. Keep in mind that water can damage your home’s foundation, but you can avoid it by calling the right professionals in the area.

Inspect Fireplaces and the Chimney

Do you use fireplaces and chimneys? Please make sure that you inspect them before winter comes. These two places are the common culprits of air leaks — they will only make your HVAC work harder, consuming more energy and giving you higher utility bills. Also, please make sure that there are no small animals in the chimney and it’s not obstructed. If you need help, kindly contact professionals.

Inspect the Roof

Besides your heating system, it’s also crucial to get a professional to inspect your roof. Poor roofing insulation can also cause your HVAC system to work harder as your home won’t be completely sealed. Also, make sure that you do it before the winter as it can be difficult to repair the roof when it’s too cold outside. Do this during the fall, as it’s the ideal time to get a roof inspection, repairs, or whatever is necessary to ensure that your HVAC system works efficiently.

Check Homeowners Insurance

When you get installations and repairs, please make sure that you only hire a licensed heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, to avoid having problems with your insurance company. Also, if you did home upgrades to your home, check with the insurance company to see if it will be included in your policy in case something goes wrong in the winter. Remember, take care of everything at least a month before winter to avoid further issues down the road.

Prepare a Home Emergency Kit

You may not use this emergency kit, but it’s always better to be prepared. First, it’s essential that you properly care for your HVAC system to avoid calling a heating and AC repair company for costly fixes. Next, seal all the doors and windows so that no heated air can escape. It’s also best when you have the things below:

First aid kit – Make sure you have this, especially when you have kids at home. Ensure that you have prepared meds for the entire family so that you won’t have to go out in the middle of a freezing winter.

Sanitary kits/ toiletries – It can be inconvenient and uncomfortable to go out when it’s freezing outside. So it would have these handy just in case. Make sure you also have enough food at home.

Generators – Investing in a generator can be expensive, but they are worth it. It can keep your HVAC up and running when there are power interruptions, especially during a storm.

Helpful Ways to Save on Your Heating During Winter

We have tips for homeowners that want to save more money on their heating. Check the tips below:

Get an Electric Blanket

One way to save on your heating is by buying an electric blanket so that you can stay warm under the covers. There’s no need to adjust your HVAC’s temperature when you have an electric blanket helping you. You can let your heating system rest by using electric blankets to keep you warm. Your HVAC system will not have to work harder every day, and this can avoid calling a heating and AC repair company for fixes.

Dress for the Winter

You can lower the temperature in your home and save money when you’re dressed up for the winter. So revisit your closet and take out those cozy winter sweaters and jackets to keep you warm. You may even put on a warm and comfortable blanket on the couch to keep you warm during the winter. And don’t forget to sip those hot teas and coffees. Sometimes, it’s all about keeping yourself warm and comfortable, so you won’t have to strain your HVAC system. If you have issues with your unit, please contact a heating and AC repair company in your area.

Hire a Pro to Service your Heating System

We’ve mentioned earlier that you should test your system first before using it again for the first time. It’s also crucial to get it serviced to ensure that everything is in good working order. A reliable and trusted heating and AC repair company can help ensure that your heating system stays efficient throughout winter. It also lets you avoid costly heating and AC repairs.

If you have an older system, contact a professional for an inspection. When it’s no longer efficient, or you have been using it for several years, it may be more cost-effective to get a new one. When buying a new heating system, consider getting energy-efficient units to save money on your heating. Contact a heating and AC repair company to help you make an informed decision on what unit to purchase for your home.

Lower the Temperature

One of the most effective ways to save money on your heating is to lower the temperature in your home. If possible, get a programmable thermostat to easily adjust the temperature. Contact a heating and AC repair company if you need help with installation.

Maintain the Heating System

A fully functioning heating system is an efficient system. And an efficient furnace won’t use up a lot of energy to heat your home. To ensure that your system stays efficient, please make sure to maintain your system. You can do this by cleaning the components, including the filters. Then, periodically check it for problems and contact a heating and AC repair company if you suspect that there might be something wrong with the system. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Our licensed and highly experienced technicians can help maintain your system to ensure it stays in excellent shape.

Get an Energy Assessment

If possible, get a professional energy assessment so that you’ll know where you can get the most savings. They can also advise you on how to best save on your heating with your energy assessment. You may also consider investing in energy-efficient appliances to save more energy and money. While they can be a little expensive, they are more cost-effective in the long run.

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